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  • Keeper league....who do I take w my back to back picks in 2nd and 3rd rounds?

    You can keep 3 people each year with what round you took them in, and you can keep them for 3 years max, and they go up a round.

    12 team league H2H 8x8 scoring w stats as (R,HR,RBI,SB,K against, AVG, OBP) (win %, BB against, QS, SV, K, K/9, ERA,WHIP)....with a MINIMUM OF 40 IP for the week and a MAXIMUM of 90 IP for the week

    People who were already drafted (or kept)

    Drafted: M Cabrera, Braun, Pujols, Cano, Votto, Fielder, Mccutchen, J Upton, B Posey, T Tulowitzki, Bautista, Hamilton, C Gonzalez, A Gonzalez, Longoria, Wright, Verlander, Kershaw, Felix, M Holliday, Castro, C Lee

    Kept: Beltre, Trout, Cain, Price, Stanton, Kemp, Gio, Granderson, Ichiro, Strausberg, Bumgarner, A Jones, B Harper, A Rizzo, A Rios, Y Cespedes, Trumbo, Wainright, Bourn, E Encarnacion, I Desmond, Lucroy, Lawrie, Atluve, A Craig, Dickey, Motte, Hosmer, M Moore, Medlen, Goldschmidt, Sale, M Minor, W Rosario, D Freese

    My Current Lineup in the 2nd round and 3rd round:


    1B-A Rizzo (22nd round keeper)


    3B-M Cabrera


    OF-A Jones (17th round keeper for 2011, 16th round 2012, 15th round keeper for 2013)

    OF-B Harper (19th round keeper for 2013)











    8 bench spots

    Best out there in ABC order:

    Elvis Andrus

    Jay Bruce

    Jacoby Ellsbury


    Jason Heyward

    Ian Kinsler

    Jason Kipnis

    Dustin Pedroia

    Hanley Ramirez

    Jose Reyes

    Carlos Santana

    BJ Upton

    Matt Wieters

    Ryan Zimmerman

    I really really want to go hitter hitter and avoid pitching since so many good ones were already kept/drafted already....since i feel its deep i was going to wait until my way back because by then the hitting will be shallow

    best input gets my 10 points

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  • Which 2 do I start out of these 4 backs? Cj2k, Forte, Charles, Martin?

    Normal 12 team yahoo 3-4, so a win here would be huge

    I start 2 RBs w no flex. non ppr

    Matt Forte V CAR

    Chris Johnson v IND

    Jamaal Charles v OAK

    Doug Martin @ MIN

    Since im 3-4 and Rivers isnt getting it done, Ive tried almost everything to trade 1 (or even 2) of these backs......trying offers like Charles+rivers for QB or even Forte+Floyd for WR and NO one is biting on any of these

    I feel Nicks, Harvin, and Floyd is "so-so" for a 3 starting WR tandum...I just felt Charles in the 4th round out there in a 12 team league was a huge steal and although cant start all 3 RBs, had to grab him because 15 WRs were gone off the board by the time it came to charles

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  • Which 2 do I sit out of these 4 backs? Cj2k, Forte, Charles, Martin?

    Normal yahoo scoring

    I start 2

    I feel Forte against Indy is a no brainer.

    Which one of the 3 do I play?

    Chris Johnson v NE

    Charles v ATL

    Martin v CAR

    I love the matchups Charles and Martin have

    I feel New England will be beating up on Tennessee, forcing Locker to throw

    Although Chris Johnson was my first round pick, would it be crazy to sit him week 1?

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  • Ryan mathews's value?

    I know hes hurt and all, but where should he be expected to get drafted now that everyone know hes gonna miss some time???

    I kind of feel if I take him late in the draft (since I feel he could be a top 10 RB when healthy) and handcuff him w Ronnie Brown, it may be worth it

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  • I got a blockbuster offer.....Do I get Foster?

    I was offered

    Arian Foster

    Jake Locker

    Stevie Johnson

    I give up



    Ronnie Brown

    10 team league.....had 7th pick

    QB-Eli Manning

    RB-Doug Martin

    RB-Shonn Greene

    WR-Calvin Johnson

    WR-Larry Fitzgerald

    WR-Roddy White

    TE-Antonio Gates

    K-Dan Bailey


    B-Matt Ryan

    B-Tony Romo

    B-Roy Helu

    B-Rashad Jennings

    B-Toby Gerhart

    B-Ronnie Brown

    B-Pierre Thomas

    I drafted 3 QBs because I figured I could trade one....and I got offered this from the guy w Flacco and Locker as his 2 QBs

    Take it or leave it? I know my backs are very weak but maybe wait it out and play the wire or trade for Foster? I didnt draft any WRs and took all backs with the chance of one of the 7 RBs break out

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  • Thoughts about my 10 team league team?

