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  • Quick weight loss 30-40 pounds in 2-3 months?


    Just wondering if anyone had any advice on loosing weight quickly (I’ll still be at a healthy weight if I loose 30 pounds). Need to be 25 pounds down by the end of May. I’m currently 5ft 3 and weight 145 pounds hopefully most of that is muscle weight as I’m in the gym quite a lot and focus on lifting and muscle training.

    I can’t really have an overly structured diet as my lifestyle is quite active and because of this I can’t eat at the same time every day.

    Has anyone got any advice or tricks to help me achieve this goal quickly?

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  • is she hitting on me? ( we are both bi girls) i like her what should i do ?

    so i went on holiday with a load of people (school trip)

    she is in the year above ,and we had the option on one of the days to go out or to stay in they hostel , me and the girl stayed in the hostel and about 2 other people.

    we were all sitting round a table listening to music

    she (saphire) was talking about how a girl had annoyed her because she told her to ''look away'' when she was changing and only her because she is bi

    i then said so am i and from then on after never really talking to each other we spent the next 2 days together (5 day trip we only really started talking on the 3rd day)

    she kept dropping hints like ''i dont know why but i normally go for girls younger than me ''

    she has a girlfriend currently but she also said she was thinking of breaking up with her

    i like her and i think she likes me

    yestoday was the first full day back and she invited me to her's

    i had to cycle from my house and i think she appreciated that , its pretty obvious i like her

    but yestoday was amazing it was such a chilled day we watched a really cute movie together on her bed she asked me a load of questions like am i a virgin and have i kissed and do i prefer guys or girls,we shared a cider and went to the park and shared a few fags

    but it was just so chilled and we are really close even though i have litteraly known her for 7 days

    and yestoday we sents 40 txt's

    we r going into manchester on thursday and im staying over at hers

    i want to kiss her but its a bit soon

  • what is counseling like ? im being forced to go cos i self harm?

    so yea i self harm and in a month i have been booked in for a counceling sesion about it i dodnt agree but mum found out and is ''helping me''

    so basicly whats the first one like

    i cant talk to people about my problems will counceling even help ?

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  • why am i perfectly happy (or i don't feel sad or angry) but want to cut?

    so i have felt like this for a long time now,

    i use to cut about half a year ago and i have steadily reduced the amount i do ,

    currently life is going ok and i feel fine

    but i have a really really big urge to get the knives and raisers out again and do a few cuts

    not many but a few i miss it and i really need it right now

    the urge tends to go but i hate it when i have the urge and i just have to distract myself ( which is very hard

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  • whay do i randomly feel sad for no reason?

    so sometimes i can e perfectly happy and just randomly swap over into incredibly sad and depressed and like my live is not going anywhere and i start asking my self questions such as 1) do i really think i will do anything usefull with my life 2) am i a waste of space 3) what have i ever acctually acheived ( the third one is the main reason i do D of E so i have something to answer that question)

    and suddenly i feel like i might as well not exist (i dont want to commit suicide i just wish had never of existed in the first place)

    it scares me ho easily this can flip though i was just doing homework and thinking about nothing and all of a sudden wam bam and wow im such a waste of space

    currently on a low but being a bit active helps

    if i go to sleep and have this kind of a switch i wont be able to go to sleep at all

    anybody know whats wrong with me or what could help ?

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  • do i need insurance for my motorbike if im to young to ride it ?

    so im 15 and have just bought a 125cc motorbike well i gave my dad the money and he bought the one i wanted

    i cant ride it till im 17 and its only going to stay in the garage do i have to pay insurance for it because thats a bit of a waste of monney :P so yea plz help

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  • i want to ask out my best girlfriend but she is straight and i am also a girl?

    so she is my best fiend who is a girl and we are in a large group of friends

    but she always treats me a bit special like i am family she gives me extra long hugs leans on me

    sometimes holds my hand as we walk but not in a cute way just leading me and kisses my fore head at the end of a hug just in a cute way but she dont do it for all the other friends and now i want to go one more than just best friends and be able to kiss her an hold her hand while why walking

    but she always says she dosn't like girls that way but i really want 2 be with her we just get on so well

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  • hearing voices but only occasionaly?

