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  • Suggestions on Gaming Monitors?

    I'm looking to spend up $600/maybe a tadd more if it's worth it looking for gaming monitors. I can't decide if getting a 32 inch or lower or if it should be 4k or 1080p and on the ms lag of the monitor, too many options, too many different reviews. I need some suggestions. So far the main things I believe I should get is an IPS monitor and 144hz at least for gaming, please correct me if I wrong. There are some deals going on today, if anyone has a min to throw out some input or some suggestions or links, i could use some help to narrow down my decision. Atm I was going to buy 2 of the Sceptre Curved 32-inch Gaming Monitor, it has up to 185 hz with 3ms, tho it is a VA panel.

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  • Suggestions for eating healthy to get fit.?

    I'm looking for more options in my food choices to eat healthier & also to get fit. Started working out about a month ago, definitely seeing a change. So far I've been eating eggs & egg whites for breakfast with some blackbeans before I work out for some carbs and more protein. Then I'm useally stuck with eating chicken,turkey, or more blackbeans. So my question is what else could I add my daily meals mostly lunch & dinner time.

    Thing's I've been eating.




    Turkey-Once a week

    Chicken-Two to Three times a week

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  • Advice on Methadone Use By my mother?

    My mother age 48 who was a ex major drug addict who was clean for a couple of years. Then she started smoking weed, witch the whole family does so was not a big deal. She then started taking Hydrocodone 10s for a couple months and started a little addiction with them. She now has found a clinic that offers Methadone. I need some advice on this stuff, I'm starting to have it with her.. She is loosing her mind it seems like. She takes hours to do simple stuff like shes tweaking, we own a family business and she does not even do her job half the time and blames it on a list of stuff she has to do but its in like so much detail that you could tell she put in half a day of just thinking of stuff she would NEED to do when they are stuff that not that of importance.Shes eating like 5 bowls of icecream a night now.. falling asleep at like 8 sitting up waking up at like 4 in the morning... I'm not sure cause I can only find some good things about it online but it seems bad to me so any opinions please. I also am under the belief that it is more for people who are getting off heroin. Not for pain. please let me know

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  • Question About Word 2010 Tables?

    I'm trying to create a Fill-able Grid for my moms business. We sell advertisement & certain ad sizes. When a ad is sold it is placed on a grid depending on the ad size. We sell .75 x 3 up 3 x 12. I'm looking for a way to fill the information in the Table, for example picture it like a 12 x 12 divided up as the whole grid & We sell a 3 x 3 I could easily make a grid splitting the top row into (4) 3 x 3 & Fill it in. My Problem I'm having with it is what happens when we sell (2) 3 x 12 , how would I fill that into a table. Hopefully someone understand my point. I was hoping their could be a way maybe of choosing from a dropdown of the ad sizes that will create the grid by the ad sizes. Just a hope.

    So Far I have a table created 12 x 12 with 3 x 3 surrounding a 6 x 6 in the middle. if are website if you take a quick look you will see the ads we do.

    Thanks for anyone who helps. Still learning Word

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  • Computer Power Supply Noise HELP?

    Hi I Had a computer built for me and I started it up and there is a high pitched beeping noise that comes from the power supply.

    I have had the computer for a couple of weeks now. I have found when I leave the computer on and it goes to sleep the noise stops. Also after that when turn it back on from sleep the noise either is not there & I had no noise until I restart or It comes back on after sleep. So I'm trying to pinpoint the noise I know its the power supply. It sounds almost like Morse code but a higher pitch and the main problem is when I start up my computer and the noise is for sure there it isnt not beeping, It just spams the beep and makes it one very longer high pitched noise. Any Ideas or Suggestions prefer not to ship the power supply back.

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  • Computer Wont Read My Windows 7 Image Burnt Dvd Help or Could i Image Mount it with a Virtual Drive?

    Ive been trying to install Windows 7 on my Alien ware Laptop.. it use to have vista on it but virus and i didn't have my disc so i installed XP on it and i had the problem burning the ISO to a DVD it kept having errors at the end when checking the files make sure it burnt right so i burned it on my friends laptop worked fine poped up tested it on his computer i put it in mine and it reads it as a blank disc

    been reading im thinking its my DVD drive something about Duel Layer Disc possibly anyone with answers? now for my other question if someone has the time or knows a link i used Google found some things but Can i use like Daemon and just Virtual Mount it somehow? i don't have external drives or any other dvds..and it works but i cant upgrade from Win XP to Win 7 so any Advice i would appreciate it ill be on all night untill i get this thing working so if u leave a message ill respond Probably instantly

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  • Football Card Questions?

    I have abunch of old football cards from my grandpa that im lookin to sell

    but i dont know best way to sell them any suggestions?

    Walter Payton 1977

    Fran Tarkenton - 1970

    Art Monk - 1981

    Joe Theismann - 1975

    Ronnie Lott - 1982

    Eugene Upshaw - 1972

    O.J. Simpson - 1976

    Roger Staubach - 1976

    Art Monk - 1980

    Steve Largent - 1977

    Forest Gregg - 1960

    Jack Lambert - 1976

    Eric Dickerson - 1984 (rookie card)

    there all in perfect condition too

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  • Can i Connect a Bluetooth Mouse to my laptop without USB Receiver?

    Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth i have Bluetooth on my laptop.

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  • Help on Alienware Laptop spilt coffee on/World of Warcraft is freaking out?

    k about a week ago i spilt coffee on my Laptop Keyboard and i saw it soke it so right away i tried my best to get it out of there didnt ruin it or anything just after that if anyone has spilt a drink on a keyboard somtimes it just starts goin crazy and pressing random keys for me thats happened but then it start shutting down randomly but i think that was tempory hasnt done it but now for some reason its still doing the random keys but only x and tab and stuff but when i press alt alt on my comp it fixs it for like 15 seconds ive had this alt alt problem since i bought the comp in World of warcraft it will say like invalid Target on a horde or somthing in a bg untill i press alt alt and fixs it till i restart game or somthing randomly happens but thats my story just lookin for a lil help im kinda lost

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  • Where can i find Good Episodes of Season 4 Supernatural?

    i uselly use surfthechannels but all season 4 has no good links so just wondering if anyone knows where i can find Season 4 Good Episodes of SuperNatural

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  • HELP! 7 month year old basset hound has had non stop diarear and is skinny and sometimes shakes ?

    My Parents are going to give him away soon if i dont find a cure.. hes got Diarear and he vomits once in awhile and i would say about maybe 3-4 times hes had blood in his diarear , ive gone to 3 vets they all keep giving us all these meds and stuff and it isnt working its costing wayy to much $$ somone please.. please help.. T.T and he shakes like a shiver when you get cold but he isnt and hes not very active maybe 10 mins a day i actully play with him other than that hes sleeping or wanting food when we eat so he sleeps around like 19 hours if hes inside..

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