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  • asda sackings ?

    i have heard [second hand admittedly] that asda [uk] have given questionaires to its employees to fill in, asking do they agree with the uk dropping bombs in Syria. if you said yes and they thought this was the way to go after the recent bombs [so nothing racist I am assured] they have been sacked for racism . it sounds a bit heavy handed and illegal that is why I am unsure if I have heard the full story. anyone heard anything.

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  • have i a permanently broke my camera ?

    I have a casio exilim digital camera and I recently took it on holiday to Majorca. of course it was very hot and I took it out for a days sightseeing and all of a sudden the camera froze and the screen became fuzzy and none of the buttons would work. in fact the only way to close the lens is to take the battery out and 'retry the on/off button and the lens closes. I have tried taking the battery out and even the card out for a few hours but of course it makes no difference.

    strangley my friend took his Fuji camera and the screen/pictures have interference lines on them, so his isn't exactly working very well.

    I have been told it may be sand in the camera, but I didn't take it on the beach at all I think I may have i may have overheated/fried a part of its workings although of course I am not certain.

    basically I think I need a new camera, but hey you might know better. it's turning into a much expensive holiday than I at first anticipated .

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  • no head protection for boxing at commonwealth games?

    normally in amateur boxing/ Olympics the contestants have to wear head protection for the bouts. yet in the commonwealth games this year they aren't. anyone know why.

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  • where has my 'submit' button gone ?

    so last night I was finding a problem 50% of the time the questions did give me a box to input my answer but didn't have a 'submit' button to post it. now I can't answer any questions because of this problem. any ideas? thanks

    4 AnswersYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • car insurance uk have they change the rules.?

    so I have heard that if you get new car insurance you now have to show them your driving licence. now if this is a new ruling is right will those with insurance on going have to show their licence also.

    don't get the wrong idea I have a licence, sadly no car but I have always thought this was always a good idea to stop people who have no right to drive from getting insurance. which at the end of the day wouldn't pay out if they had an accident, it just keeps the police from stopping them.

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  • new yahoo answers, my eyes are hurting are yours?

    well i wondered what all the problem was with the 'new' yahoo format, I asked myself what could they do to the site that was all that bad......... yep, I just found out exactly what you mean. its a bit weird but I can cope with weird, but I have only been on the site for 10 minutes and my eyes are killing me. is this normal [I wear varifocals] for this new format because I was fine with the old format. it could be all the white screen I think. anyone else having the similar problem ?.

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • asda refund policy not available on DVDs ?

    recently I had to take back a dvd in its original packaging and unopened to asda. I expected no problem and the money to be refunded. sadly this did not happen. an exchange for another title was acceptable but not a refund. I have asked in store/e.mailed them for an explanation why this was not possible and was told 'its our policy' which isn't really informative. I know it doesn't really alter anything but can anyone really think of a really good reason why because it sort of makes me apprehensive about purchasing anything else from them.

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  • has thatchers death caused unrepairable damage to the people of the uk?

    there has been so much anger and bickering since her death, we seem to have been driven apart and taking sides. this surely isn't good for our country .

    do you think there is any way that we can if not perhaps totally unite but at least get on the same side for the sake of our country.

    personally i will be glad when wednesday is over, and hopefully the bitterness and anger will at least subside.

    11 AnswersCurrent Events8 years ago
  • coronation street, how did lewis really get gails money ?

    hi, i have be wondering this for weeks now, but how did he get the money. sure we know he got gails password [for an on- line account] and took her money. but the police today said that lewis had been seen going into the banks surrounding the airport and withdrawing the money a bit from each. now that is fine if you have the pin number, but the piece of paper that gail found only had her grandaughters name bethany and the year she was born. not her pin number,unless the year was her pin number ?. what do you think.

    3 AnswersSoap Operas8 years ago
  • kindle ereader problems ?

    hi, i got a kindle reader for christmas and have downloaded a book to read. now since then i have read 33% and i tried to turn the page but it froze. i tried to turn it off but it wouldn't . so i pressed one or two random buttons and the centre larger button and it went onto the opening kindle page and the moving scale went from a third of the way across to the right and i presume 100% then it went back to the page i was reading. since then everything was fine?.

    did i do something wrong when i downloaded my first book or is this normal. the manual leaflet isn't very helpful.

