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  • Is It Required to Provide a Confirmation of Being Insured Elsewhere in Order to Terminate Your AOK Health Insurance Contract?

    Hello to everyone,

    I have a question regarding the health insurance cancellation policy of the German AOK Health Insurance Company. I would like to ask whether in order to terminate the health insurance contract entered into with the AOK Health Insurance Company you must provide AOK with a confirmation of being insured with some other health insurance provider?

    The thing is that I have heard from someone that in order to cancel your health insurance with AOK, you must provide them with such a confirmation, but when I read their insurance policy in German (looking up „Kündigung” for “Termination” and “Widerruf” for “Revocation“, and then translating that insurance policy into English), I did not find any information about such a confirmation being required by them. The only information that I did find was that if you want to notify them about wanting to cancel your insurance with them, you best notify them about that by phone, fax or e-mail.

    I also assume that such a confirmation is not required on the basis of the German health insurance law because I had read about it prior to reading the AOK insurance policy, and I did not find any information about such a confirmation being required on the basis of that law. However, if it is required by the German health insurance law, or by the German law in general, and any of you knows about this, please let me know about it, as well as where I could find the information about this being set forth in the German law.

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  • Is There a Video Editing Software in Which You Can Move Tracks on the Timeline by a Specified Amount of Time?

    I would like to ask if anyone could recommend me a video editing software in which you can choose by what amount of time to move either the video track or the audio track, either backward or forward (relative to the other track) on the timeline? In order to illustrate what I have in mind, please let me give the following example:

    Let’s say I have a video recording in which the video track is forward relative to the audio track by 0.75 of a second (seventy-five hundredth of a second), which means that you can see events happen before you can hear the sounds corresponding to those events. What I would like to be able to do in this case in order to get the video track and the audio track aligned, would be to move either the audio track by 0.75s back (relative to the video track), or, if this were to be impossible, since there probably wouldn’t be a solution thanks to which you could move the audio track further backward than the beginning of the footage, move the video track by 0.75s forward (relative to the audio track).

    I’ve tried to use Adobe Premiere Pro 14 to achieve this, but to no avail – I wasn’t able to find an option that would let me input an amount of time by which to move the either track. It seems to me that the only thing you can do in Adobe Premier Pro 14 is to zoom either in or out of the timeline in order to change the video progress time units, but it’s hard to tell by how much time of the recording the tracks are moved

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  • Can Google Backup and Restore on a Samsung Android Phone Restore Not the Login Credentials For the Applications Installed on the Phone?

    Is it possible that despite the fact that Google on a Samsung Android phone is set up to back up application data, it does not back up data for the majority, close to none, of the applications installed on the phone, in particular the login credentials?

    The thing is that my friend had to make a factory reset of his Samsung S7 Edge, and even thought while setting up his phone as new he log ins to his Google account, restores his phone from the latest backup, Google does the restore and installs the applications he had earlier had, when he wants to log in to the applications, he does not get any credential suggestions when tapping on one of the fields, be it for the username or password. He says he has set the Autofill Service to retrieve the login credentials from his Google account under Settings, but he isn’t suggested any credentials when tapping on one of the fields anyway. He said that prior to resetting the phone to the factory settings, when he took a preview of the backup in the Google Drive application, he saw some applications under the „App” section. I assume those were all the same applications (61) that got automatically re-installed when he chose the backup to be restored, which makes me think that if Google remembered the applications he had installed earlier and re-installed them automatically, it should also restore the login credentials that earlier were remembered as well.

    Do you have to set up Google more specifically to back up the login credentials, too?

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  • iPhone XS Max Dock Holding Handle/Holder/Chuck/Stick/Boom?

    I have been wondering if anyone knows if there exists anything like a handle, holder, chuck, stick or boom for holding iPhone XS Max that you would plug into the iPhone XS Max charging dock like a USB dongle? I would like to use it for purposes like taking pictures with the phone, which would be more convenient for me than a standard selfie stick. Alternatively, it could embrace the phone at both of its lateral sides, and not be dedicated for plugging it into the USB dock, or be attached to the sides or the bottom of the phone in yet some other way. It would be best if this stick wasn’t too long but of a medium length, or at least if its length could be regulated (i.e. if it could be either shortened or extended in length).

