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  • If you are uninvited from a private Facebook event, does Facebook tell you that the event was "canceled"?

    I was invited to a friends party, i clicked on "I'm Attending", few other friends also appeared they were attending the event, then later after like 5mins i got a notification saying "(Sonso) canceled the event (Party)". I would like to know the truth, even though if it may result in a very low and very cold move from the person who had invited me.

    But i need to know for sure, no assumptions please, because I don't want this to result in a misunderstanding please. Thank you

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  • How should i get my haircut?

    Hi, my hair has gone 2 a point where its long to annoy me cuz its seems as if doesnt want 2 cooperate, so im gnna get a haircut, but most of the times i dont like my hair the first weeks i get it cut cuz i have chubby cheeks and i dnt want them look chubbier so how should i cut it [please leave a pic with your answer so if i like ill take it 2 my barber] I put a link to pics, the full facial frontal face view is the most current photo of me[may 10,2011 to be exact], i recommend u go through the whole album cuz for some weird reason my face either looks not-so-chubby or chubby in certain angles, thank you in advance

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  • How does the Free trial of Amazon Prime work?

    Hi, I am about to pre-order a DVD, now i really would not like for my DVD to arrive a week after its release, and there is this one option of shipping that says "FREE Two-Day Shipping with a free trial of Amazon Prime" which will deliver my pre-order on the day of its release...Now i read the "rules" that if i cancel my membership before the free month trial ends I will not be charged $79, but my question is: If I cancel my free trial membership, like lets say, 3 weeks after my order when the DVD has still not yet been released, will my DVD still arrive on its release date or will Amazon change the shipping to standard and my DVD will arrive a week after its release?

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  • How does pricing for Pre-Orders on work?

    Hi, I am about to do a pre-order of the 4 DISC EDITION of TRON LEGACY, now I don't care that much if the estimate arrival is a week after the release as long as ai can save some money. Now, I know that if lets say the item gets cheaper before the release i will get a refund in my pre-order to match its new price, but Amazon does not put anything of what will happened if the price gets higher...So my question is will the high price be charge on my card??

    The Pre-Order right now is $30, so i wanna if lets say later it come to $40, that will be the price i will be charged instead of $30, for my Pre-Order.

    Please I would like to be very well informed about this matter before i pre-order something on amazon for the first time.

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  • Should I put this on a job application?

    It's my first time looking for a job and the job application(s) i fill out asks for past history of work, my question is: Should I mentioned my employment by own dad? My dad is a tax preparer & he hired me to help him out with his clients, he is a self employed Tax Preparer and I worked for him as an Assistant when I was 17-18 years old, he paid me $8-$8.25hr and I worked for him for 3 days(or whenever clients would arrive) a week. My dad tells me to put that down in my Work History in the job applications, but can I mention that?

    I would really like to be cleared about this issue please.

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  • What's the name of this House song?

    It came in a mix and since theres no lyrics in this particular house song I havn't been able to find out whats this song called and by who is it...please help..i posted a vid with the song

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • What is the Bell Garden's DMV driving test route?

    The Bell Garden's DMV center will most likely be where I take my behind-the-wheel test and I want to know the route so I may practice on them and get familiarized with the testing zone.

    2 AnswersCommuting10 years ago
  • How to use my HDTV Panasonic TC-P42X1 as a computer monitor?

    I have lots of television series and some movies on my computer which i would like to see on my HDTV. My computer monitor is a HPmx705, and i would like to know if theres is a cable i can purchase in order to use my tv as a pc monitor. I realized that many plasma TVs have VGA inputs but my HDTV does not :/ so i would like to know if there is an easy alternative method.

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  • Before asking a girl to be your girlfriend?

    I like this girl and I think I have a slight thought that she might like me. She and I are friends and we've known each other quite a while. I once asked her out on valentines day, she accepted but since we're both in high school we are dependent on our parents still, she got grounded for the weekend so we couldn't go out and later she got her report card and it wasn't good so her mom got very angry and we haven't been able to go out. Now I'm getting a little anxious because I discovered that a friend of mine asked her to be her girlfriend. Thank god she refused, But it got me thinking that should I ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend or should I wait at least till we have had our first date?

    NOTE: As always I am not 100% sure she likes me so I have a fear of rejection.

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  • Torrents can't connect to seeds in Utorrent?