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  • eu grants given to housing trusts ?

    hi. i've recently seen a lot of work done on local housing trust homes. ie new kitchens, electrics, central heating, bathrooms etc. so i ask a friend who lives in one of the properties how the trusts were able to afford to have such extensive work done. she said she had actually asked one of their workers this and he told her they weren't paying a penny out the eu were footing the bill !.

    now i have a problem with this, because obviously a housing trust is after all a business. nothing seems to be available to help those of us who have our own homes but are still having difficulties finding money to cover the essentials like a new boiler. what do you think.

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • windows 8 where is the 'home'?

    just go a new computer [not this one] and we have got on the net ok. we have made yahoo our home page, but when you go onto a web site, how do you get back to the home page ? obviously you can go backwards but 'the quick way' thanks for your help

    2 AnswersComputer Networking8 years ago
  • yahoo answers glitches ?

    what the heck is wrong with the site in the last few days. when you go on the site the questions are recent and then they go to years old questions. change it to recent questions and they go back to old ones again. only way of sorting it is to go off the site and then back on.

    today they are saying the questions are decades old. go onto the question and they are recently asked questions. it is a glitch isn't it ?. or i am really going daft.

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers8 years ago
  • donald trumps golf course in scotland?

    did anyone see the documentary on sunday channel 4 'you've been trumped'. i spent the hour and a half absolutely shocked that anyone,[ a foreigner into the bargain], could treat the locals with so little respect. the scottish government and local police seem to be ok with everything he is doing, and the locals are valiantly fighting to stop him ripping them off stealing their land and the homes if he can get away with it. not to mention the conservation work he purports to be doing whilst he is ripping the heart out of the surrounding countryside.

    so why is he getting away with it,[ can't help but guess its the greasing of palms] but more importantly can the locals ever win against these kind of billionaires who think they can buy anything or anyone for that matter.

    2 AnswersOther - News & Events8 years ago
  • do you know the name of this film ?

    hi i remember watching a film on tv about 20 ish years ago. it was about a car full of people who for some reason they take a diversion through a forested area. the problem being that they crashed into a tree and damage it. the trees and creatures though are a bit vindictive and want to get their own back with the intent to not allow them to leave the forest alive.

    i think the details are fairly accurate, and i bought the film 'the wrong turn' thinking that was it but sadly not.

    any help or suggestions would be thankfully received.

    3 AnswersMovies8 years ago
  • does car insurance cover run over animals?

    hi, just read an article in my local free newspaper about a man who's pet had been knocked down on the road by a car . he was asking the car driver to come forward so he could claim on the car drivers insurance for vet care.

    now why i ask is when we had a dog i made sure that my insurance cover also extended to my dog getting out and causing damage to someones property/car so i was covered if they claimed from me.

    so apart from the fact i don't think there is a chance of this car driver coming forward can the pet owner legally expect him to pay anyway ?

    7 AnswersInsurance & Registration8 years ago
  • coronation street , little jacks legacy ?

    i have been wondering for a while now, but when jack duckworth died he left money for baby jack . so why does tyrone think this money is his ,and shouldn't it have been put it in trust for baby jack. or did jack also leave money for tyrone , because i don't think he did.

    3 AnswersSoap Operas8 years ago
  • do the bouquets at the olympics have a symbolic meaning ?

    hi, i have noticed the flowers are roses and i assume the yellow represents gold medal the pinky/silvery the silver medal and the orange the bronze medal.

    but the foliage i am stuck on. i know there is some ears of corn and about three or four other types of foliage. any ideas what they are, and if they have any meanings to their inclusion in the arrange. i know it doesn't really matter but these things always interest me. i can't find anything on the web that relates to this subject.

    3 AnswersOlympics8 years ago
  • baby your a firework or is it superstar ? the song?

    the katy perry song 'baby your a firework'. why is it that i can't get it out of my mind that i remember it as your a superstar. is it that the chorus of the song reminds me of an old song or is it a bit of plagiarism. please let me know what you think and thanks for your help xx.

    4 AnswersLyrics9 years ago