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  • Help/Advice with the future.. 15 year old wanting advice on being an adult. :P?

    I only wanna be a doctor for Mom (pediatrics) and Fernando (brother/surgeon), TBH.. I mean yeah I'd love the money and I'd love to be able to cure my kids or whatever, but I have no passion for it.. if the kids, wife, or friends feel bad then I can just call Mom, Edwin (17 Y/O brother studying medicine), or Fernando and ask for advice, you know?

    Being a lawyer is the second least thing I wanna be.. I would love the money but having to learn all of the laws and getting in deep with punks and bad people and sending them to jail could get me and my family in danger, and, I also have no desire really to be one..

    I wanna also be in the movie business.. either actor or director. I don't want to have to kiss other actresses because I only want to do that with my wife, but then I don't have to be the role of the guy who kisses, you know? I'd love to be in a movie and have my kids be like, "Daddy!" when they see me on screen.. but also, I wanna be a director because I get really good ideas for movie or in movies that would make them so much better and not cliché.. Both make good money but are hard to be well known at but also, you have to travel..

    Traveling is fun but, would I bring the wife and the kids with me or leave them all home and rarely see them? If it's the latter then I don't want to go into theater but if it's the former then would the wife and the kids find it okay? Planes all the time, learning at home.. my wife would have to be a sort of stay-at-home-mom to be with the kids and I while traveling or whatever (so that I don't rarely see my kids and be a good dad)..and I'd rather her not do that if she doesn't want to.

    Mostly, though, I wanna be a teacher.. I have no idea why but I do. I know they barely pay and my wife would have to get a good job to support the fam more but I want to be a teacher.. I wanna make a difference in kid's lives more than just a doctor who heals them a little.. I love kids and I think it'd be awesome to be a cool teacher and be the one that's known for being awesome. I also get all of summer off and only have 6-8 hour work days and would get home around the same time as the kids do.. Then I could maybe get a side job during the summer, you know? Maybe be a writer (Books and movie scripts) and a teacher, or something.. I don't know.. This is all assuming I have a wife and kids by the time I'm out of schooling for being what I wanna be.. Help?

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  • Romeo and Juliet Song Lyric Project help (ONLY HAVE 2 TITLES LEFT)?

    For this project I have to listen to and find songs whose lyrics apply to scenes in "Romeo and Juliet". They can be any genre as long as they don't have any cussing and I need two songs per act.

    For example, so far I have:

    ACT1)War by Edwin Starr for when the Prince talks to Caps/Monts

    ACT1)You Had Me At Hello by A Day To Remember for when Romeo sees Juliet at partayyy

    ACT2)Stand By Me by John Lennon when Romeo's with Juliet in balcony scene

    ACT2)Come Together by The Beatles when the Friar decides to marry the two for both sides

    ACT3)Spoilin' For A Fight by AC/DC when Tybalt decides to start **** W/ Romeo and Mercutio

    ACT3)How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes for how Juliet feels after Romeo is banished.



    ACT5)Your Sword VS My Dagger by Silverstein for Romeo's feelings in Verona and the death of both of the lovers

    ACT5)Sad Statue by System of a Down for when both families finally give the feud up and for Romeo and Juliet's statues

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  • question regarding "dream-sight" telepathy?

    A few years back I recall dreaming of my soon to be 6th grade teacher tell a 6th grader that year that his mother had died...I awoke and shrugged it off but a few weeks or months later the boy, TJ, had learned his mom had died. Some things like that it was his moms ex had been in the dream and in real life. Now I wonder if this "gift" could help me... I want to see if I can further develop this insight so I can help. People. Can I train this insight? Get better at seeing whatever may come?

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