    Honestly.....I dont know what to think about it.....I mean my WRs scare me and Romo does..I drafted 3 QBs in the hopes that if some QB goes down I can trade one.....38 WRs were off the board before i selected Schaub

    .Let me know what you all analysis (whether you like it or even hate it) gets my 10 points

    3rd pick...normal yahoo scoring....10 team league

    QB-Tony Romo (6th round)

    RB-Ray Rice (1st round)

    RB-Darren McFadden (2nd Round)

    RB/WR-Ryan Mathews (4th round)

    WR-Jordy Nelson (5th round)

    WR-Antonio Brown (7th round)

    TE-Rob Gronkowski (3rd round)

    K-Sebastian Janikowski (13th round)

    D-Chicago Bears (14th round)

    B-Kevin Smith (8th round)

    B-CJ Spiller (9th round)

    B-Matt Schaub (10th round)

    B-Robert Meachem (11th round)

    B-Robert Griffin III (12th round)

    B-Sidney Rice (15th round)

    B-Mike Williams (TB) (16th round)

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  • 2 Weeks notice.....thoughts on this?

    Ok...from when I was 14 until now, 25, I have been CSR/delivery driver/assistant manager for a pizza place

    Got out of college, got an interview for an accounting job on a Friday....They expected me to start THAT MONDAY....3 days later.....and wasnt expecting me to give my current employer the 2 weeks notice....I asked if I could start in 2 weeks and give my employer 2 weeks notice....and they said, well if you want the job, you start monday, if not, ill find someone else for the job

    Well, I took the job, but stayed at my other job too (just part time) so I didnt leave there on bad terms"

    Well about 1 1/2 years later, today, I despise my accounting job, I dont like the people I work for, and I dont like the atmosphere, not to mention I'm regretting getting into accounting.

    I got an interview for a banking job and took the job (around same entry level pay as my accounting job with around the same amount of room for advancement), they asked when I can start....and are gonna have me start July 1.

    Now I dont like my accounting job at all, and still deliver pizza part time, and know I have this banking job for certain come July 1, should I feel bad if i just leave that job without giving 2 weeks notice? I mean normally I wouldnt think twice about it, but being they wouldnt allow me to give 2 weeks notice when they hired me, and they were always rude to me and other entry level workers, I dont know if I should give them the notice or not

    Im not worried about the money at all i will be missing out on because I saved months in advance, knowing this day would eventually come.

  • pacquiao v tyson...who would win in a boxing match right now?

    Im not saying in their prime......Im saying if both were fully in shape either (even though im sure manny is in fighting shape right now)

    I'm saying in the odd scenario, that 2 weeks from today (they can get in whatever training they want in those 2 weeks) they were to have a boxing match ( i underand matches ususally are months notice in advance)

    Who would win?? The older, much bigger, out of prime Tyson? or the smaller, younger pacquiao??

    Ive asked 10 people at a bar last week,,,,got 5-5.....and honestly, i have no idea..itd be interesting

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  • Trade offer with me trading away i do it?

    ok im 6-1 and have had offers all season...but now that best is hurt, i got an interesting offer...what you think???

    I know i already asked the questions but it was split both ways..and im still debating on it

    12 team normal yahoo scoring league

    I get


    V Jackson

    J Witten

    I give up

    R Bush


    Fred Davis

    My lineup

    QB-E Manning

    RB-L Mccoy

    RB-B Scott

    WR-Calvin Johnson

    WR-B Marshall

    WR-R Wayne

    TE-O Daniels

    RB/WR/TE-F Davis



    B-J Best

    B-R Bush

    B-T Tebow

    B-J Simpson

    should i take this offer?

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  • Megatron offer I got....Do I take it?

    ok im 6-1 and have had offers all season...but now that best is hurt, i got an interesting offer...what you think???

    12 team normal yahoo scoring league

    I get


    V Jackson

    J Witten

    I give up

    R Bush


    Fred Davis

    My lineup

    QB-E Manning

    RB-L Mccoy

    RB-B Scott

    WR-Calvin Johnson

    WR-B Marshall

    WR-R Wayne

    TE-O Daniels

    RB/WR/TE-F Davis



    B-J Best

    B-R Bush

    B-T Tebow

    B-J Simpson

    should i take this offer?

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  • Which 2 running backs to I start this week?

    Normal yahoo scoring. I screwed up all 3 weeks. Sat ray rice week 1 and he exploded. Said forte week 2 and he exploded and sat McFadden last week.

    I'm 0-3 and really need a win

    Which 2 do I start?

    Ray rice v nyj

    McFadden v NE

    Forte v Carolina

    I think I'm stuck with all 3 for the season. Outside of Calvin Johnson, my WRs are dismal. It was to the point where I offered ray rice for Jennings straight up and got rejected. Got Marshall rejected by forte and got Andre Johnson rejected by rice straight up. Its frustrating because these people have either green Ellis, Ryan grant or jerome Harrison as their starting running backs. Yes. Jerome Harrison.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

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  • Strong at RB and weak at WR. Help!!!!?

    ok you start 2 RB and 3 WR.

