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  • Who owns the copyright to Let s Play footage - the Let s Player or the company who made the game?

    Does the Let s Player own the copyright to their video, since they recorded and uploading it to Youtube? Or does the company who made the game still have copyright claims over it, since they created the game?

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Should I replace my xbox 360?

    I ve owned my xbox for about 7-8 years now, and haven t had any problems with it. Lately, I ve been having the issue where it the disc tray gets stuck. It s also been louder in general, the fans especially when I play a game. It s not deafening or anything, but it s definitely louder than it used to be.

    What are some of the warning signs that it s time to replace it?

    2 AnswersXbox4 years ago
  • Ok to drink baking soda water mix while taking Bactrim?

    I'm suffering from a UTI and while the pain is mostly gone (thank god) I still have the endlessly urgency to pee. I was looking online and kept seeing people recommending drinking baking soda and water to help. Will this interact in any way with the Bactrim that I'm taking? Thanks!

    1 AnswerMedicine4 years ago
  • Can I take Zofran with Bactrim?

    I have a UTI and am taking Bactrim (and Azo, off an on). I try to get food down before I take either medicine but I still get sick. It's making it really hard to get enough food down for the day. My roommate has some Zofran and offered me one. Can I take it, or will it interact with the Bactrim?

    1 AnswerMedicine4 years ago
  • What is an apartment appraisal inspection?

    I got a note from my landlord slipped under my door saying there s an appraisal inspection on Wednesday and to have my apartment tidy for the inspection. What does an "appraisal" inspection mean for an apartment? Just curious.

    7 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 years ago
  • Wisdom teeth removal - ok to leave gauze in longer?

    I had my upper wisdom teeth removed today (I actually don t have any lower teeth! Yay!) The oral surgeon gave me gauze to keep in my mouth and change out when it got too soaked, until I ve stopped bleeding.

    This was early in the morning and I m not longer bleeding. However, I kind of like having the gauze in because the way it s pushing on my mouth it s keeping my tongue from wondering back to the wound to poke around in it. Is there any adverse affects to leaving gauze in? I m still drinking & eating regularly, just swapping out gauze for new ones when I do. Can I continue to use gauze strips, at least into the second day, even if I don t technially "need" it? I just don t want to keep doing it if it has any consequences .

    3 AnswersDental4 years ago
  • Best IKEA tall bookshelf for heavier books?

    I like the taller bookshelves, but I've had the Billy bookcase for about 2 years and it's starting to lean. I live in an apartment with plaster walls which makes it very difficult to secure the shelves to the wall. Which of their taller bookshelves are the most "sturdy" ?

    4 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling5 years ago
  • What s wrong with naturally uneven hair?

    My hair is naturally a reddish/brown color and it varies in shade. The top layer is the most red since it gets the most sun, and each layer under that is a different shade of red or brown. I CONSTANTLY get comments from my female relatives and friends about how much "better" it would look if I dyed all one color to "even it out." Does anyone else experience this? I m confused why my hair is "bad" – I think it s pretty! It s like I have natural highlights and lowlights.

    1 AnswerHair5 years ago
  • What to do if roommate leaves items in apartment after we're supposed to be gone?

    My lease is up on August 1st. I have a new apartment, but it's a building owned by the same landlord as my current place. My roommate and I are parting ways. I just learned that my roommate is STILL looking for an apartment, doesn't have anything boxed up, and is by all appearances not making any progress at all toward finding a new place. I am now extremely worried. What happens if come August 1st and his things are still in the apartment? Will I be at fault too because I lived there, even though it's not my property? I'm just worried my landlord will "retaliate" against me or not understand that I don't have power over my former roommate.

    6 AnswersRenting & Real Estate5 years ago
  • Updated computer - now Photoshop looks "fuzzy"?

    I updated from a Macbook Pro 2010 to a 2015 model with retina display. I have photoshop cs5 on my computer. I notice when I open it, the menus look sharp but the actual photo editing area/photo looks "fuzzy." Is there a way to fix the display so I don t have that issue?

    1 AnswerSoftware5 years ago
  • What movie is this quote/scene from?

    So there are two characters, Character 1 is chasing Character 2 and Character 2 has some kind of futuristic weapon (or something?). Character 1 corners Character 2.

    Character 1: You don't even know what that does.

    Character 2: I know that it's heavy. *raises weapon*

    This is driving me nuts because I can KIND of remember it but not totally!! What movie is this from?