    I would appreciate any recommendations or suggestions

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  • Request for an Identification of a Computer Game from Approximately the Year 2000?

    I have a request for identification of a relatively old game, approximately from around the year 2000. It was a sort of an interactive game set in a boy's room, where on the main in-game screen of the game was the said boy with a short haircut, standing in the middle of his room. As far as I can remember, to the right of the screen, from the player's, not that boy's perspective, was the room entrance door, behind that boy was his bed, further behind the bed was, I guess, his closet, and to the left of the screen a game playing machine/an arcade gaming machine. The interactivity of that computer game as a whole was basically that you could select certain activatable parts of that room, which in turn moved you to the entertainment activity related with that part. I guess that, for example, in case of that gaming machine, the entertainment activity was about launching some sort of space rocket.

    If anyone has a clue what the name of that game was, I would be grateful for your answer

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  • A Question About Video Image Resolution?

    I have a question regarding video image resolution, supported by an example which seems to defy and go against what you can read about resolution.

    Digital image resolution is the number of pixels visible both horizontally and vertically, where the more pixels (bigger resolution) you have, the more detailed the image is, and the more space of what this image is displayed on does it occupy.

    It should always be that the first integer you have is the width, and the second integer is the height.

    And now the problem, where I have 2 image resolution versions of the same video, where the first of them has the resolution of 720X480 (Image 1), and the other one 848X636 (Image 2):

    (I can't show the full stills, thus cuts)

    Image 1:

    Image 2:

    Although the video resolution of the video in the first screenshot is smaller than the video resolution of the video in the second screenshot, the width of the first one is greater/broader (ends up near the beginning of the letter "s" in "Filesmonster") than the second one, which is narrower (ends up in the middle of the letter "o"). I just don't understand how could that be? I thought that maybe someone who gave the resolution could have given it the other way around, first giving the height, and then the width. But even then, the image width should go even further than the letter "o" in "Filesmonster" in the second screenshot

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  • Isn't there any iPhone app that actually lets you edit the text in a PDF file?

    The thing is that all apps I've ever seen let you make annotations only, and not delete one text in order to replace it with another. As powerful as Apple brags itself the CPU in the newest iPhone 6S Plus is (I have that very larger model), isn't there any app that conducts the OCR on a PDF file (or recognizes it in any other way), allowing for actual editing?

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  • I wonder if anyone could advise me on a way of replacing a corrupt ntoskrnl.exe with a new one in Windows 10?

    In short, my PC was infected by one virus and I managed to get rid of it, but I keep receiving BSOD's upon normal boot, and the crash dump files examined by a piece of software called BluScreenView indicate that the file to blame is the said ntoskrnl.exe. I have already resorted to methods such as taking the ownership of the file by means of using both the takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\ntoskrnl.exe and then cacls C:\Windows\System32\ntoskrnl.exe /G myusername:F command, but couldn't delete the corrupt file, since Windows said it was in use. I even tried to use the REPLACE command in the Alternate Shell mode, typing in C:\Users\Myusername\Downloads\ntoskrnl.exe C\Windows\System32, and although the command prompt said the replacement was successful, the corrupt file is still in place, causing BSOD's.

    I asked about this issue on , and the answer I got was that ntoskrnl.exe can't be corrupt, and the person who responded to my question indicated other files, saying that they are a bit old. Now, it is true that they are a bit old (dated 2012, 2009 and 2008), but that's because as far as those drivers are concerned, there are no new versions of them. And although they are old, they are not indicated as causing any problems in neither of the dump files generated, which is why I think that pointing at them as the files causing the BSOD's is a mistake.

    So coming back to the main question: Does anyone know how to replace ntoskrnl.exe with a new one?

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  • Peruse an image gallery searching for images containing specified colors?

    I would like to ask for help regarding image searching solutions. I'm looking for a way to search through a whole image gallery in order to find images which contain the color(s) specified. In my case in particular I have a gallery of a total of 15 388 images on my local hard drive, where I know one of them is completely white. Not only is perusing through so many images time-consuming, but also, even more than that, tedious, and that is why I would like to find an automated way of finding the specific image I'm looking for (besides, it would be useful not just this one time, but anytime in the future).