    Being forte fell to the 5th round, I felt I had no choice but to take him

    I have

    Ray rice

    Darren McFadden

    Matt forte

    Cedric benson

    Calvin Johnson

    Mario manningham

    Mike sims walker

    Braylon Edwards

    Jerome Simpson

    Mike Thomas

    The person I am trying to trade with lost Charles and has Green Ellis and lynch as his starting RBs

    He does have at WR

    Roddy white

    Brandon Marshall

    Reggie Wayne

    Should I offer McFadden for white?


    Forte for Marshall?

    And if you were him would you take either offer? Thanks.

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  • Big trade for my team. Should I take it?

    12 team standard scoring

    Guy with Charles offered me this

    I give up Darren McFadden and Braylon Edwards

    I get roddy white




    WR-b Edwards









    B-d Carter




    With best being able to take mcfaddens spot, should I take this trade?

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  • Math question on my civil service test I struggled with?

    Ok it was multiple choice

    If y=a+mX+cX^2

    If m=slope

    In Literally teams what would 2c be

    a)upper point of a curve

    b)lower point of a curve

    c)highest point of the line

    d)none of the above

    I ruled C out immediately but was stuck between the other 3

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Chris Johnson blockbuster trade?

    My friend had peyton manning (hurt) and david gerrard (just got cut)

    He offered me

    Chris Johnson

    Danny Amendola

    Colt McCoy


    Eli manning

    Jahvid best

    Brandon Marshall

    I got best and lesean McCoy starting

    Reggie bush at flex

    And Pierre Thomas and spiller on bench

    Got Calvin Wayne Marshall starting at wr

    And have Eli, bradford, and orton at QB (start 1)

    12 team league. PPR league. Should I take it?

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  • Math question on my civil service test I struggled with?

    Ok it was multiple choice but I forget the choices but would anyone know the answer?

    If y=a+mX+cX^2

    If m=slope

    In literally teams what would 2c be

    I think it had to do with the curve bit I'm unsure

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Sit ray rice, McFadden, or forte?

    Standard yahoo scoring

    Rice v Pitt

    McFadden @den

    Forte v atl

    I have a feeling since I drafted 3 backs in the first 4 rounds I will be scratching my head all year over this. Which two do you like starting this week?

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  • Being Chris Johnson signed, where should I draft him?

    1 overall?


    2 Behind Peterson


    somewhere different?

    Being Foster is a little banged up, im curious to see where Chris Johnson should be drafted


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  • How's my team? From 1-10?

    Normally I won't ask, but I'm curious what you all think about this team

    12 team league

    Normal yahoo scoring

    I had the 5th pick overall.


    RB-chris johnson

    RB-knowshon mareno

    WR-Calvin Johnson

    WR-Hakeem nicks

    RB/WR-jonathon Stewart

    Te-dallas Clark

    K-eagles kicker



    B-beanie wells

    B-rashad Jennings

    B-Marion barber

    B-lee Evans

    B-Michael crabtree

    B-zach miller

    B-jay cutler

    I'm just uncertain with

    1)chris Johnson contract

    2)my running back depth

    3)romo and Clark health

    Best response gets my points (doesnt matter if you like or dislike my team)

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  • What do I do in this situation with these people? Did I handle it well?

    Ok. So About a month ago i was at the bar with a few friends. Two people around my age (25) start talking to me watching the basketball game. I pretty much had a 15 minute conversation and that was it. I was just trying to be nice and that's all.

    They see me the next week at a different bar. I walked in to drop my brother off (just hung around with him because his friends werent there yet). I talked to them for like 5 minutes and walked away because I was seeing some girl at a different bar that was walking distance. No exaggeration, they follow me out of the bar to go to THAT bar.

    I planned on going for drinks with this girl. These 2 guys followed me to that bar and sat next to us two. I didnt want make a bad impression on her by being rude. She knew the situation beforehand, and understood what was going on. So we both left.

    Now don't get me wrong, I dont want to offend them, but it's irritating me so much that they are literally following me everywhere. I mean I went to 5 different bars over the last month in the city. And they have seen me at EVERY bar. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but it seems like they are following me.

    They are very weird so it seems like they probably don't have many friends. I really feel bad for them since im sure they are trying to make friends. But its creeping me out that they are going wherever I go.

    Any suggestions for this problem I am having? Just tell them off? Be nice to them and hope they will quit following me? Try to ignore them and pretend I dont see them?

    I mean they are nice people probably just trying to make friends. But it's really frustrating me when I go on a date, and they sit at my table. Lol.

    Thanks for any suggestions. Appreciate it.

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