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  • I need to know the price it would be to get work done on my car....?

    I have a 1999 Volkswagen Jetta.

    I need...

    1. Brake Pads

    2. Alignment

    3. Muffler Lifted (hangs low to the ground)

    4. Cigarette Lighter/Power outlet replaced.

    Please give a an estimate of how much all this work would be.

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  • How much is it to get a muffler raised?

    My muffler on my 1999 Volkswagen Jetta is low to the ground. It does not touch the ground, but the car itself is about a foot off the ground, and the muffler is about maybe 7 inches off the ground. It is connected to the car, its just how the muffler is on this certain car. I want to know if there is any way to get a muffler raised. If so, i would like to know about how much it would be to get the work done.

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  • help! my dog is using my family's beds as a toliet when we leave!?

    whenever we leave my 2 year old pitbull/lab mix home alone, she will poop and pee on someones bed. we have tried to make sure the bedroom doors are shut whenever we leave the home, but that is not solving the problem, because she will just find a pile of clothes, or blankets to pee on! i know she has has a bit of separation anxiety since we got her, but i don't know what to do with her. i cant keep her in a crate for long periods of time, because i find that cruel. and she is potty trained very well whenever someone is home. she just has problems when she is left alone. i want advice on how to stop this behavior.

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  • what is the top teen books for girls?

    i have read "Faking 19" by Alyson Noel, and i loved it!

    i am 17 years old and i want about 5 new books to read about teenage life. (sex, drinking, drama of highschool) any ideas?

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    Yesterday, maybe about 4pm, I left my dog in the house and she somehow found a tin of chocolate covered almonds. These were dark chocolate. There were maybe about 25-30 in the tin. (She is a 64 lb. Pit Bull mix) She was fine yesterday, but today she has become very thirsty. She is throwing up, and having diarrhea. She is also is acting very uneasy. She is hiding from me, and she never acts like this.

    I was stupid and didnt take her to the vet yesterday becuase I thought it would just pass through her. But now its 12:50 AM and there is no vets around here that are open. Please help! I dont know what to do!!

    P.S.- I dont want to give her peroxide, since she already is throwing up.

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  • dog has social problems!!?

    I've had my dog Marley (a one year old, female, Pit Bull mix) for about five months now. I have been having trouble with her meeting new people. She was abused before I got her, and she definitely shows it. Whenever she meets new people she will put her tail between her legs, hide behind me, and growl. (ESPECIALLY WITH MEN!)

    I have taken her to obedience classes, and nobody has really helped, I want her to get better. I want her to be able to trust people.


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  • Dogs nipples have two colors and sizes?!?

    Okay so my neighbor has this pit bull mix. She is the cutest thing. But the problem is she has NEVER been to the vet. She is about 12 years old now, so that's ridiculous. She has something wrong with her. Her first six nipples are big, brown and very dry. The other two are very normal looking (pink and small). I was just wondering if anyone know what could be wrong with her. She has had this for a while, and I am stumped as to what it could be.

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  • What type of flea preventative should I use?

    My 5 pound pomeranian is allergic to fleas. She has very sensitive skin, so cant use anything that is going to harm her. She is currently using K9 Advantix but it doesnt seem to work. So tell me what I should use.

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  • my new dog is scared of people?!?

    i just got a new dog about 2 weeks ago. she is about 8 months old. she was abused by her previous owners, and now does not trust anyone. i want to show her that not all people are bad. i have tried to make people slowly approach her and give her treats and pet her. when they do this, she usually hides behind me, and often growls. (she doesnt bite! i think she is just really scared.) she takes a very long time to warm up to people. i want to know what i can do that will make her more friendly. also, how long do you think it will be before she is able to trust people agian?

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  • my new puppy has behavior problems! help!!?

    i just adopted a 7 month old puppy and she has a few issues that i need help working out.

    1. she growls at people she doesnt know. she has not biten anyone, but everytime someone trys to come pet her she puts her tail between her legs, hides behind me and growls at them. i want her to be able to trust humans, so i dont have to worry about her biting family members/friends.

    2. she chews things while i am not home. i come home to chewed dog bowls, toilet paper, flip flops, ect.

    3. she has seperation anxiety. she will not stop barking while i leave her in the house alone.

    maybe you can help me fix these problems? any advice?


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  • how do i get my sun conure to talk?

    I have had my sun conure for around a year now, and I am ALWAYS repeating words to her, but she never picks up on it. She just screams a lot. Does anyone know an easier way to train a sun conure to talk?

    3 AnswersBirds1 decade ago
  • What should I name my kittens? ?

    I just got two kittens. I have no idea what to name them, because I want their names to go together. The female is white grey and orange.The male is white and grey (if that helps). I wanted the girl to be named tinkerbell,but I can't find a boy name that goes with it. Her name does not have to be tinkerbell, I just really like that name. If you have any ideas please tell me !

    Example names: daisy and duke.... mickey and minnie...ect.

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  • Is my parakeet sick?? Blue feet?

    my parakeet's feet are blue-ish white. My other parakeets feet are pink, which i know is normal. But is the blue color in my parakeet mean its sick? If it does what can i do because i do not want to loose him!?

    4 AnswersBirds1 decade ago
  • my conure bites me a lot?!?

    I got a 3 year old conure, and every time i put my hand near her cage she absolutely freeks out. She tries to attack it when my hand is outside the cage, but when i put it in the cage she does attack it. If i actually get her out of her cage, she will go on my shoulder, but will scream if i try and touch her. She is an older bird so i am afraid that she will be stuck with this habit. I got her as a companion and she doesn't want anything to do with me.

    4 AnswersBirds1 decade ago
  • My conure bites when i try and take her out of the cage!?

    I just got a 1 year old conure and every time i put my hands in (very slowly) to try and get her to come out, she bites me. She bites very hard and it can make me bleed. I try and just leave the cage door open for a while so she will come out, but she doesnt. But she gets very depressed when i leave and she starts to scream! I dont know what to do because she does not want me to interact with her, but she wants me to be in the room? I can mind the screaming but what should i do with the biting??

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  • i got a friend for my parakeet, and now they both want nothing to do with me. ? ?

    I am afraid they will not want to have any interaction with me.

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  • My budgie doesnt want to come out of its cage?!?

    He will get on my finger but when i get it near the outside of the cage, he flys right back in.

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