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  • Any information on the Native American characters in Big Love?

    I'm looking for a description of the Native American characters who run the casino in Big Love.

    For example, do they have accents? Do they speak a Native language? Are they rich or poor or middle class? Are they educated, traditionally or in academic ways? Do they do any ceremonies? Are they good/trustworthy/nice characters in the show? Any information would be very much appreciated!

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  • Questions about the show "Sons of Anarchy" - please help answer some if you can!?

    I have some questions about the Native American Indian characters in Sons of Anarchy. Some of these I have googled but some would only come from watching the series as a die-hard fan. If you know the answer to any one of them, please help out!

    Do they ever use a language other than English? If so, what language, and is it translated for viewers?

    Do they have accents of any kind? If so, what kind of accents do they have?

    Are there ever any Native ceremonies of at all?

    Are they ever called "Chief," "red/redskin," or any other nicknames?

    Do they have any land issues?

    If you can answer one or all of these questions, I'd appreciate it very much!

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