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Val K

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I am 64 years old, F , living in Australia, lived in the States and other countries,during my working life [now retired] visited many lands often, including Asian countries, Sub Continent countries and Europe. Single for the last 25 years, own my own home, love cooking, gardening and reading all the newest thrillers and mystery books, Spend my time volunteering at various sites including the local Historic Society. Born in Wales UK, proud to be born Welsh and proud to be brought up in Australia and all things Australian, now an Australian Citizen but do not and will not forget my roots. Do not suffer fools easily but am very attached to my old Mum who is 86 this year. Having lived through the VM war, I am not adverse to sending our troops into the World's trouble spots if they can help - if it will "assist" peoples to gain freedom of choice and better living conditions if they so wish.