    I used to download torrents with utorrent all the time and at high speeds like 250kbs sometimes or even higher when the torrents had alot of seeders. But then when I wanted to download some torrents agaien, I ralized that there were no seeders 0(0) or it will look like this: 0(1442), but there were peers(lots of them) but also no connection and it looked like this: 0(2343). and the websites, where i downloaded the torrents from, said that they had over 10,000 seeders. Now i download the torrents but at very low speed, like the majority of the day it does not download nothing at all and when its does its only for a few minutes and at less than 12kbs(if im lucky).

    The problem cant be that im downloading lots of torrents at once, because right now im only downloading 1 and im still with the same problem. It can't be that there are more peers than seeders because I downloaded lots of them before at high speeds also. I've changed my port, thought that might be the problem but it has not made it better. And sometimes what makes the torrents download(at low speed) is if i close utorrent, wait a while, and open it again.

    I use a computer with OS of Windows XP Home Edition my Utorrent version is 1.8.5.

    Help please I've tried to fix it, but obviously i haven't been successful . Please help, I miss my high torrent speed:(

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  • High school LOVE complication.Can someone help me?

    Hi, the situation is this that at first I liked this girl, lets call her K, I really got interested in K but at 1st I didnt talk to K until I met C, C is another girl. C and I started talking 1 day and we discovered that we went to the same elementary school together, after that I hanged out with C after school, where I soon discovered that C is K's best friend. But as time passed and started hanging out more with C my feelings for C grew, reaching the point that I lost interest in K and started to like and care for C. For example, recently C,K, some guy, lets call him S, and I were hanging out after school, before saying good-bye K made out for a sec with S, I looked but didn't care(it was like whatever).

    So now I know that I definitely have an interest with my old elementary buddy C, I really care for her, I like her but the thing is that I think I've been clingy(to attached to her), I don't follow her everywhere or anything I just hang out with her after school until she is picked up because I just want to make sure she's safe and sound, which in result now it's a little complicated to have a long conversation with her sometimes or shes silent and when K joins us, C turns into a chatter box and I'm just like "WTF".

    Heres why im surprised.When C and I started talkin she would talk quite alot, telling me stuff she did with her family or with others, but as time passed she is becoming a bit more quiet.

    Now IDK what to do and IDK if me being clingy screwd things up and if it did how to fix it and make C like me so I can take her to prom and build up something more that a friendship(you know what I mean).

    OH, before I forget a long time ago, like 2.5 weeks later that I met C, I told C that I liked her best friend K but I told one day C that I lost interest in K and that same day C and I saw K&S making out. I dont know if that might have affected C's behavior towards me.

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  • Does anyone know this Daft punk's song guitar tabs?

    The song is called Fresh, it's from their 1997 album Homework. I want to play the intro of the song, the guitar part. Any ideas on how to play on a standard tuned electric guitar?

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  • Is Electrical Computer Engineering a...?

    specialized branch of electrical engineering. For example: when someone says they want to be a doctor, but they want to be a doctor specialized on a specific part of the body or for certain kinds of illnesses. Is that the same as saying I want to be an electrical engineer specialized on computers(hardware & software).

    Also what is the difference between Electrical Computer Engineering, Electronic and Computer Engineering , or Computer Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science?

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  • What is the name of this song?

    What is the name of the song and who is it by. The song is played in the background of this video.

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Can I get into USC if...?

    If you have a low SAT I score, like for say 1090, but your GPA is more than 4.0 and during your 4 years in high school you've had nothing but straight A's and just like 3 B's.Can USC pay more attention to my GPA and grades than my SAT score and admit me?

  • How did Ted Kennedy...?

    embody the American dream and the spirit of America?

    3 AnswersHistory1 decade ago
  • A movie that making people FAINT?

    I heard on a the tv (a commercial for a news where they mention interesting things so you watch them) i don't remember the channel , i think im not sure channel 13 here in california, but it said something about a movie thats making people even to faint when they see it. Im so curios to know about that news. HELP please.

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  • How do you get a job in the HOLLYWOOD industry?

    What do you have to do in order to get a job in this industry(HOLLYWOOD)

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  • How does MARIJUANA help a CANCER patient undergoing CHEMOTHERAPY?

    Do you know the answer for this question. I am suppose to write a letter about this question with facts examples and it's for my health class. Or a very good page that can help me a bunch.


    4 AnswersCancer1 decade ago
  • What does this chinese letter mean?

    I took a picture of my friends tattoo and I want to find out what it means(she wont tell me) I tried to draw it on Paint, it came out similar, but can anybody tell me what this chinese letter or word means please.

    3 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago