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  • I started a Roth IRA about 5 years ago and stopped contributing a year ago, what are my options?

    The person who helped me set it up wasn't much help and I basically never heard from them again. I stopped putting money into a year or two ago and I'm clueless as to what my options are or where I should go from here. I don't need the money, I'm looking for advice on what to do with it. I have about $5000 in it just sitting there. Please help!

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance9 years ago
  • Looking for camping sites in West Virginia?

    We have a group of friends ( all late 30's and early 40's) We are looking for a great camp site in West Virginia which offers outdoor camp sites plus cabins close by. We are just going for a weekend to hang out, fish, and golf. All guys, no children. Coming from Richmond, VA and Ohio and we like to meet somewhere in the middle. We aren't loud or a bunch of hellraisers, we just get together once a Summer to hang out and enjoy a weekend away. Please help

    1 AnswerCamping1 decade ago
  • Honda Accord service?

    So, I have a 2008 Hinda Accord and my dashboard is telling me I need an A 12 service appointment, which involves an oil change, filter change and tire rotation. I have heard that Honda will roughly charge me $200 for this service appointment. This is a lease for a 2008 Accord, my question is.....can I take it somewhere and have this done at a less expenive charge and will they clear my dashboard of the warning light? I think $200 is a little steep for this minimal work. Please help

    5 AnswersHonda1 decade ago
  • Has anyone stayed at Monte Carlo Casino Las Vegas lately?

    I've read alot of negative posts about the pool area lately on travel sites. People stating that the hotel is gearing towards the younger crowd and are blasting....extremely loud obnoxious music in the pool area? Heading there soon and wanted to get some info please. Thanks

    4 AnswersLas Vegas1 decade ago
  • Why doesn't Yahoo Member directory ever work?

    No matter what you put in the search box, it always comes back with (0) results. It's been down numerous times over the past year. It's been down more than it's worked. Anyone else experiencing this?

    5 AnswersUser Profiles1 decade ago
  • Can you bring a cooler from the mainland with food in it?

    I know....I know....strange question. Traveling with a chef and he was curious if he was allowed to bring a cooler very nicely packed and whatnot with meats in it to Hawaii? Obviously, the cooler would be well packed with coolants and taped shut. He had done it going to Aruba with no problems. Does anyone have any experience on this topic?

    7 AnswersPacking & Preparation1 decade ago
  • In Aruba, can you sit at the resort/hotel pools if you aren't staying there as a guest?

    Just curious if you can sit in pool area of a resort/hotel if you wanted to buy drinks or just sit at a pool. Do you have to have an id card to enter or is it pretty open?

    2 AnswersAruba1 decade ago
  • Has anyone rented Jeeps from American car rentals in Aruba?

    They have an internet special going on right now and the price is alot cheaper than the rest of the rental agaencies, just wanted to see if anyone has any experiences good or bad with American Car Rentals.

    2 AnswersAruba1 decade ago
  • What is the residental section in Aruba called Noord like?

    I am going to Aruba in the third week of September 2007 and a couple friends and I rented a villa in the Noord section of Aruba. I'm told it is a .5 mile walk to the beach....can anyone give me some details about this section of Aruba? This is our first trip to Aruba and we are all single males in our 30's.

    3 AnswersAruba1 decade ago