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  • Which machine is better for cardio?

    Within the next few months, I plan to buy a cardio machine which I can use in the house. However, I am debating which would be best between an elliptical machine of a treadmill?

    I would like to know which of these two would be better for:

    - the heart

    - increasing stamina

    - the bloodflow

    - and just the overall well being of my body

    Answers are greatly appreciated ;)

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  • protein shake for working out?

    So I will be joining the gym again, and I am wondering what the best protein shake is (to help build muscle).? Also, what should I choose in a protein shake? I see that many of them have different things. For example, some have sodium, potassium, Iron, while others have other things like calcium, vitamins and so on.

    Someone told me that the best way to choose a protein shake is to see how much grams of protein per serving they have and that the rest is junk.

    Also, how important is it to have a high or low calories within a shake or protein bar?


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  • ¿Que significa ser volado?

    Pues hace poco estuve platicando con una amiga, y bromeamos y platicamos mucho, pero también nos caemos bien, y me dijo que soy volado. Ella es Mejicana entonces creo que es una frase de Méjico.

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  • Can dentist equipment damage or scratch teeth?

    A few days after I saw the dentist for a check up and clean up, I noticed that there was a scratch on one of my tooth. To be specific it is near the gum line. I told the dentist about it and she came up with some BS excuse of how it could have been a filling that fell out or that it was something else as I brushed my teeth; and that dental equipment cant cause this type of scratch.

    I strongly disagreed with her since fillings are done at the bottom of the tooth and not on top near the gum, also a tooth brush and food don't cause this type of damage. Dental equipment could since they are metallic, pointy and hard.

    I don't think that it is of large damage, but it is noticeable if you look at it or touch it.

    Can anyone tell me if they had a similar experience or knows about this type of circumstance?

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  • I need to make a confession in church?

    Hey everyone!

    So I would like to inform you that I am a Catholic and as you may or may not know, it is our belief that if we confess our sins to the priest who is closer to God than us regular folks, we can be forgiven of many of our wrong doings. However, unfortunately I don't attend church too much and haven't confessed since grade school.

    So my main concern is, how do I confess? Do I have to book a meeting with a priest? must I memorize a line? or do I just walk in and start telling him about my sins and hope that God can forgive me through him?

    Any suggestions?

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  • Anunnaki, Reptilians, Nibiru, Planet X conspiracies, myths?

    Hey everyone, just recently I have gotten interested in this sort of stuff. However, after some research, I have found it to be a bit confusing.For those of you who may know more about this sort of thing, can you tell me where some good web sites might be?

    Also what are the differences between:

    - Anunnaki and reptilian and fallen angels (the watchers) and Aliens (the little or tall green or gray men) Where do all of these things live?

    - Nibiru and Planet X ( are they the same thing? who or what lives there?)

    - Are demons the spirits of the Nephilim? the fallen ones? Annunaki or all of them together?

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  • weight loss and stamina?

    Hey everyone,

    I am wondering what would be better for a weight-loss program.

    - 30 minutes to maybe 45 min.of jogging on a treadmill or a bike path or

    - Either kickboxing or Taekwondo classes which are about 1hr to 1:30 long.

    I am trying to lose weight, have more energy and have a stronger heart and lungs.

    All answers appreciated

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  • Assignment question (University material)?

    I am doing an essay (its on training and development) and I was wondering if it is appropriate to use "I' as in "in this paper I will discuss" or "I believe that".

    I have been taught that the professional way of writing essays was to say "one can say" or "it is evident that". I can't remember exactly why but it is what I have been told. (I believe it is because if you use the above format you are basically taking credit for work that is not yours, rather than referencing an author.

    I appreciate your help!

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  • itf vs wtf taekwondo?

    I'd like to know what the difference is between itf and wtf taekwondo. I know that on is more of a sport and the other a martial art with slightly diferent rules (obviously) but can I get some details of the differences.

    If someone has taken both of them (first hand experience) can you tell me which you liked better and why? (which one was more interesting to you, which one was more fun...etc)

    Thanks in advance

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  • ¿Como me voy para USA desde Canada?

