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  • Do I color my roots first?

    I have semi light blonde hair. I am going to color it a light brown with dark blonde highlights. A stylist told me I have hot roots, my roots are always lighter when I color my hair, so when I did my hair before I did either my roots first or my ends, but I can't seem to remember which to do first?

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  • Where did the term "flapper" come from?

    Like the 1920's flapper girls. Some one told me it was because they would wear the men's shoes, untied and the shoes would "flap". But I think that's incorrect.

    7 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • Injured at work was givin a morphine shot about 52 mins before I was drug tested?

    Injured at work was given a morphine shot about 52 mins before I was drug tested? Will it show up in the drug test? and if it does what do I do?

    9 AnswersOther - General Health Care1 decade ago
  • Injured at work place, using a table saw. Could have been prevented if gaurds were in place.?

    I was using a table saw at work and the piece of wood I was cutting kicked back and hit me in the nose breaking it in three places along with a one inch laceration. The kick back happened after I had cleared the wood from the saw blade, it happened when I lifted the wood off the table and was bringing it toward me I didn't lift it up high enough, the blade caught it and threw it at my face... THERE WERE NO GUARDS IN PLACE! They are not even attached to the guard arm. I've worked there for about a year and they've never been on there, I asked about them about 6 months ago and was told some thing like "We don't use them cause they get in the way, just be careful " Well what do ya think?

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  • Zapping a zit?

    I have a few zits that just appeared today. How can I make them unnoticeable by tomorrow. I am not looking for any miracles. Any thing anyone knows that works really well, besides cover-up, that usually makes them worse.

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  • Tax Question?

    My father has been claiming me for the past three years. I have not been living with him, and he has not supported me in any way. The person who had been taking care of me, couldn't claim me. Is this legal?

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  • What color to counteract yellow tones?

    I just stripped my hair from a medium golden brown. It turned bright orange/red, so I did it again, turning it light orange. So I colored it with L'Oreal Extra Light Ash Blonde. Now its yellow, especially on my roots, and looks a bit green,. What color would I need to counteract the yellow/green?

    Thanks a bunch for any help ;)

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  • One 'n' only color fix?

    My hair was a dark brown, and I was trying to go lighter, so I used a gentle color corrector to lift the color, and I got a medium golden brown. But I want to be a blonde now. So, I want to try one 'n' only color fix, but before I buy, I just want to know if its going to lighten my hair enough to go blonde. Here are some examples. Thanks for any help.

    This is about my hair color, with a few darker undertones.

    This is the color I want

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  • Cleaning a straightener?

    I have a teflon straightener. And everytime I use it it smokes, as if hair products were burning off. And it also make makes my hair greasy, even right after I shampoo. How do I clean it without ruining it?

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  • Salon Care Color Corrector??

    Has anyone ever used this product to strip their color? I want to use it, but I'm a little afraid it will ruin my hair or even turn a funky color. I couldn't find any reviews online, and it was recommenced to me by someone who worked at the beauty supply. I want to know if it actually works. It says its gentle and does not alter or deteriorate the condition of the hair. Thanks in advance.

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  • Hair conditioner ingredient good or bad?

    I want to buy some conditioner with Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, and I'm not sure what it is. I don't buy conditioners with alcohol as one of the ingredients. So what is this, and is it good for my hair??

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  • I need a change!?

    Every time this year my hair is the same length. I usually cut it into a short style. This year I don't want to cut it. I'm brunette, but not a pretty brown. I can't change my color, because my hair is damaged and if I lighten it it turns orange. What can I do besides cutting or going darker, to make me feel better?

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