    i heard a genuine voice when its late

    in bed at like 9pm and heard a voice clear as day saying '' melissa,im coming for you ''

    so it said my voice and a threatening message and it really scared me but it wasn't

    even in my head it was proper said to me as clear as a real person

    whats wrong with me

    p.s. i have moderete depression but i havnt been fully checked for it yet

    dont know if its relevant ot not but yea

    thanx 4 answers Xx

    3 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • hearing thretaning voices at 15 ?

    i have heard a few voices before generally calling my name or saying one word like correct or wrong or no something simple and that didn't really bother me

    but the other night i was in bed and not very sleepy so it wasn't my dreams mixing with reality but i heard such a clear voice as clear as a person talking 1 meter away from you

    and it said '' melissa,im coming for you'' no one was in the house apart from my parents who where both asleep

    the voice dint seem to come from anywhere but it was deffintly a man between 20 and 50 ish

    please can no one say mabe someone broke in cos A no one did and B its stupid to say that

    so what is going on

    its scaring me so much and if i do have a problem most places say it is joined by dellusions and i dont want to get them because i wouldn never sleep again

    thankyou for answers

    2 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • 15 < girls football clubs chesire?

    looking for a girls foorball club for over 15's or under 16's on a wednesday,thursday,friday can do saturday and sunday

    in north west so poynton,macclesfield,congleton that sort of area

    have kit if needed and my own boots and that but yea

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  • girls football clubs in cheshire?

    so im 14 at the moment bu will be 15 on the 24th so would be in a under 16's club then i could go into a league if i was accepted

    anyway i live in Macclesfield in cheshire

    i played football from year 2 till year 8 or for 6 years but had to stop in year 8 becuause the club only was for people up to the age of 13 since then i havent found a new club

    i was playing it in games on friday and really got back into it however it annoys me i have to wait another whole week to play it again

    does anybody know any teen girls football clubs in like Poynton /Macclesfield/Disley/Bramhall/Titherington

    or someone near those places


    (please put any details and website adresses possible)

    would like to play atleast 2 hours a week but any is good

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  • football pushing rules and other general fouling rules?

    can i push the other person if i dont use hands or feet just use my body like shove them away not violently but so i can get the ball (not to Push them over)

    - is it a hand ball if it hits not my hand but between my wrist and my elbow or between my sholder and elbow?

    - can i kick the ball into someones hand so its a hand ball ?

    - is it a hand ball if the ball hits you hand rather than you actually meaning to touch it

    - can you distract other players to help a one of your team members get down the pitch (not by shoving but by talking 2 them)

    - if you fall over and blame it on someone even though they didnt do it if the referee knows it wasnt them and i just fell do i get any sort of warning or sent of or something?

    thanx 4 answers

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  • will 2 L be enough water 4 bronze of E?

    going on the bronze D of E expedition and getting a water carrying back pack

    just need to know will 2 l be enough the walk is like 8 miles but i would normaly drink say 3 pints

    and im carryn my friends water 2 but she drinks less than me so basicly

    how many pints is 2 l and will it be enough ? :)

    thanx 4 answers

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  • why do i hate being alone? i get really scard?

    i hate being alone so much i feel like people are watching me and thinking im a loner

    in maths if my friend goes im left alone (cos the chairs and tables are in rows of 3 and im on the end)

    i moved and she was only gone to go and get a drink 4 like a minuite but i felt like the rest of the class was staring at me i felt so awkward

    i dont talk to people when we are in groups and i AM AN OUTSIDER

    we had to do projects in D+T in 2's but i was ill so everyone pired up and i had to be a one person group

    late i cried and i shake so much doing presentations i almost fainted and my voice went crackly

    when im with my 2 best freiends im really outgoing and not afraid at all but i have 8 different lessons and im not with them in 8 of them so yea

    you wouldnt recognise me whe im with my friends than when im not

    i love being with just on friend cos you can talk but if im with even a group of my friends i feel like i dont talk to them as much :P

    whats wrong with me?