    Tengo mi titulo Universitario en Administración de Empresas tengo 24 (casi 25) y trabajo para el gobierno de Canadá (en contracto). USA me parece que es un buen lugar para pasarla bien por unos años y pasar un aventura. Que tengo que hacer para irme y trabajar temporaria mente.

    - Que clase de visa necesito agarrar?

    - Que tengo que hacer para obtener permiso de salud ayi? Health care?

    - Tengo que trabajar para una compañia Americana aqui para transferirme?

    - Aplico para compañias Americanas desde aqui y que resuelvan ellos la mayor parte de papeleos?

    - Como me puede patrocinar una compañia?

    - Cuanto tiempo se lleva este proceso?

    Yo se que la economia esta mala ahorita pero espero que se mejore durante este año oh el otro.

    2 AnswersInmigración1 decade ago
  • moving to USA from Canada?

    I have my University degree in Business Administration, I am currently working for the Canadian government (on contract), I am 24 and in short, I have everything going. I've always like the US it seems like an exciting place to live in (at least for a while) so what do I have to do to get a temporary work permit with an employer over there?

    - What type of visa must I get?

    - What do I have to do for health care?

    - Must I work for an American company here and ask to transfer?

    - Do I just apply to American companies from here and they resolve most of the paper work?

    - How can I get a company to sponsor me?

    - How long does this process take?

    I know that the economy right now is weak but I hope that it can get better with within the next year or two.

    3 AnswersImmigration1 decade ago
  • Canadian moving to USA?

    I have recently graduated from University, I am 24 and would like to move to the USA. I mostly want to go there for an adventure and to experience something new and exciting. I'd probably move back to Canada but for now I want to try this out. I dont have much experience because I am young, but I can easily learn and I do have a degree.

    What do I have to do?

    How can I get sponsored by a company?

    Would a company give me a contract for a period of time?

    How do I get a Greencard?

    What else do I need to know?

    Unlike most people, I have always admired the USA. Politics there kinda sucks but the country and people are great.

    4 AnswersOther - United States1 decade ago
  • Why do people like night/dance clubs?

    Ok I don't know who else to ask so I'm asking you guys!!!

    Some of my closest friends truly enjoy going to these places; they go like 2 to 3 times per week. Although I never truly liked clubbing all that much it was alright when I was between 18 to 22 years old, but my main objective there was to pick up girls and most of the time I did. (it was up to them how far we went) ;) Now I'm 25 I have my girlfriend, its been a few years now since I don't enjoy clubbing much, its expensive, loud, and it could get violent, and some of my other friends don't like this idea much anymore.

    My friends go there, they hardly ever talk to girls, a few of them don't even drink, they dance by themselves in a little group and they are ok with this. They almost always want me to go, (mostly I don't) but I insist, I'm out of that phase now.

    Guess what, I'm the youngest one out of all. We are grown men who are done with post secondary with good jobs, we shouldn't be doing this crap. (I think) It actually annoys me when they ask me to go.

    I like being with my girlfriend, going to bars or restaurants with friends sitting while drinking, or going to movies, playing golf, bowling, sports...etc. Is this not the more normal for someone my age or am I out of touch???...geez.

    So the question is why do these guys like this scenerio, what is the purpose of it?

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  • Martial arts - Tae kwon do?

    So I am asking this question because I will join soon, except that I don't know which one I should join. I have the wtf or itf.?

    wtf: is taught by a 9th dan grandmaster who has been teaching since 1977 and he has been in TKD since he was 12. (he's probably like 70 now)

    itf: is taught by an 8th dan grandmaster who has more than 35 years of experience and has had several years of training with General Choi Hong Hi. (the supposed founder of TKD)

    I used to train in wtf as a kid and I liked it, especially when it came to sparring but I also liked there overall methods. However, I am a little bit curious about itf as they say its more of a martial art than a sport. I pretty much know the differences or know of them with regards to the patterns and sparring styles but what would you recommend?

    I am pretty athletic so I can get accustomed to either.

    If you are wondering, I just want to join for the love of the sport/art, and to have something that keeps me active.

