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  • What benefit does the employer get from switching exempt employees to salary if they kept compensation and benefits the same?

    My company made a whole people hourly when they qualify for exempt status (yes, even under the new law), so I'm trying to find the bottom line. They did not change gross pay or benefits. What benefit does the employer get from doing that? Is it cheaper to layoff hourly employees or something?

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  • What is the difference between an a/v receiver and an a/v switch?

    I've always known about lan switches, but I have just discovered that there is such a thing as a digital a/v switch, which appears to have the same basic functionality while being about 80% less cost-wise than the $300 a/v receivers we can get in most electronics retail stores.

    Can anyone tell me what the intrinsic differences are? Obviously, both let you swap from pc to blu ray sound to cable, etc., but is that all that standard a/v receivers do, or do they have amplifiers and such built in that make them worth spending 80% more on?

    Here is an example of an a/v switch that I found, although since I just found them, I can't say if it's representative of a "good one" or not:

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  • Monitor has an Ethernet/LAN port?

    I'm shopping for LEDs and I saw that on some, they feature an ethernet-in port. The problem is, I can't really imagine what the heck it would be used for... it is a TV/monitor, after all. Everything in my head redirects me to the thought that the internet connection belongs with the object providing the picture, not to the object displaying it. Does anyone know what it's there for?

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  • What does "takes a direct object" mean?

    I'm trying to lock down my understanding of the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs using the rule the book gives. So far I've just been memorizing which verbs are paired with and that's not the best way to do it. I have three different textbooks for Italian, but none of them explain it in a way that I can seem to understand.

    Transitive verbs "take a direct object" while intransitive verbs don't. But what exactly does "taking" mean? Is that when you attach a direct object pronoun to the end of the verb, and if so, how does that work with all the ones that must go in front of the verb. Is that "taking" too? How would I identify a verb that takes a d/o?

    What is an example of a verb that does not, or cannot, "take" a direct object pronoun? I'm really confused over this rule!

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  • Engine vibration sound?

    My car just turned 8 & 101k miles. I've noticed a vibration sound in the engine when I accelerate, just between 2 and 2.5 rpms (still or moving). It reminds me of the sound kids make when they're 2 and go through their pursed lips 'phase.' Acceleration does seem hindered. Hyundai Accent GL 1.6 L. Just had it smogged in May, so I don't think it's the exhaust system. No engine lights. The sound is def. in the motor, in front of me, not under or behind the car. Any ACTUAL ADVICE appreciated.

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  • My household heater doesn't make any logical sense?

    Ok, so our heating system is outside in the garage. It's up against the wall, which has a huge, 16x25 hole through it that connects the sidewall of the heater to the interior for air intake. The hole is "covered" by the filter and has a vent cover on the interior side of the wall to make it look "normal." All logic tells me that we're losing a lot of heat and letting in a lot of cold air through that gaping hole when the heater's not on, air filter or no. It's a pretty dumb design, if you ask me, but I rent, so I can't just rip it out and install an indoor one.

    Is this normal and how can I insulate against it without creating a fire hazard or permanently blocking up access to the pilot and filter?

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  • Need correct word-part to describe "a person who is capable of experiencing redemption"?

    "Redemptionable" is not in the dictionary, even though it has all the proper parts of speech that convey the meaning I want the word to have.

    "Redeemable" seems like a word only truly applicable to objects, as in a "redeemable prize ticket." I was using this before until I realized what I sounded like...

    "Redemptional" just doesn't seem right, even if it is in the dictionary.

    Here's a target sentence, to help:

    Only "redemptionable" souls could go to Purgatory.

    "Only souls eligible for redemption could go to Purgatory" is too wordy, but will probably be what I end up going with. Despite that, I'd reeeeeeaaaally like to know what the "proper" way of saying this is.

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  • Intermittent Cough & Chest Pain when Lying Down?

    I have had a cough for the last two years. It has been pretty intermittent until the last month or so, but I still only cough maybe 10-20 times total per day. I have been to the doctor on two separate occasions (3 months after the initial bug and then 1 year after) and both times she has told me it's just a "virus" and it "should pass on its own". She refused antibiotics both times, even though the first time I told her it felt like a time when I had Bronchitis in high school. This is the second year I've been living with this and in the last month I've started also experiencing chest pain in my chest cage, around my heart. It's aggravated (usually) when I lie down on either side, but worse when I lie on the left side. I've been getting a lot of bouts of lung catch/pleurisy lately. A friend of mine also just jump rocketed me out of REM tonite, causing a sudden burst in my heart rate (about 15 beats) and... you guessed it... chest pain. It lasted about 15 minutes, but has improved a little in sitting up writing this. I went to the ER about 6 months ago because I felt like I was having trouble breathing. They took chest xrays and found nothing. They gave me a puffer, which doesn't really help. I've read about a number of potential causes of chest pain and almost all of them can be diagnosed with a chest xray. Again, they found nothing in my xrays 6 months ago and whatever this is has been bugging me for nearly 2 years.

    In any case, I was laid off from work in August and no longer have health care. My landlady was pocketing my rent money (I was subletting) and got us all evicted ($900 in the hole). I just had to pay $915 for a crown. All the shitty circumstances before me, I'd like to get some opinions as to whether I should really be concerned about this or not? I know I "should see a doctor if my chest ever hurts," but it's just not financially possible for me right now, so I need to make sure I go only if I absolutely should.

