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  • Which country in EU would you go if you wanna save money during the coronavirus?

    I'm Italian, currently living in Australia, but my visa will expire in 1 month.

    Which place could I go in Europe if you wanna save money wai TC ing for a vaccine to come out?

    Ps I said EU cause as Italian I don't have any visa problem 

    3 AnswersImmigration3 weeks ago

    I'm looking for sources where I can get a general and quick idea of what s happening around the globe, without going too deep and without spending a lot of time on it.

    I Currently follow the one minute world news from BBC and looking for something similar. So that I can have a better big picture and then decide which news I wanna master.

    A bit hard to find GOOD AND STRAIGHT TO THE POINT NEWS avoiding browsing the web for long time

    2 AnswersOther - News & Events2 months ago
  • Are there any countries in Europe where European citizens are allowed to move?

    Wondering if I can move to a European Country or every single country is Shot down.

    I knew something about Ireland But I couldn't find any attendible news.

    PS. Italian citizen

    Thank you

    5 AnswersOther - Europe3 months ago
  • Can I move to Queensland if I live in Victoria?

    or is not allowed due to Covid-19?

    4 AnswersGeneral - Australia3 months ago
  • Would you guys buy the Lifetime package on SHAW

    I'm thinking to buy the lifetime package on cause I like their course about trading.

    I did the first module, for free, and really like it. but I searced online and they have a lot of bad reviews.

    People say that they take money from your card without telling you, or need to pay certificates in order to go ahead with your course.

    So, I'd like to have feedback from someone who used their services.

    What I wanted to do is buying the lifetime package and do the course, if I don't need to buy a certificate every time I finish a module....

    Furthermore, people say that they don't release the course all in one, but one lesson every week. So you need to pay for months if you want to finish the course.

    But, that one wouldn't be a problem with the lifetime. I think...

    Thank you so much

    Small Business3 months ago
  • Best online course on how to trade?

    I started a course online with, but I didn't continue with them cause they have bad reviews and people have had a lot of bad experiences with them.

    So I'm looking for a trustable course to follow online

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    I'm looking for two books related to two different topics.

    1) Discover your Emotions

    2) Shadow Work

    About topic 1 I'm planning to read "The Sedona Method" by Hale Dwoskin

    About topic 2, I'm pretty confused...

    I was thinking about 

    ''Knowing Your Shadow: Becoming Intimate with All That You Are'' by Robert Augustus Masters. That is Audio with meditations as well... 


    ''Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark: Breaking Free from the Hidden Forces That Drive You'' that is a book from the same author.


    My plan is to start working with the Sedona Method and introducing the shadow work, to prepare my self, and then dive dip into the topic of shadows. that I expected long and hard...

    Books & Authors4 months ago
  • What is the equivalent of FEATURE SURVEY in Italian?

    I need to translate my resume in Italian but, I can't figure ou how to properly translate FEATURE SURVEY.

    could you guys help me on that?

    Really appreciated

    1 AnswerLanguages4 months ago
  • Is it legal to screen capture pictures from a video YouTube and using them for a book you wanna sell?

    I'm not talking about face photos. It's about pictures made in a cartoon style, not from real people. It's an avatar.

    And that kind of avatar pics you only find from that YouTube videos. So My question is, if I use that pics can the owner of Youtube channel claim rights cause I use their pics inside my book?

    I'd like to know in advance before having any future problem...

    Thank you

    7 AnswersRoyalty6 months ago
  • How to send a PDF file on messenger to a person that is not in your friend list, though smartphone?

    I know is possible with a laptop, but when I try with my phone I can't attach files. Only photos....

    How can I do it?

    1 AnswerMobile Phones & Plans8 months ago
  • does it exist an HEALTHY alternative to coffe?

    I'm tring to eat, and drink, in an ealthy way. So d like to switch coffe with something else.

    Do you know something that give you similiar result?

    I mean the boost of energy and not feel tired?

    PS I know that coffe don't actually gives you boost of energy. It's a consequence of the action that it does't feel you tired

    9 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks10 months ago
  • What jobs you can do as backpacker in Australia, if you don't like customer care?

    I'm currently working in a warehouse, and I'd like to chenge job.

    but, the only thing that came up in my mind is construction and I don't like it...

    do you guys can suggest me something

    P.S. I'm here with a working holiday visa.

    this visa gives you full working rights, but you can work for the same company maximum 6 months...

    4 AnswersImmigration11 months ago
  • What about Canada and the new 1 more million immigrants visa?

    I saw on FB that Canada want to bring 1 more million immigrants in the country.

    Do you guys have any news about Visa stuff related to it?

    About Canada, I only know about the working holiday visa.

    Is there anything else that they add to bring more immigrants?

    Make some change to make Visa procedures or something related to it?


    I'm Italian. If would be useful to know....

    6 AnswersImmigration12 months ago
  • How to change the location of your device?

    I want to change my phone location but I don't know how to do.

    I followed an online guide, that suggested me to install "fly GPS" , but doesn't work...

    Do you guys know how to do it?

    Or if is simpler, it is even good from laptop

    Thank you

    1 AnswerPDAs & Handhelds1 year ago
  • Consigli su libri da leggere!!!!?

    Vorrei che leggesse qualche libro interessante che lo aiutasse a mettersi sulla buona via.


    Purtroppo Nell'ambiente in cui ci siamo cresciuti, nessuno ha mai letto un libro...

    Io mi sono trasferito all'estero da un bel po ed I miei libri sono in inglese. Quindi non ho completamente idea di un libro in italiano

    4 AnswersLibri ed autori1 year ago
  • Any cheap and good place for a solo vacation?

    I live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm 28, male and planning to go on August.

    I'm looking for vacation place, one month vacation, where just get relax, massages, sun...

    I'm planning to go to Bali Indonesia first, but I also wanna go somewhere else.

    Which other places do you guys suggest me?

    I also thought about Thailand, but is rainy season...

    3 AnswersAir Travel1 year ago
  • Any cheap and good place for a lone vacation?

    I live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm 28, male and planning to go on August.

    I'm looking for vacation place, one month vacation, where just get relax, massages, sun, Male. And maybe bitc**s 😅.

    I'm planning to go to Bali, Indonesia first but I also wanna go somewhere else.

    Which other places do you guys suggest me?

    I also thought about Thailand, but is rainy season...

    1 AnswerOther - Destinations1 year ago
  • Which place would you rather live in Europe?

    I'm Italian. I lived in Germany, USA and Australia

    And, cause I don't have more Visa here in Australia, I was thinking to go back to Europe but I don't know where yet.

    I can Speak Italian and English and I like places where there's the sun. I don't like where is always rainy or cloudy

    And, of course, I wanna go where I'm able to speak...

    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 year ago
  • How much is the percentage back if I open a saving account with Bank of America?

    I live outside of the us, I m a backpacker from Italy, and I wanna add a Saving account to my bank account.

    do you know how much the give you back?

    and how much does it cost?

    thank you

    2 AnswersPersonal Finance1 year ago
  • What's the cheapest option for transferring money using Paypal?

    I wanna move my money from my bank account in Italy to my bank in Usa.

    I can't use transferwise, or something similar, because I don't have my card anymore and I can't even do a wire transfer.

    I left Italy since 3 years and I can't have my details.

    But I linked my Italian bank account to PayPal, now the question is

    Is it cheaper:

    1) link my American bank to the same PayPal account and transfer money between my two bank accounts

    2) send money from my PayPal linked with the Italian bank to another PayPal linked with the American Bank

    Thanks for reading all😁

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance1 year ago