    1 AnswerPsychology7 years ago
  • Should i dye my hair if no one else likes the colour?

    i want 2 get a having a neon green streak in my medium dark brown hair

    not many other people like it and my school says im not allowed it

    but i want it so much i have no idea why but not permanent just like the 6-8 week ones so im not stuck with it but its what i want and if i want it so much why should anyone stop me expressing my self?

    like i said school really dosn't allow it like in a priverate school rules are really really enforced its ridiculous but i wan't it so bad to express me and who i am so should i ?

    p.s. parents don't want me to do it but my friends think it is ok and i really really want it

    b.t.w. there are like different colours e.g. neon green,picaku yellow,electric blue/ cyan blue

    and neon or hot pink which is the least confident im about but hey my hair my choise

    so yea oh and im only 15 so is it een my choise can my parents stop me ?

    plz help

    i want to but im scared of what people will say and think

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  • i like someone but their in a relationship and they are boath my best friend?

    i like him and i want to tell hims so bad but i dont want to break them up because i still like her lets call him sam and her sarah

    so sarah is my best friend and i have been besties with sam 4 ages 2

    they break up lots but never for more than a month

    i want to tell him i like him but i dont think he likes me

    i will wait till they next break up (is it bad of me to say that?)

    but i want to tell him

    hould i tell him now or when he and sarah break up like i planned?

    btw someone esle already told him they liked him

    im more of his bro than anyone he sees romanticaly he comes to me with all his problems and im always there 4 him and it kills me because im normaly the one that gets him and sarah back together

    i hate when they break up because i have to make sure theor both ok and nomally i can get them back togeather because their so good together but they fight all the time and i hate when they do because


    setting up my crush with a ... well not me

    please help what do i do

    i dont want to get in the way but i hate sarah sometimes for being so cruel to sam

    (shee's very moody) with me too but we are friends

    what do i do im only 15

  • should i dye my hair if no one else likes the colour?

    i live having a neon green streak in my medium dark brown hair

    not many other people like it and my school says im not allowed it

    but i want it so much i have no idea why but not perminant just like the 6-8 week ones so im not stuck with it but its what i want and if i want it so much why should anyone stop me expressing my self?

    please no haters !! if you think its gross keep it to your self cos i dont care its about how it makes me feel and expressing my self and standing out not pleasing others

    thanx 4 answers though :)

    3 AnswersHair7 years ago

    so i told a guy i thought was a friend i was bit and i told him not to tell anyone but ofc he did

    so now like every one boys site and girls site know and its not like i care that they know or anything im not ashamed of it but i hate how its rumors and they believe it so anyone can tell them anything about me and they will believe it (this time its true but thats not the point)

    i hate how they talk about it like a dirty little secret like im some kind of reject

    if they just asked me id be much less parranoied!!


    the worst part is i dont currently have a girlfriend so it seems unreal to me i know i am bi because i had a longish term gf but we broke up not because we didnt like each other but the distance just wasn going to work eing 15 and all and not telling parents(dont want them to know till im with another girl)

    i have one teacher i can tell ,cant tell her im bi or anything but i do trust her

    my friends are great but there is only a certain amount they can do

    like they can help me when i get sad like cheer me up but there is no way for them to stop it at all

    idk if the teacher can stop the rumors if i dont tell her what it is but i would be willing to let her know there were rumors

    cant tell parents no questions untill im in a relationship so i have the other person so plz dont suggest that and plz dont say try to be straigh or anything cos i have made my mind up and it just puts bi's and gay's down :P

    but yea any ideas im kinda a really difficult

    sorry but yea :P Xx

  • i told him i was bi and he told everyone what do i do?

    i told him because i trusted him but he told someone else who told everyone

    its not like i care they know but i dont like how they talk about it like some dirty little secret

    if they asked me if i was then i probs wold tell them but its killing me to think that they think i am flirting with all the girls but im not i have a gf but they dont and cant know that

    what do i do

    i think they think im always thinking about them in a dirty way and im not i want to be treated like a person again not some dirty little reject

    i have one teacher i can tell but she cant know im bi just about the problem the rumors

    i cant go on like this im scared of everyone like if they get th wrong end of the stick

    i hate that guy now and his friend

    what do i do !!

    plz help (no dissing im not going to change)

  • what do you do on school exchange trips?

    so im doing a German exchange in march and April where i go and stay with a family in Germany for a week and then go home and the next month they come to mine 4 a week

    so what happens ?

    -how and when do i know what family im going to

    -what do i generally do

    -do i see my friends ?

    im kinda scared about it :P (want to go but deffo scared :P )

    yea do i just go to the German familys house for a week and not see my friends or the teachers apart from the airport?

    is it possible to meet up with my friends

    and yea like i originally said what do i acctualy do ? do i have to speak german all the time

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