    For those who know about a piece of software known as Python, I read about a library for it called Python Image Library (PIL), where it was said that it could determine the most prevalent color in an image. Unfortunately, not only am I unsure whether the particular module responsible for this identification gets loaded up or not (the Python interpreter displays no prompt about success or failure in loading it up, and I can't find a step-by-step tutorial on using this library), but, what's even more important here, it seems that this library can allegedly process/analyze only a single file loaded up, and not a whole gallery of images, one-by-one.

    So if anyone knows about a piece of software, library, script, or anything else that could process a gallery located on a local drive the way I would like it to be processed, I would be grateful for giving me a hint

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  • Transmission of Live Broadcast?

    I know that it may seem a silly question to some, but I'm wondering why is it so that when there is a live conversation in the news with a correspondent sent to a country distant from the country where a news station studio is, the voice of a host in the studio takes longer to travel to the correspondent (and you have to wait before the correspondent hears everything of what was addressed to him or her), whereas what the correspondent accounts back seems to travel back to the studio (and viewers) instantly, and there seems to be no delay, neither of the image nor the voice, nor any clear desynchronization of the two?

    Logically thinking, what the correspondent accounts back should travel back as long as what the host addresses to him or her, but no such delay as observed in the first place can be observed here. Does this mean that either there is no such delay the other way around, or, perhaps, that no such delay can be observed?

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  • Problems with iTunes and Malfunctioning Sync?

    Hello everyone,

    I need someone's help in regards of the newest iTunes and its malfunctioning sync.

    Before I describe my torment with iTunes, let me first provide you with the specs:

    OS - Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate

    iTunes -

    Device - iPhone 4S

    Device iOS - 5.1.1

    The problem started when, not so long ago, I decided to remove the whole music library from my iPhone and then sync it back again, so that some of the songs which were listed on my iPhone 4S, but which didn't play, got fixed. Aiming to do that, I unselected syncing music library in iTunes. This is a minor thing, however, because as much as it didn't work and iTunes didn't want to remove the music, I found another way to do that (involving jailbreak). The other thing, however, is that while trying to re-sync my music as well add my photo library, iTunes refuses to co-operate properly. First of all, iTunes stops syncing whatsoever, without any prompt, while being in the middle of transferring music. This of course results in grayed out song names, artists, and albums on the iPhone, indicating that those things are to be transferred, but haven't been transferred yet. If that weren't enough, what's even worse is what happens with photo albums - namely, the albums names are just the same as the names of folders selected to be synced, but iTunes misplaces the photos between those albums. As an example:

    Those of the photos which should be in album A are in album B, those belonging to B are in A, and those which should be in C, on the iPhone end up in B. In reality I have many more than only 3 synced albums (the number of photos reaching tens of thousands), so you can imagine what a mish-mash I have on the phone. Both of those things happen regardless of whether I sync my iPhone through USB, or over Wi-Fi, and it really starts to make me feel frustrated.

    Is there anyone out there who has the exact same, or at least similar problem, and knows how to fix this? I can already mention that cleaning up the sync history in iTunes doesn't help at all. Also, I don't want to update my iPhone to iOS 6 at the moment (not even sure if that would make iTunes work better) if I am to have problems with maps leading me to something that isn't there. iTunes has never been good at syncing, surprising with numerous issues, but this simply tops everything.

    I'm really starting to think that while Apple is good at making phones, tablets, and computers, but not at making software, they should stick only to the first 3

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  • Ratings History of the 1970' "Soap" TV Series Aired on ABC?

    This may seem as an odd question, but could anyone tell me where, if possible, I could find the ratings history of "Soap", a comedy TV series from the 1970' that aired on ABC from 1977 to 1981? I have all the 4 seasons, so there is no need to suggest where I could find the series itself. What I'm interested in, is finding the actual ratings of the show. I would like to see how the said (i.e. mentioned wherever I look) decline of the interest in the show looked like in numbers.

