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I lvoe to be ouside fishing, hiking, boating, camping, hunting, riding my quad's. Going out with my sister, Being with her two BEAUTIFULL girls, Brooklyn and Hallee! I love music and family! Love life!!

  • Are fluval 406 canister filters really quiet?

    I have a 75 gallon tank with a cascade style filter on it. The filter works fine,but my husband and I don't like the water and motor noise on them.Im looking into buying a Fluval 406 filter and it says that it is "Whisper quiet" Just would like to know if that is true. Thanks guys.

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  • What kind of Tadpoles Do I have?

    I live in Tucson Arizona and I found 8 very tiny tadpoles in a puddle the size of a softball,but about 1/2 inch deep. So I took them home and they are now little froglets. I assumed they where spadefoots because we had one come into our house the night before we found the tadpoles. The puddle was just outside my house. Anyway they started out very very tiny,now they are about 1/2 inch long IF THAT. They are a sparkling gold color with some black on the sides. Have four toes (that is how I found out it wasn't a spadefoot) Anyway I have tons of pic's so If someone who may know could just shoot me an email I will send them to you! I looked all over the net and found nothing that looks like them? So Im confused lol..Just curious.Thanks a lot!

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  • How do I tell what angelfish are paring?

    I have had many angelfish,but I have always gotten them as an adult pair. This time I got 6 dime size angels that are now all a little bigger than a silver dollar. I see them starting a little "Pecking" order I guess lol. I would like to know what to look for as far as pairing behaviour compared to fighting.I know my couples would have a few Tiff's from time to time but also bred like crazy lol..Thanks,Im sure it will become clear as they grow,just would like to know thanks a lot :D I did start with 8 but two had cancer of the fins so I got rid of them. Didn't want them breeding :( what age or size do they usually pair up? as I said all of mine I got as HUGE breeding pairs.Thanks just thought I would ask :D I love my angels!!

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  • why is my period 8 days early?

    I always start early,almost always day 26. But this time I started on day 18. I have been moody but not very much water weight gain at all (I usually gain about 11lbs) I have gained 3..No cramps and I ALWAYS get very bad cramps. just not sure what to think.It is normal flow and only thing I have that I always get is mood swings lol..Thx just worried..I did think I may be pregnant before my last period,but it came on the normal day 26 and i know I am didn't get pregnant before this period lol..Just don't get it..Thx

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  • Breeding Betta fish/How long do I wait to breed female?

    I had been conditioning my female for about a month. Than after I saw she was really plump I put her with my male (In a floating bubble) They where for sure interested so I put her in his tank. They started to flare and play,He took her to his HUGE bubble nest and she seemed impressed lol. I watched them for THREE hours and she wasn't laying eggs..Just "Spawning" w/o any eggs. So having to go to bed,I took the female out and put her in the other side of his tank..Divided. I fed her and went to sleep. Today I woke up ready to try again. I fed them and OMG she started laying her eggs. She got them all out before I could scoop her up to put her back with him. So did put her back with him JUST after she was done. Now she is freaked out by him and wants nothing to do with him. A friend is telling me just let her stay in the other side of his tank for a for a day and she will be ready again. Is that true? It is strange because she doesn't look all that much less plump.Maybe a little,but nothing I would notice. She wasn't hurt at all by the male,I would just like to know how long I should wait to try again. I think tomorrow is a little fast,but she still looks full? Thanks a lot guys,sorry so long..

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  • What does it take to make a sandrail street legal in Arizona?

    I am looking into buying a 09 Sandrail...It is very nice but is not street legal so I would like to know if anyone may know how to make it street legal in Arizona? I have heard I would have to get a windshield? That would be a few hundred dollars and I can't do that...If anyone one knows please let me know..Thanks..

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  • Can a red eared slider bask to long?


