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  • How Can I Talk To This Irish Man? (Please Read)?


    So, a few years ago, I met this man at The Big E and I think of him. Moreso recently. My only problem is that he lives in Ireland. We are friends on Facebook, but I don't know what to say to him or how to go about this! He's so sweet and attractive and has been on his own for a while. Single, I mean.

    What I'm asking is just how to approach him without freaking him out or having him think that I'm strange. Please, a little help?

    Thank you! :)

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  • Is My 500 Mg Dosage Of Ciprofloxacin, For A UTI, Safe To Take With Wisdom Tooth Pain?

    On Saturday, I got a 7 day prescription for Ciprofloxacin as a treatment for a UTI, and on Sunday morning, my wisdom teeth started to become very achey. They had been bothering me for a while but, the pain suddenly came on strongly after I began the Cipro.

    As I am desperate to get them removed, I do not want the medication to impede that process at all. So, is it possible to keep taking the Cipro for a UTI, while my wisdom teeth are impacted/hurting on one side or should I call my doctor and ask about other options for UTI treatment?

    Please help. This is not a good feeling!

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  • I'm Confused About What He Wants! Help! (Guys' Opinions Needed Here, Please)?

    Hello, everyone!

    So, I've known this new guy in my life as an acquaintance, for a few months, now. But, last Wednesday, we started to get to know each other better, when we went out on a date. He seems very sweet. He was so open and honest with me, he always was grabbing my hand on the two dates that we've had. He uses phrases like beautiful and making love. (He also has a nine year old daughter, at age 29.)

    The problem is, he has an active life as a tour manager and is going away for two months. Granted, we've just started seeing one another, however, I'm nervous because he said that he isn't great with committment and that he really likes me a lot. He considers me a friend. He said that he would be open to explore a relationship.

    So, I don't know exactly if this is a permanent mindset or if it's because things are so new. But, if you guys could give me a little insight, I would SO appreciate it.

    Thank you. Have a good night!

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  • How Can I Tell A Man That I Want Him... (Guys' Answers Preferred)?


    So, I met this guy who lives upstairs from where I work. We have spoken a few times and last Sunday, he asked me out for a drink. But, I lead him to believe that there wasn't much chance of that. And, I didn't mean to.

    Now, I really don't know what to do because I keep thinking of him in a very intimate way and I so badly want him to know. I think that he still likes me this way. But, I don't know how or if I should tell him. Please help! ❤

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  • How Do I Attract This Cute Coffee Shop Guy?

    So, I met this very cute guy who works at a coffee shop right around the corner from the store that I work in. But, the problem is, I'm not sure if he knows that I exist outside of his job.

    Whenever I go in, sometimes with a my mom (gilmore girls relationship), he's always friendly and attentive and comes right over to us, no matter what he's doing.

    But, I'm not sure how to let him know that I'm interested or how to tell if he's interested either! I don't really know if he's single! Any advice you could offer would be great! Thank you! :D

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  • Have I Been Played?

    Hello, everyone.

    I just needed a little advice because this guy I met introduced himself to me, he told me that my dress looked pretty, he seems to flirt and tease, whenever I see him and... once I offered to buy him a coffee, he took my number and I haven't heard from him since...

    Please, I just need a little insight... :(

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  • (Guys Only, Please) What Does "Sometime, Next Week" Mean?

    Hello, again, guys! :)

    So, I finally got up the courage to ask this man for a coffee or something, and he said we could go for a drink, sometime next week and he took my phone number.

    That was on Saturday and he had just gotten back from a trip, so... should I wait for him to text me or should I text him, maybe?

    Any advice you have would be great! Thank you so much! :)

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  • [Guys Only, Please] Should I Speak First?

    So, my question is simple. I met this man recently and I don't run into him as often as I'd like, but... I think he may be interested because he always talks to me first. (He lives upstairs from my work)

    And, my question is... should I offer to buy him a coffee or something or should I wait for him to ask and just keep talking to him, anyway?

    Thank you, guys! ♡

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  • (Guys Only Please) Could This Man Be Interested In Me?


    So, a few months ago, I began this new job and only a few weeks ago, a very nice guy who lives upstairs from the store where I work introduced himself to me as Dan. He said he'd seen me in the store.

    And, now, every time that I see him, he says hello or asks how we're doing. Last weekend, he offered to help me move a heavy piece of merchandise and yesterday, he told me that the dress I had on was very pretty.

    He's really attractive and seems sweet. But, I just need to know because I can't handle any more games or jerks. Thank you! ♡

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  • Why Does This Man Keep Appearing In My Dreams?

    Hello, everyone! I hope your day is going well!

    So, a while ago, I had a dream about this man. He isn't someone I know personally, but he is someone I know of. He is a singer, in a band that I love. He isn't very famous, but he is known by quite a few people. In my dreams, though, he is just a regular person who shows up in everyday situations.

    After the one dream, I thought that I wouldn't see him again. But, there were 3, maybe even 4 dreams that he was in, after that. Before I had gone to sleep, I wasn't even thinking about him. He just appeared randomly. He is a dark haired Irish man, named Ryan. And, I honestly have no idea why he continues to show up.

    I was hoping maybe someone could explain or interpret why he keeps coming back. Mostly in the form of a potential romantic interest. Thank you, for your help. ♡

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation6 years ago
  • Is The South A Good Place To Move To?

    Hello, everyone.

    My mother and I have lived in New England, Western Massachusetts, in fact, pretty much for our entire lives. But, it's only recently began to change. Less job opportunities, more crime, in our area, harder for me to find work and she can't stand her low paying job. There are good things about this place. Safe, green, clean air and friendly faces.