    Looking for this information on ABC's official website is to no avail. I know that nowadays the biggest marketing reasearch company in the U.S.A is Nielsen, but it was formed years after the show started as well as ended and, as much as I've searched, I can't find what company did the market research for ABC in the 1970' and 1980'. It if, of course, possible that people from ABC conducted such research themselves, but I don't know whether it was the case or not either.

    It's probably impossible, but I was also wondering if anyone knows where I could find Susan Harris' scripts of the future episodes which, eventually and sadly, weren't recorded due to the cancellation of the show? I read on Wikipedia that she already had ideas for the 5th season episodes, when the 4th was already running, and if so, she must've had some of these ideas written down already. Perhaps in the form of drafts or actual scripts, but she must've had something.

    I would be grateful if anyone could tell me, or at least give me a hint, where I could find such old ratings,

    Thank you all in advance

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  • How to make my USB drive accessible through the network with my ASUS RT-N16 again?

    I know this may look a little long, but I need someone's help because I don't know what to do anymore:

    I have a strange problem with setting up my 3TB Seagate GoFlex External USB drive as a Media Server with my newly bought ASUS RT-N16 wireless router. The thing is that yesterday (May 21st) I managed to set the said USB drive and, as I wanted it to be, it was accessible through my home network by other devices (like my iPhone 4S). Unfortunately, the drive has stopped being accessible after some tweaking. By "tweaking" I mean setting a limited access to the drive to the administrator only. This way, although I couldn't make it out how to change it, it was necessary to enter the username and password on my 32-bit Windows 7 PC in order to gain access to the drive contents. I don't know if it was particularly the reason, but having remembered the credentials, moved some extra files from my PC C:\ drive to the set network drive, and shut down the PC, my iPhone (OPlayer in particular) has started having problems with accessing the drive. At first, it could still access the very first folder on the drive (when, in the past, I had the drive connected to my PC, the very first folder directory was F:\My Files). When, however, I wanted to enter any deeper folder, OPlayer was constantly stuck on the "Receiving" status, and couldn't load anything. Later I noticed that just as earlier the drive, under the router's name, was accessible under "Network" on Windows 7, it was accessible no more.

    I though that maybe setting up the AiDisk once more (without the DDNS domain name, though, because I don't need it) would help, but it didn't. Similarly, neither turning off and on the DLNA Media Server, nor rebooting the whole router through the GUI didn't help. The most bizarre thing, though, is that when I want to enter the Sharing settings under the Media Center as well as the AiDisk settings (both pointing to "Advanced_AiDisk.asp"), the router as if freezes. That is, I still have access to the Internet, but the router GUI interface ( becomes inaccessible for about an hour. After that time, the router normally asks for the authentication credentials (just as if the user was logged out after some inactivity time). I assume that replugging the router to the power socket would make it accessible faster, but I don't have the convenience of doing it just like that.

    I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me how to make my USB drive accessible again, and what to do, so that the router doesn't freeze that bizarrely. Also, I have had a problem with installing the Download Master. Wanting to do that when the drive was still accessible on the network, only once did the router attempt the installation, but after 1% said there was an error. Other times it was stuck on "Checking Disk...", and could do nothing even for an hour

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  • Problems with fixing failed THC-Hydra dependencies in Cygwin?

    First of all, I must say that I am fairly new to Cygwin (although not to Linux in general), but I'm also a quick learner. I wanted to use Cygwin to compile and install THC-Hydra 7.1. I downloaded THC-Hydra from the official website and extracted it to my user folder under C:\Cygwing\home\Username in a folder named "Hydra". Upon running the "./configure" command, the following result comes up:

    Username@Username-PC ~/Hydra

    $ ./configure

    Starting hydra auto configuration ...

    Checking for openssl (libssl, libcrypto, ssl.h, sha.h) ...

    ... found

    Checking for idn ( ...

    ... NOT found, unicode logins and passwords will no

    t be supported

    Checking for pcre (, pcre.h) ...

    ... NOT found, server response checks wil

    l be less reliable

    Checking for Postgres (, libpq-fe.h) ...

    ... NOT found, module postgres disa


    Checking for SVN (libsvn_client-1 ...

    ... NOT found, mo

    dule svn disabled

    Checking for firebird ( ...

    ... NOT found, module firebird disabled

    Checking for MYSQL client (, math.h) ...

