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  • Why does the West considers the sun as masculine and moon as feminine?

    In most regions (outside of the west) Middle East India and many others they view the Moon as masculine and the sun as feminine

    However the west (most countries not all) view them as the opposite, but how come? 

    Sun represents 

    1) warm 

    2) fuzzy 

    3) sweet

    4) Light (hope)

    5) rainbow

    6) Nature

    7) sunshine

    8) harmony 

    Does the sun sound masculine to you? Clearly it doesn’t it sounds too feminine 

    Moon represents 

    1) Cold 

    2) Dark 

    3) night 

    4) scary

    5) mysterious 

    6) cool

    7) calm

    8) gentle

    Does that really sound feminine to you? Cause it sure doesn’t from what I see

    The name sun was originally taken from an European Goddess name Sunna the Goddess of the sun

    Between the name Sunna and Moon the name sunna is the more feminine

    This question isn’t attacking the west beliefs it’s merely curiosity of mine and wanting to know, thank you for reading^^

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  • Why the west considers the sun to be masculine And the Moon feminine?

    In many countries outside of the west like the Middle East India many more the moon is considered masculine while sun feminine in those regions and in their religions while most countries in the west the sun is masculine and moon feminine but how?

    Sun represents

    1) Fuzzy sweet and Warm

    2) Nature

    3) Light

    4) rainbow

    5) Sunshine

    Sun sounds like typical feminine trait

    Moon represents

    1) Night Cold and scary

    2) Darkness

    3) Cool and calm

    4) mysterious

    Moon sounds nothing like feminine at all

    Even the name Sun in English was originally from a female Goddess Sunna

    I fail to see that moon is masculine when even when comparing their names

    Sunna (feminine)

    Moon (masculine)

    This question not to attack the west but just curiosity on this matter, thank you for your time

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