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Dental hygienist, mother who is currently an OBGYN and worked many years in hospital and private doctors office as nurse. Believe most people do not understand anything done to them or said to them at a dental office or doctor office. My husband is an elementary school teacher. The public school system is so screwed with no end in sight. My family has bred and trained hunting dogs for years.

  • Very old dryer squeeking?

    We rent and the dryer came with the house, but recently it has begun squeeking like crazy. It is so loud sometimes. It mainly does it when wet clothes are put in it. As the dry it squeeks less. Is there anything that can be done? The dryer is VERY old.

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  • Rental house, insulation/energy saving techniques?

    What are some things I can do on a rental home to help with energy costs? We have put some of that clear wrap stuff over some of the windows to help with insulation. We are waiting till winter to do the rest b/c we can open them and prevent using the air conditioner right now. Our rent house is very old. The windows we already sealed off were actually coming unglued from the frames or had cracked glass. It is very difficult to reglue b/c of the storm windows/screens. The house has floor vents. Any ideas? Preferably things that are reversible or the landlords will appreciate.

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  • Guinea pig owners with Urinary tract infection experience?

    I have owned several guinea pigs and currently own 2 boars. I have NEVER had trouble with urinary tract infection before, which I hear is very uncommon. Anyway, I recently purchased new fleece that is lighter in color than the old fleece bedding. I have noticed a few brown colored spots of what I believe is urine on their bedding. They have peed many places on the fleece, but only a few tiny drops spots here and there are actually brown. I was wondering if this is very early signs of a UTI? No squealing has been heard while urinating. I have palpated both guinea pigs and didn't seem to bother them. I am going to go get some cranberry juice today just in case, but any experiences would be helpful.

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  • Is radiation leakage possible from a dental x-ray machine?

    We purchased a used stand dental x-ray machine on wheels about 1 1/2 years ago. It has been a pain in my rear since we got it. It is hard to deal with b/c you have to roll the heavy thing around the patient, and it is on an arm which has to be bent/lowered just right to avoid the whole stand tipping over. Anyways, just this last week it seems a short has developed in the cord that extends so I can go out in the hall to expose patients for dental x-rays. When I push the button it has been shutting off completely after partially exposing half the dose it should or even none at all. At that point, it just shuts off even though the power is still on. You have to turn it off and back on to reset it. Last week I was able to hold the button just right and get it to work, avoiding the short in the cord so I thought. However, today it shut off during exposure and won't come back on at all. Is it possible there could have been a problem this whole time and it could have been leaking?

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  • Can I use Purina Yesterdays News cat bedding/litter instead of small animal?

    I bought some Purina small animal Yesterdays News pet bedding. I know it is 99% dust free and the Cat bedding/litter Yesterdays News is 97% dust free. However, I really like this bedding and my guinea pigs do too, but it is very expensive. It is much cheaper to buy it in the cat department. I was wondering if anyone has tried this. Was it too dusty? I feel that 97% would still probably be better than some of the other beddings. I have a very large guinea pig cage so that my pigs have lots of room to run and would prefer to keep it that way, but the bedding is getting very expensive.

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  • Pill problems?

    I began taking a new birth control pill 5 and a half months ago (Ortho-Cyclen). I have had a few irregular spottings over those months but only my period starting a few days early or a few days of spotting. Sunday and Monday mornings I was very nauseous after breakfast but thought it was just low blood sugar from working out. Then Thursday I began bleeding in the middle of my active pills cycle. I have been bleeding and cramping for 6 days now. I don't know if this is just a freak pill problem of breakthrough bleeding or if I had a miscarriage or something else? I take my pill same time daily and am married. NEVER miss pills or take them late. I even set a timer.

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  • Collodial silver?

    I have an eye infection/irritation, but it is not yet fully blown. Health food guy recommended collodial silver to kick it. Anybody know if this stuff works?

    6 AnswersAlternative Medicine1 decade ago
  • Legal question about public schools and inequities?

    My husband substitute taught for 8 months before he got a job as a 4th grade teacher. He was at a different school district when he sub'd. This school district, w/out our knowledge, took money out of his check and INSTEAD of putting it into social security put it into an inequity. They call it a substitute retirement program that they provide since subs don't draw retirement for the most part. Anyways, they did not w/draw/pay any social security out for him the entire time he sub'd, and placed it instead into this inequity which only draws 3% interest AND they say we cannot get the money back for 1 year! We nevery signed off on this or filled out any beneficiary forms, etc. What should I do/ What is the correct thing that needs to be done?

    PS. This is not a state backed practice this is the only school district that does this.

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  • Is my guinea pig sick?

    My guinea pig seems to be breathing a little hard/noisy and occasionally sneezes. However, he is eating and active as normal. This just started yesterday, and I don't know if he is sick, has allergies, or has the hickups maybe? Help!

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  • Lower corner of laptop monitor is trying to split apart?

    Tried pressing together and tightening screw in that lower corner, but it didn't help. It pulls open the most when I close the lid. What is causing this and how do I fix it.

    PS my laptop is not even a year old.

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