    9 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • Bachelor's of Management or Bachelor's of Human Resources and Labour Relations?

    I only have about one year and a half left for either of them as I have previous education (college Diploma) and have been exempted from most courses.

    I'll get straight to the point: Which one is easier and which one is harder or more challenging? which one is more time consuming? All of this in terms of studying.

    I am really not too concerned with career paths as I like what both have to offer. All I'm trying to do is enhance my education/diploma with a degree.

  • Canadian vs american salaries?

    As a graduate from a Canadian University, I am wondering which country has a higher salary once I start working in my field? Canada, USA or around the same? I heard that you can make lots of money (not necessarily a millionaire, but on the "rich side") in the US with an education, is this true?

    2 AnswersHigher Education (University +)1 decade ago
  • PS3 playin blu ray?

    I am considering buying the blu ray DVD player in just a few months. (since it may be the future of home entertainment on TV due to HD DVD loosing) Since I enjoy playing video games in my spare time I'm also considering buying a PS3. Now, from my understanding, the PS3 console plays blu ray dvd's right? Well my main question is.... if I was to buy a PS3 console, would it play blu ray DVD's with the same effeciency as a regular blu ray DVD player?( which its sole purpose is to play such DVD's)

    8 AnswersHome Theater1 decade ago
  • Which Martial Art should I join?

    As I was in University and worked part time I had no time for sports, thus, I'm a little overweight, and tend to loose all this fat now that I'm graduated. There are all kinds of martial arts in my area which I can choose from: BJJ, TKD, traditional Jiujitsu, Karate, Judo, Sambo, Kung fu, Muay thai, and boxing. However, I am mostly interested in Tae kwon do, Judo and traditional jiu jitsu. As a kid I took TKD, it was fun and I learned a lot, its great for cardio, and I think its good for emergencies as I was really good at it. Anyway, my question is, which one of my top 3 would be better? In terms of cardio, fun, defence. ( I'm interested in defence quite a bit)

    Any martial artists out there that can advice me?


    15 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • Estados Unidos o Canada? Cual es mejor para vivir?

    Soy ciudadano Canadiense tengo mi titulo universitario y tengo planeado irme a USA para el otro ano o el siguiente.

    Quisiera que porfavor me respondan las siguiente preguntas: (si pueden)

    1.Que tal es la vida en USA sobre todo? 2.Hay muchos trabajos?( yo se que quisas se gana mejor que en otros paises) 3.muchos latinos?(y que tal se llevan y que tal los tratan) 4.Es divertido? (estoy joven y quiero divertirme a lo maximo...vida de noche) 5.Hay mucho crimen? 6. Se puede hacer mucho dinero con una profesion?

    Bueno, planeo irme patrocinado (creo que esa es la palabra para sponsored, perdon.) y aver si me ayuda una compania para hacerlo en el futuro.

    Bueno Gracias!

    17 AnswersInmigración1 decade ago
  • Vivir en Canada o EEUU? Una pregunta para latinos de los dos lados, pero tambien para los demas.?

    Hola, en primer lugar quiero decirles a todos que vivo en Canada. Tengo 23, y me acabo de graduar de la Univ. en Administracion de Empresas. Ahora mi punto:

    Siempre me a gustado mas EEUU. Osea tiene un ambiente mas divertido, me gusta el hecho que se gana mas, el clima no es tan frio, y pues me llevo bien con latinos. (mas que todo latinas. jaja) Por el lado economico yo soy muy bueno para el Español, se que se habla mucho ayi, y tengo mi titulo, y eso singnifica muchas oportunidades para mi. Siento que seria lindo comensar una nueva vida en USA.(CA, TX, FL, VA, AZ) En Canada siento que no se gana como USA, ay oportunidades pero quisas no como EEUU, y para trabajar en el Gobierno quieren frances. Por el otro lado siento que Canada es mejor ambiente para tener una familia, es menos peligroso y el sistema de salud es muy barato comparado con EEUU. La unica cosa que me doleria es que mis papas estan aqui, y como latino son muy importante. Pienso bien o estoy ilusionado?

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