    ... NOT found, module Mysq

    l will not support version > 4.x

    Checking for AFP ( ...

    ... NOT found, module Apple Filing Protocol d

    isabled - Apple sucks anyway

    Checking for NCP ( / nwcalls.h) ...

    ... NOT found, module NCP disabled

    Checking for SAP/R3 (librfc/saprfc.h) ...

    ... NOT found, module sapr3 disabled

    Get it from

    Checking for libssh (libssh/libssh.h) ...

    ... NOT found, module ssh disabled

    Get it from

    Checking for Oracle ( / oci.h) ...

    ... NOT found, module Orac

    le disabled

    Checking for GUI req's (pkg-config, gtk+-2.0) ...

    ... found

    Hydra will be installed into .../bin of: /usr/local

    (change this by running ./configure --prefix=path)

    Writing ...

    Cygwin detected, if compilation fails just update your installation.

    Windres found, will attach icons to hydra cygwin executables

    now type "make"

    At first I tried to look for individual missing libraries using the setup.exe, but not only was it a hassle, but also I couldn't seem to find all libraries needed. I thought that installing all -devel libraries would solve the problem, but as you can see from the above output, it did not. After installing all -devel libraries didn't work, I tried to look for individual RPM files to install them. Now I managed to find some RPM files which, I think, would be right, but when I try to install, say, libidn-1.18-2.el6.i686.rpm, I get the following output:

    Username@Username-PC ~

    $ cd RPM

    Username@Username-PC ~/RPM

    $ rpm -hiv --ignoreos libidn-1.18-2.el6.i686.rpm

    warning: libidn-1.18-2.el6.i686.rpm: V3 RSA/MD5 signature: NOKEY, key ID c105b9d


    error: Failed dependencies:

    /bin/sh is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

    /sbin/install-info is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

    /sbin/ldconfig is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

    rpmlib(FileDigests) <= 4.6.0-1 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

    rtld(GNU_HASH) is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

    rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) <= 5.2-1 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

    As it is insane to know all the other libraries you should have prior to installing one, it is worth noticing that such a directory as "/bin/sh" exists under my Cygwin directory, so I don't know why Cygwin can't see it. I indeed don't have the "/sbin/" directory at all, and I'm not sure whether it should be there by default and if this is some sort of error that it doesn't exist, or should I create it myself somehow.

    Solving all the above can give a real headache (not to mention other problems that may emerge when installing other libraries). Thus, I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find all the dependencies required by THC-Hydra? I've tried to look for them myself, but can't find the

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  • Is there any software or regular expression to download full size images from website subpage with javascript?

    The question itself may sound a bit complicated at first, but I'll provide you with proper clarification:

    My problem, in particular, is that there is a certain website which has gallaries containing thumbnails. Each thumbnail, in turn, leads to a subpage containing shrunk, embedded full size image which can be enlarged by click on a link which actually runs a java script. As for the very address of the image, which can be checked upon by using, say, Firefox, to tell the information about a particular image, it is the same whether or not the image is shrunk or full-scaled. Now what I want to find is a piece of software, a regular expression, or whatever that would scan the website with the thumbnails for addresses to the subpages corresponding to them, and then automatically download the full size images from these subpages.

    Such a thing should also have an option which would tell it to ignore the thimbnail (and all other graphics on the webpages besides the image I want) when downloading.

    I've been looking for either any software or regular expression which would help me to fulfill this goal, but so far I haven't come across anything close enough. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with this :)

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  • Articles, papers etc. on "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" available on the Internet?

    My task at the university is to write a scholarly paper on the film adaptation of C.S. Lewis' "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" directed by Michael Apted. Writing a scholarly paper, I have to use good/professional resources on the book and/or the film adaptation. My promoter has given me some books, one of them being "The Chronicles of Narnia and Philosophy: The Lion, the Witch, and the Worldview" by George Bassham. I've tried to get through the index at the end of the book to find pages relevant to what I am to write, but it is organized in such a way that it's pretty hard to comprehend (i.e. there is page 47 which is supposed to discuss the Dawn Treader, but it's the second page of a separate sub-chapter, and it's just mind boggling form me why to list the second page without mentioning the first one).