    My little four-five inch red eared slider loves to bask. I know all sliders do,but she has been out of the water under this uvb and uva lighting for a long time. She is starting to get use to me walking by her and doesn't run away into the water much anymore just by me walking by. She has been out basking for over an hour. I have the UVA & UVB basking spot set up so it has three stages out of the water. The bottom part is 80 degrees,the mid part is 84 degrees and the top is 91 degrees. She is almost always at the top. The temp of the water is 75 degrees. Air temp is about73-76 degrees. Her water Ph and everything is perfect...& very clean..

    She loves to have her back feet stuck straight out as well. I have seen pic's of them like that but she almost always has her back legs stuck out or just one flipped up..She looks to be comfy and she does go in the water and swim or just sit on lower rocks I have set up..She still eats like mad..I have looked this up and only found things about them not basking enough,Never that they bask to much.So maybe there is not an issue. Just like to know all my facts!!

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  • Four inch Red ear slider..A few questions?

    I got a red ear slider (RES) from my mother in law after she found it in her pool. I have him/her in a 55gal tank with every thing he/she needs to be healthy and happy. I have done TONS of Research on them. What I would like to know is mostly about the sex and age of my res. Its shell is about four inches long. It is still small but not tiny. Also the tail looks pretty long and thin (So I would think it is a boy) but its nails are not super long. They are kind of long,but not having another res of opposite sex to compare to makes it hard.Also I have been offered another tiny baby (about 1.5-2 inch) and would like to get one. Should I? I would let them meet in a neutral place and they would be going into my 150 gal when older..Plus will have an outside home in summer! I live in Arizona so great sun!! Yes I will make a nice shade place and hiding spots and it has a cover so no birds can get to them..Is there any way to sex babies if with the clutch for comparison. I know that no one will know for sure how old my res is sense you don't know the date of hatch,but I thought maybe you would be able to guess an approximate age! Also know that you can't say for sure what sex, but again asking for any advise. Another question is, how many night crawlers should I feed him/her at a time & a week/month...Like most she loves them but I don't want to spoil him,make him fat,or not to have the proper nutrition. I do feed live fish,pellets and veggies as well...Thanks for reading sorry so long..I like All info I can get!!

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  • Is my Chihuahua expecting?

    My chihuahua went into heat about two weeks after I got her. I did my best to keep my male away from her, but he ATE my door and made a nice hole the size of him. He is much smaller than her & she is 2 so the rite age. Still NOT planned. This was march 10th, so she would be 6 weeks tomorrow. Thing is sometimes she looks like she is starting to grow a belly & other times looks as thin as usual. She is gaining and loosing weight going from 7.2 to 7.8 and back again in a matter of a week? She seems to have some breast swelling but not much at all. Seems like she should be showing by now rite? I do have a vet visit for her next week. But I just thought I would ask if anyone may have had a chihuahua who had pups that may be able to tell me when they start showing. I will be fixing her as soon as I know she isn't expecting, or after her litter. My male is to small to fix, I saved him from a puppy mill. So please no if you feel the need to talk crap, keep your comments to yourself...Just need some advise.

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  • How many african cichlids should I have in my 55gal?

    I have a 55 gal tank with Seven african cichlids and a black ghost knife who is about 8 inches and stays in his hide spot exept at night. The cichlids are afraid of the ghost knife and stay away from him and his hide spot do to the fact he strikes at them when they get to close. They do have a lot of hiding places in the tank however. I put a plastic log with a few holes in it, Some plastic plants and one huge live plant, I also have a bridge and another pot with holes in it. I also move them around once a week. They seem to have no issue together (exept my male albino, He's a jerk) I have three boys and four girls. I thought this was good and I should just leave it alone, But I was told by a few people that I should "Crowed" them. I have NEVER done this with my angels and other fish, But they said it gives the bully's more of fish to pick on so one single fish isn't the target. Seems like the male Albino doesn't like my female peackock at all and he singels her out. Would he still do this if I add another female? I have also heard that I should keep no more than four with only one male becaue they are so agressive. So I don't know what to think LOL. If you HAVE or have had cichlids let me know what your experiance is! All of my fish are from 2-4 inches rite now..Male Albino about three..Female Peacock is about four. I was told they would be from 3-5 inches full grown.

