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  • maths question- got an average of 66% this year. What will I need next year to bring it up to an average of 70?

    this year is worth a third of the overall result. Next year (final year) is worth two thirds. What is the average grade I'll have to get next year if I want to push my average up to 70%?

    Maths is not my strong point.

    Thanks :)

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  • what does 'platonic' and 'neo-platonic' poetry suggest?

    what are the fundamental elements of these themes?

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  • how to stop feeling down about a long distance relationship?

    my boyfriends studying about 100 miles away and is busy with new flatmates and his course so i'm having to get used to speaking a lot less. We will prob see each other one or two weekends a month hopefully but it's getting me really down on a daily basis. I think i'm beginning to get too dependent on this and can feel myself obsessing over it, as it's constantly on my mind and I can't stop overthinking about everything. I'm really scared my insecurities and paranoia will eventually drive him away, how can I stop obsessing and letting this get me down? I'm already wishing time away until I can see him and it feels really unhealthy.

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  • how to make a long distance relationship work?

    is there anyone who has been in a long distance relationship for over a year who could help?

    my boyfriend is studying around 100 miles away from me, we will be able to see each other around once a month, maybe twice at most, but it's depressing me a little bit. I'm used to knowing where and who he's with and now I have no idea and I find myself obsessing over him not texting back and can feel myself getting jealous over little things. I really don't want to be this way but I'm finding it so frustrating as he'll be studying there for 4 years. It's occupying my mind a lot and getting me down, whereas he is busy with new friends and a bigger social life (which is great) but often leaves me thinking I'm less important to him than he is to me.

    I know I'm being irrational, is there any way I can stop obsessing and letting this get me down?

    Also, is there anyone who has been in a lengthy long distance relationship (over about 2 years) and it's working?


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  • is cystic fibrosis plausible in this case?

    my sister was born was lung difficulties and had bronchitis and was very ill for the first few weeks of her life. She is 22 now and since then has been relatively okay, but often has a chesty cough. The sudafed she takes has recently stopped working so well and has been to the hospital to see what the problem is. They are testing her for CF, even though she may have been tested as a child (but not sure) is this just a precautionary measure? or is it a genuine threat

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  • does this sound like depression?

    i'm not suggesting this lightly; my old best friend had depression and our friendship was essentially ruined by it. Every day was impacted by her depression and I'm aware I am in no way like that. However, due to recent events, I feel constantly sad every day. I left home and started university, which I thought would be a good change and I was excited. I've had the same friends for a long time and although I was sad to leave them, I was excited to meet new people. But since having started, I've found I've not exactly clicked with the people I live with; they're nice enough people and we went out a lot during freshers week, but lately I've just been sitting in my room most of the time. They're all very outgoing and whenever I was there I just get the impression I have virtually no impact; they would barely notice if I was there or not. So after a while I stopped trying because I felt awkward making so much of an effort to hang around with people that weren't even my friends. Now I keep in my room a lot of the time and feel weirdly anxious going into the kitchen area when people are there. I've also failed to make friends on my course and every day feels like an effort to appear normal, which is difficult when I'm often sat alone. I go days without talking to people. My confidence is virtually nonexistent and when people talk to me now, I find it so hard to relate to them. I don't act myself at all. I'm kind of known for being flippant and funny at home and that's always kind of been my thing but I can't seem to behave that way anymore. I just feel constantly drained of energy and when I wake up in the morning, I'm always close to tears and often just go back to sleep and miss my morning lectures. I'm getting increasingly paranoid and insecure as well. I have a boyfriend who lives at home and, although I don't voice it, I get annoyed and suspicious when he talks about going out with my friends that are girls; and thats not like me at all. I rely on him too much and basically complain about my life to him, whereas I put on a front for everyone else and pretend I'm having a great time. I feel guilty for using him this way but I feel like I can't talk to anyone else. My mum asked me what was wrong the other day, and then I just broke down into tears and couldn't stop. I would never have considered myself a crying person, but I cry about once a day here. She then became annoyed with me soon enough, because I told her a few things that were bothering me, and I failed to sort things out, so she just considers me lazy and self-pitying. Maybe I am. Whenever I read books or watch films where the character is depressive, I find myself identifying with them so easily. I just feel so so isolated here and I keep waiting for things to get better, but they don't. I dread every day. I'm unsure whether it's circumstances that are making me feel this way, or something deeper, like depression. Because I can't help feeling that someone "normal" would make the best of this oppurtunity and have a great time, but I just honestly don't know how to do that any more. I'm hopelessly lazy, I spent most of my days in my room alone and I can't understand why I'm finding everything so difficult. I'm just counting down the days till I break up for summer and can spend time at home seeing my friends and boyfriend.