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  • What's a good watt output for 5.1 surround-sound, pc speakers?

    I haven't really kept up with surround sound and speaker outputs since I bought my last set of two-channel&a sub speakers 7 years ago. Can anyone tell me what a good (and really good) watt output is per speaker for 5.1 surround sound, computer speaker system these days? I'm not looking for anything too high-end, but I'd like to know what output range I should be looking for, so I don't get jipped.

    Also, would I care about decibel range outputs, like with headphones? I'm noticing that most speakers still go by watt/speaker output in their descriptions. If I should care about decibel range, what's a good range for that these days?


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  • When would I use "c'erono" vs "ci sono state"?

    I'm trying to figure out the difference in USE between c'erono and ci sono state. They both mean "there were," but I'm thinking they are each used for specific applications.

    My professor is difficult to approach (she's teaching Italian 2 and reacts poorly to Italian 2 competency levels), so I'd rather ask the community to help clear that up for me.

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  • Drive programs similar to Toys for Tots?

    I need help brainstorming for a research topic I'm going to be working on for the next semester. The research involves social services and I'm interested in examining social drives like "toys for tots," food banks, and the infamous "prom dress drive" as potential case studies. I can't base my research on only three types of programs, so I thought polling you guys will help expand my knowledge of other drives out there.

    Can you help me out?

    I'm looking specifically for programs that involve community drives and distribution back into the general public free of charge.


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  • Illegal to leave political flyers on cars?

    I know it's illegal to advertise using fliers on peoples' cars, but I wanted to see if it was illegal to do it with political fliers?

    I had a rather "loud" and very obvious bumper sticker about a political topic I feel strongly about and some jerk put an opposing flier on my car and ONLY my car (I looked around), in a private lot at work. I initially tore it up, then I remembered there are laws against vendor fliers. I guess I really just want to know if I can sue the political activist group for tampering with my vehicle, or at least arrest the jerk who did it to me. Everyone is entitled to their political views; I feel harassed, to say the least.


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  • help, lg voyager died!! need url?

    I was messing around with my phone settings and changed the home page url from the menu... and like a MORON I didn't backup the original fileDB file. So, now my phone is stuck in an endless reboot cycle. I can't remember what the original url was, or i'd just change it back and hopefully no big deal. Can someone open their secret menu for me, if you have a newer lg, just type in ##program10000 and hit send, find the browser url menu, and tell me what it says there under the home page? (this field is not editable and accessing this menu will not harm your phone, just don't play with ****). Thanks. /cry

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  • Powerslot Cryo on a Hyundai Accent?

    I know it sounds ridiculous, but I'm an aggressive driver and my Hyundai accent's stock rotors warp like nothing else I've ever seen before. Powerslot Cryo, I have heard, are great upgrades for correcting this problem. Trouble is, the company itself doesn't say that I can apply them (or either of their subproducts) to my car. The site only offers applications for 1997 acuras, with a 524 CSL & 524 CSR rotor. The next step down in "premiumness" offers more choices, including honda, but still no hyundai. I was just wondering if anyone has put powerslot rotors on their hyundai. Also, it would be great if anyone knew whether rotor applications for other asian cars (like honda, acura, etc.) are equivalent to my cars', so I could just buy the one that lines up with that make/model/year. Thanks in advance.

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  • Blu-Ray Internal Drive Suggestions?

    Are there any blu-ray internal pc drives currently on the market that are also backwards compatible with old formats (cd, cd-r, dvd, dvd-rw, etc.) and can still burn a cd and/or dvd? If so, can you make a few product suggestions for me? All I have seen so far are players, but I want an internal drive, not an external player.

    Also, what kind of connector would an internal blu-ray compatible drive use from drive to motherboard? I can't imagine it would be the same plug that regular dvd and cd have.

    I'm looking to upgrade, since I watch movies on my pc and distributors like netflix are transitioning hard core to blu-ray (they claim that the films are only coming out on blu-ray anymore).


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  • What does a SATA II Controller Card do, exactly?

    For example,

    Can someone break it down for me, bit by bit?

    What types of applications would you use it for? Servers? Gamer PCs? Etc.

    Is it more recommended than the original SATA for PC's (i.e. is it better or something)?

    And of course, what the heck is it used for... does it adapt something?

    What is the difference between HD and HDD? HD generally means hard drive, so does HDD mean High Definition Drive or something like that?


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  • What is a Serial Dater?

    I have heard the term "Serial Dater" to describe a type of romantic relationship that involves seeing (sexually) and/or dating many people at once, but I don't quite understand how that is different from what we generally term a "man/woman-slut." I think it relates to polygamy.

    My understanding of a Serial Dater is someone who has a sort of harem or group of "favorites" who he tends to cycle through routinely and all of whom he genuinely cares about, but none of which he has an actual relationship with (so he's not cheating on anyone... and they all know she/he is not dating them and is seeing other people at the same time). However, I'm not sure and wanted other peoples' feedback on my opinion of the term's definition. Can anyone enlighten me?

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