    My Mom would like to get out of New England and move to a southern state. Tennessee, Florida, North/South Carolina, Alabama. Basically somewhere with warmer weather. But, we also have to find work and a place to live before we go. I am trying to help put myself through college, while working, as well.

    My question is... Will we able to find a safe place, in the south, to live and work? Or are we better off staying a little cold in the Northern states?

    Thank you, for answering! ♡

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  • What Do Country Boys Look For In Women?

    Good Morning!

    Okay, so... Recently I've been listening to country music a bit more and I can't help being curious about the ways of the southern gentlemen.

    And, I was wondering what some of these boys look for in a girl? Specifically, guys between the ages of 21 and 35?

    I don't believe in any stereotypes. But... being a twenty something girl from the western Massachusetts area, I wasn't sure if many men went for the beautiful blonde types, or if a redhead like myself actually stood a chance, down south?

    Thank you to anyone who answers and I appreciate the help. Sorry to bug you. Have a nice day! ♡

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  • Which Brother (From The Band Perry) Do Women Prefer?


    I've just been recently getting into Country music and I really love The Band Perry. Everything about the music and their style is amazing. Especially, the boys...

    And, I was just curious as to which of Kimberly's brothers the female fans like best? Reid or Neil Perry?

    Personally, I love Neil. But, I'd love to hear from other fans about what they think! Thank you and Have a nice day! ♡

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  • What Do Men From Ireland Think Of Red Haired Women?

    I was just wondering, with St. Patrick's Day around the corner, what men from the green shores of Eire think of red heads. Some of the Irish men I have seen in the past were mostly with blonde or dark haired women.

    I have a coppery shade of red hair that comes from one of my Irish great grandmothers, conveniently.

    I know that the red haired Irish thing is a stereotype. But, it was more of an odd coincidence, in my family.

    If anyone has any advice on this, I would really appreciate it! I would love a guy's perspective, on this. Thank you! Happy New Year! :-)

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  • What Do Men From Ireland Think Of Red Headed Women?

    I was just wondering, with St. Patrick's Day around the corner, what men from the green shores of Eire think of red heads.

    I have a coppery shade of red hair that comes from one of my Irish great grandmothers, conveniently.

    I know that the red haired Irish thing is a stereotype. But, it was more of an odd coincidence, in my family.

    If anyone has any advice on this, I would really appreciate it! Thank you! Happy New Year! :-)

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  • Should I Stop Taking Omeprazole?


    I have been to the hospital twice, in two weeks. The first time, I was having a cramp in my upper abdomen, from stress. The doctor diagnosed it as Acid Reflux. The odd thing is that I love spicy foods and pizza and have never had a problem with GERD, as it's called.

    The second time that I went in, I was having some really abnormal side effects from the medication. I felt nauseous, jittery, and had some muscle cramps. But, the doctor at the hospital said I was having an anxiety attack and had never heard of my side effects.

    I have actually always had a problem with digestive issues, back pain, etc and I eat a really healthy diet. Until I started on the Omeprazole. It seemed to make my stomach and back pain worsen. Especially since there is an iron sulfate supplement in it.

    So, my question is should I go off of the medication and try a natural acid reliever?

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  • Could I Meet A Man From Ireland, Without Going There?

    Hello, again.

    The reason I am asking this is because I've always sort of had a soft spot for Irish men. Possibly because my family, growing up, celebrated this heritage so much.

    More recently, I did meet a nice, Irishman who seemed so perfect, until I learned about his model girlfriend. :'(

    So, now, I was just wondering, after having missed my chance with him, will I ever meet another man like that? Preferably one who isn't dating a tall, statuesque blonde type...

    If anyone has any insight for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you. :-)

    P.S. I am extremely grateful for all of the wonderful blessings in my life. This is just a painful bump, in the road. :-)

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  • How Do I Talk To This Irish Man?

    I met this very nice guy, from Ireland on Monday. I've seen him before but, haven't had the courage to talk to him. I know his name and where he's from. Dingle, Co. Kerry. He looks to be only a few years older than me. What I don't know is if he is single or not.

    I would really like to ask him out for a drink or something but, I'm nervous about approaching him because I haven't a clue if he would actually like me or be interested. He's a bit soft spoken but seems like a really nice man.

    I have until Saturday to figure out what to do or say because that's when I will run into him again, while he's working. I was hoping to catch him on his break or something. I don't want to miss my chance, if I even have one but, I also don't want to look foolish in front of him....

    If anyone has any advice, that would be fantastic. Thank you! :)

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  • Why Does My Mind Keep Going Back To This Man?

    In September, my Mom and I went to The Eastern States Exposition, or The Big E, in Springfield. We stopped by the Irish booth. It's there every year and it's called 'The Dingle Peninsula'. I met this young, very attractive Irish guy there. He was funny and very nice.

    My mom and I went back, two weeks later and I saw him, again. He remembered us. We laughed with him, again and talked. But, I never learned his name or which store/business he worked in.

    Now, It's a few months later and my mind keeps wandering back to him. I have no idea if he'll be back, next year or if I'll see him again.

    Believe me, I know how nuts I sound. I was just curious... If someone could answer this, without ridicule, I'd love it. Thanks! :)

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  • What Do Men Think Of Pale Redheads With Freckles?

    I've seen some mixed reviews about this subject. I was just wondering if men find pale, redheaded women attractive. Some men seem to and some men think it's weird.

    I happen to be one of those girls who has these traits, but is more closely related to women like Debra Messing and Demi Lovato. Women who have/had reddish hair and are more cute, according to some people. Especially since, I look a bit younger than I actually am. :(

    If someone could help me out and answer this, that would be great! Thank you! :)

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