    That is why I would prefer to use Internet resources if possible. Thus I would highly appreciate if anyone could help me and provide me with such resources. It would be nice if some of these resources (because not all of them have to) discussed religious themes and matters as well as moral values.

    Thanks to everyone in advance

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors10 years ago
  • uTorrent doesn't see/want to seed a folder with a changed name which is on the external hard drive?

    So I use uTorrent 2.2.1 Beta on a Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit based PC. Lately I have been downloading big amounts of data (tens of GB's), and since my PC hard drive wouldn't be able to store it all, I had to transfer it to the external 3TB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex drive. As I want to keep my files in order, so that everything looks clear, I change the names of the folders, getting rid of dots and dashes which are often put for spaces. The problem is that when I direct uTorrent to the new directory of the folder (where on the bar of the window in which you choose locations it has the old name of the folder), it doesn't see the folder and its contents. It quickly stops re-checking, and says I have 0% downloaded. When from the context menu I choose the option to go to the containing folder, it doesn't open the folder on my GoFlex as it should, but opens My Documents on my C drive. Here I would have to say that I have no such problems with smaller files downloaded directly on the external drive - their containing folders open just right and they are normally seeded. I just didn't want to download GB filles there directly, since I have noticed that even with the smaller ones it causes more buffer errors and rejected data. When downloading on the PC hard drive, such things happen less frequently.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

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  • Can't unhighlight text transfered from FineReader 10 to Microsoft Word 2010?

    I've needed to transfer a PDF scanned text document to Microsoft Word, so that I would have the whole text quick and could edit it. For that purpose, I used ABBYY FineReader 10, utilizing OCR technology. When recognizing text pages within a PDF file, FineReader has an option to "highlight uncertain characters" (i.e. those which FineReader isn't sure were recognized correctly). I checkboxed that option, and indeed, some characters within the text transfered to Word are highlighted. This provides me the ease of quickly noticing and correcting them. The problem is, however, that I can't get rid of the highlighting at all if I wanted to have pure, black text. I've tried all solutions that have come into my mind:

    1. Selecting the text and choosing "No Color" in the highlight tool drop-down menu.

    2. Deleting the highlighted portion using Backspace (it does delete, however, whatever I type in at the place of the old text or right next to it, the new text is also automatically highlighted.

    3. Selecting the whole text, choosing a different highlight color, and then unhighlighting.

    4. Saving the document as a different Word 2010 (*.docx) or Word 2007 (*.doc).

    None of these solutions has worked, and the highlighting is still there... There is neither no information on how to solve this in the User's Guide, nor could I find any using Google. Can anyone who has ever used FineReader tell me how to get rid of the highlighting in Word? I'm just desperate...

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  • MPEG-VCR says a file I want to open is invalid?

    I have a video file in the MPEG format. I've been looking for a best solution which would let me to cut out scenes that I don't want in this video, and then save it without any re-encoding (thus avoid any or have as least quality loss as possible).

    I've found out that one of the most convenient ways to achieve this goal would be to use a piece of software called MPEG-VCR. I've got that software but, unfortunately, when I want to open the file I want to edit, the program says: "Not a valid input file". An interesting thing about this video is that it has no tile thumbnail in the Explorer (Windows 7), but is normally playable. I've made "MPEG-VCR" "Not a valid input file" quoted searches with Google, but it literally brought no results. I've also checked whether or not this program could open any other MPEG file I have, and it indeed could.

    Having said all of this, I would like to ask if anyone has ever come across this problem with MPEG-VCR and knows how to fix it, or does anyone know about yet a different and also convenient way of editing videos (these can be formats different from MPEG as well) without re-encoding them?

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  • Can one reach orgasm from just their feet being worshiped?

    I know this may seem as a bit odd question, but one of my friends told me lately that she was told by someone else that one may reach orgasm just from their feet being worshiped. That would mean caressing feet only, stimulating no other body parts. Here I could add that I'm a male foot fetishist (being gay), and I'm just wondering if I could make another guy reach orgasm just from worshiping his feet (though personally I doubt it could be possible). All this being said, I would like to know if anyone could confirm or deny the possibility of this

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