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I love to laugh and believe laughter is the best medicine. I do horse vaulting which is gymnastics and dance on horseback. Almost like in the circus. I have competed in national and international competitions.

  • I have a different dream every night but in each one i can't breathe. What does this mean?

    In every one of my dreams the past week or so i cant breathe bc of something or have trouble breathing. For example, in one dream i was half drowning so i couldnt breathe and the next night i had one where i had a huge cut in my side & couldnt breathe bc of that. things like that. I have no breathing problems in my waking life like asthma or anything. Any ideas?

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  • how do you tell if your shin splints have turned into stress fractures?

    I run track and have had shin splints for a while now. i did the RICE system for a while and they seemed to be getting better but now im worried. I want to know how you can determine how serious my shins have become.

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  • Why does the average male prefer blonde haired, blue eyed women?

    Where did this preferance come from??? I think about this all the time and can never come up with an actual answer. Any help is much appreciated.

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  • this dream confuses me? what does it mean?

    I was standing by a river with a camp counselor waiting for my friend to get there. She had been tubing with the other campers. She came around a rock from upstream and I said, "Come on Jessica! Go on the rapids! Not the calm stuff!" She said no and then I asked her if she would if i go with her. She agreed. So I got into an empty tube ring that was on the shore and I jumped into the rapids. Another camper was behind me. I was facing backwards so I couldnt see infront of me. Then my tube spun around and i was headed for a waterfall. I wasnt really scared i just observed the fact that i was going to go over. As i was falling down i grabbed hold of a slim branch hanging from the side of the waterfall off. (i was still sitting in my tube. idk how.) I looked over and the camper that was behind me was perched on the edge of the waterfall. She told me to let go. I did and I was falling right next to her. My tube was under me so it was going to break my fall in the water below. When i landed I fell in sideways. I went under really REALLY deep and the other girl who fell with me was underwater talking normally to me. (dont ask me where that came from) She was talking about the mist of the waterfall rising and she told me to swim to the top. I was running out of air when she said, "breathe" I was kind of scared but i did anyway and i could breathe underwater. It felt completely normal. Then she said something to me in a weird language and i didnt understand her. While i was swimming to the top the song "just breathe" started playing. (once again idk) Once i got to the top of the waterfall (a little later) all the other campers were listening to the cunsler and he was having two boys hold on to the branches hanging over the waterfall and let go and landing on their tubes at the bottom of the waterfall. Then the counselor let everyone else do that. I thought to myself, "i already did that!" The girl that went down with me was gone. She just disappeared at the bottom after she spoke to me in the weird language. Any ideas?

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  • is it trye that if you have a dream about someone, they were thinking about you?

    to me that doesnt seem true at all... could someone help me? im so confused...

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