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  • Allergy to Ribs?

    A couple of months ago I went to a local semi-fast food ribs place and order beef ribs... felt like I had food poisoning. It was strange because I used to eat there all the time, and that never happened before. About a month later I went to a more upscale ribs place like 5 hours away and had beef ribs there, and I had an upset stomach. Then yesterday I had pork ribs, this time, and the same thing happened.

    Is it possible to be allergic to ribs? Maybe something in barbeque sauce that people commonly get allergic too? I've never had any food allergies before.

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  • I gave my cat flea drops and now he has leg spasms? Any connection there?

    I decided to try some flea/tick drops to prevent infestation and dripped it on the back of my cat's neck as directed. The next morning I noticed the area turned pink with a small red spot. Now, when he gets up from a sitting position his hind legs seem to spasm, either that or he just shakes them. This never happened before the drops. Is there any connection to the drops and nerve/muscle damage? Is this serious?

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