    if anyone actually took time to read all of that, thank you so much

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  • should i quit university and try another time?

    basically. tuition fees are 9000 a year and I've been here nearly three months and I am really not having a good time. My course doesn't interest me very much, and if I don't find something interesting I just won't do it (i've missed quite a lot of lectures etc). Its English lit, but a lot of it is language-based and critical theory, which I'm not very good at and find it just boring. My flatmates are not horrible people, by which I mean I try my best to get along with them, and we're not on bad terms. But they're all fairly loud, and if I'm honest I'd say I was quite awkward. So I feel left out a lot generally and find it difficult to act myself. The people on my course don't really mingle so much, as a lot of them commute from home. Uni is supposed to bring you out of yourself, but I feel like it's done the exact opposite and now I feel more awkward than ever. I thought it would be easy and friends would just come with the deal, but I've found it more difficult than I thought. It's making me feel really crap about myself and every day I wake up just not wanting to get out of bed. But this is a good university and I know if I dropped out and did a degree somewhere closer to home, I would regret it. I've not really spoken to many people about it, like I tell my parents I'm having a great time as I don't want them to worry, so I'd just like to hear what other people thing. Basically I'm not sure if I'm wasting my time and money staying here, what would you do?

  • how do i deactivate spotify from facebook?

    it's my spotify account but I accidentally linked it to my sisters facebook account. Whenever I listen to songs it comes up on her profile and she's getting cheesed. I couldn't find an option on the website to disconnect from facebook, anyone know how?

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  • how do i delete my yahoo ask account? lol.?

    making a new one, just want this one deleted.

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  • should i start a conversation?

    I met this guy at a party last week, got on quite well, but had a really bad kiss. he added me on facebook but hasn't talked to me, would it be weird to start a conversation? and how should I even start it?! :/

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  • what is 260 ucas points equivalent to in terms of A-levels?

    including AS levels.

    Just need a reasonable equivalent in grades ie. ABB? etc. I looked at the tariff tables but I just want to be sure, didn't know if I was looking at the right thing.

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  • why does my facebook chat not working, it says nobody's online?

    I know my friends are online, but the chat box doesn't expand, it just keeps saying nobody is available.. anyone know what this is? :/

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  • how come pictures on my facebook aren't showing up?

    is it just me? :/

    i click to go on a picture and I just get a blank screen and the comments, it's been like that for about two days :/

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  • is facebook actually shutting down?

    or is it just a rumour?

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  • heres a dilemma for you...?

    so its new years tomorrow yeah. And I could go to this party, where quite a few of my friends are going, which would be nice cause I didn't get to go to a party last year, and I'd just like to have a good time on new years.

    But my two closest friends cant come because they dont get on with the host. This friend of mine is having a sleepover thing for a small number of us, and I said I'd love to go because I didn't want to spend new years without them. But the fact is, they didnt really seem to care where I went, which was ~*lovely* so for all they care, I could go to the party.

    But I dunno if I can just go to the party after having said 'I dont wanna spend new years without you' I really can't think of an excuse. I really want to go to this party but there is actually no excuse, they are both in the same town and everything. HELP.

    lol sorry, that was well boring, if you read any of that I commend you.

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  • any tumblrs on here? yeh? ;)?

    just bored to be honest, if you have it, gimme your url and i might be cheeky and follow you back ;) ;) ;)

    POLL: tea or coffee? ;)

    1 AnswerLyrics1 decade ago

    how did harrys dad get the invisibility cloak?

    who the was that guy that stole the wand?

    why did he do it?

    and why did harry literally make voldemort explode?

    lol someone just sent me these and i dunno

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  • any good jokes? go for it ;)?

    preferably pretty short ones/ knock knock ones

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  • my head hurts, does this sound normal?

    hard to explain, but you know when your arm feels disjointed, and you stretch it into place, it it clicks back and feels better? Well it feels like that at the back of my skull, but it doesn't really feel like its clicking back to place. It doesn't hurt but it is the most irritating thing ever and my neck hurts frmo trying to set it back in place, if that even makes sense. I don't know what I mean so I don't expect you to either, but just wondering. thanks.

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