    1 AnswerMovies5 years ago
  • Ikea Skorva Midbeam with Twin bed?

    I just bought a Malm twin bed, and when I looked up the bed online I saw a lot of people complaining about having to buy a Skorva midbeam. This was all in reference to full, queen, or king sized Malm beds, however. Do I need the midbeam for a twin sized bed? The bed came with something that looks like a metal midbeam, but I'm not sure if it is one because it sounds like the midbeam is not included in the box with the bed.

    4 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling6 years ago
  • Wheelchair or handicapped yaoi?

    I'm looking for any yaoi where one of the characters is in a wheelchair or is handicapped (walks with a cane, amputated leg, etc.)


    1 AnswerComics & Animation6 years ago
  • What chapter of Fruits Basket does Tohru tell Kyo about her father?

    I know that they're doing laundry and she's telling him about her father...what chapter of the manga was this?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation7 years ago
  • What to do with pet rats while trying to sell house?

    I'm going to put my house on the market in the spring, but I have a problem: I don't know what to do about my pet rats!

    I have two of them and they live in a cage in my bedroom, and I've litter-trained them and I clean the cage daily so there is little to no odor (the cage is lined with felt so there is no loose bedding spilling out). What do I do about showing the house? If the cage is clean, can I leave the rats in my room, or is that something potential buyers would react negatively to?

    My only other option is to remove their entire cage and transport it to my mother's house. She lives about 20 minutes away and will not be able to take care of them, so I'd have to drive there and back every day until the house sells (which could be months). The cage is rather large and is not easy to move. I cannot put them in the garage because we live in a cold climate and my poor ratties will freeze.

    2 AnswersOther - Home & Garden7 years ago
  • Spilled tea on my Macbook pro – is it ok to still use the computer?

    Two days ago, I spilled tea on the trackpad. After wiping it down, I immediately shut off the computer and then put some rice over the trackpad. I turned it on today and the rice worked...kind of. When I first turned it on, the movements were jerky and it worked sporadically – sometimes I could trail my finger across it and the mouse would move normally, other times it would just kind of jerk across the screen. After having the computer on for about 20 minutes while I tried to decide what to do, the trackpad became less and less jerky. Now, it's working normally. I'm thrilled! But I'm also kind of worried that there might still be some moisture in there, since it was still not working right when I first booted it up (and some of the movements are a little jerky).

    Before someone suggests it, I'm really not comfortable with cracking open the laptop to look at the damage myself. I don't know what I'm doing and I think it would be a bad idea for me to **** around with it.

    My options are:

    1. Assume that it's all ok, and continue using the laptop as usual. Or

    2. Schedule an appointment and take it in to be repaired


    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks7 years ago
  • Small second-degree burn (details inside)?

    I accidentally grazed my finger across the glass of a fireplace last night (dumb, I know) and I have a thin, 1-inch burn on my finger. What alarmed me about the burn is that it did not hurt at all when I first burned it, and since then it has only hurt a little (I took some ibuprofen right away after I burned it, just in started to hurt about 20 minutes after I initially burned it but the pain was minimal and I think the ibuprofen must've kicked in at that point). It has not hurt at all today. I still have minimal sensation in the burn...when I lightly press on the skin I can only feel it at the ends. The burn itself was completely white yesterday, now it is a whiter shade than my skin and feels very leathery. I've kept a clean, dry, bandage over it. My parents told me not to worry about it and that it will heal on its own, but I have a tendency to worry, and looking into it online made me scared because it hasn't really hurt at all (which, from what I've read, is not a good sign). After looking up information, I believe it is a severe second-degree burn and not a third-degree one, but I'm not a doctor. I don't have insurance right now so I don't want to go to the doctor unless I have to, but ultimately my life is worth more than wasted money, you know? Should I wait to see if it changes at all, or is this something that I should immediately go to the doctor for?

    1 AnswerInjuries7 years ago
  • Cheap external drive (or usb) for Mac backup?

    I've owned my Macbook Pro for about 3 years now but I've never backed it up (oops). A recent scare made me realize that I need to have some backups in place so I don't lose all my files if the computer breaks. However, when I looked into external hard drives the cheapest I could find was $120. I'll pay that much if I have to, but I'm a poor college student and the amount of data I have on my laptop isn't really THAT much – it's mostly just pictures, music, and movies. What are some good cheap options that are also easy to use? I've heard that you can use usb sticks to back up your data, but I'm not sure how that works??

    2 AnswersAdd-ons7 years ago
  • How to say "chocolate chip cookie dough" in German?

    I'm writing about an ice cream shop that serves chocolate chip cookie dough flavored ice cream. Wie sagt mann das auf Deutsch?

    2 AnswersLanguages7 years ago