    Thanks guys Im new to the cichlids but am loving them! By the way, My little electric yellow female stays hidden for the most part. I would like to see her more, she is the smallest @ 2in. I heard you can get another type of fish that makes them come out more..That seems strange lol. Forgot what it was called though..

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  • will a black ghost knife fish eat my small fish/frog?


    I am getting a 55 gal tank today. It comes with a black ghost knife fish that I just love, But I am thinking I will need to find a home for him because I have small fish and dwarf frogs? I have three dwarf frogs, Two smallplaty,TwoSword tails,A snail, & 3 guppy's I was planning on putting in the tank with him. Should I just get rid of the ghost knife? I don't want my fish or frogs to be eaten..Anyone who may have a ghost knife in a tropical tank, please let me know how they are doing. I have looked into this online and have heard as many people say they will be fine with my fish as have said they will eat them lol..

    Thanks guys..

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  • Angelfish Breeder in Tucson? Or Female for sale In Tucson?

    My female angelfish died and she was a part of a pair. My male is just not the same and I would like to find him a PROVEN female to be his new wife LOL. Im in Tucson and would love to find a breeder!! Anyone know of a breeder here? Or If you may have one for sale please let me know!!


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  • What fish can I keep with Male betta?

    I have a male betta that is in a ten gal tank with a algae eater and two dwarf frogs. He doesn't care about them at all. I know that you can put some fish in with them but not sure what kinds. If anyone has a fish with theirs will you please let me know! He does flair up when he see's himself but that is only if he is in one spot in the tank and he can see his reflection lol. Thanks a lot!

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  • Angel fish egg question, Im not sure they are fertile ?


    So my angelfish had eggs yesterday sometime in the after noon. About 24 hrs ago. They are the only fish in the tank and have been taking care of the eggs very well but I have noticed that a few (maybe 4-7 of the hundred eggs) are now white? I have heard that if the eggs turn white they are not fertile, But sense only a few look like this I was thinking maybe they where just bad eggs? This pair of Angels where not a breeding pair so I am not sure if the male even fertilized them. The male is over 2 and HUGE and the female is almost one and appropriate size for that age (small next to male) They never swam together before I got rid of the other angels in the tank. The male just spent all his time fighting with the other large male in the tank. Will these angels be a breeding pair now that they have had a clutch of eggs? They both care for the eggs and work together well!

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  • Angelfish breeding, both caring for eggs but are they male and female?

    I have been getting rid of all the fish in my tank. I got rid of all the fish but my two favorite angel fish and two very small gromies. Three days after getting rid of a VERY large angel my two favorite angels laid eggs. I was not home for the spawning so I have no clue if the eggs are fertile, but that I will find out soon enough.

    What I want to know is, Will two females care for the eggs? One is fanning them and the other is fighting away the gromies (well they did like twice and now they stay away) These two fish are really caring for the eggs and the eggs look nice! They had them on the Filter so Im a little afraid the fry may be born and go rite in. Could this happen? I may just turn this filter off and add another? Im going to put the Gromie in a 5 gal I have so the angels don't start to eat the eggs. They have not done this yet at all. Please give me any info on this because this is my first time (as Im sure you can tell LOL) Thx guys!!! Sorry so long wanted to let you know all I could.


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  • large lump on chi after shots?

    So I took my little four pound Chihuahua to the vet to get her one year shots the other day and the next day I noticed a large lump (about size of quarter and an inch out) where the shot was given. She seems to have little pain. She is eating well, drinking and playing. She seems fine, but I don't like how it looks. It is kind of hard and it moves. It isn't like a rock but not soft either. Any ideas of what it may be? Do you think she is okay? My little four month old male got his the same day and doesn't have this, but he didn't get rabies and she did. Thanks guys....

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  • work selling items at bulk for ebay sales?


    I work at a local Pac sun In Tucson AZ, and In working here I have seen something I thought was VERY strange. We sell brands such as Fox,Element,DC,Volcom Etc..

    Well I answered the phone the other day and a woman said she wanted to come to our store to buy ALL of our sales items with Brand names (as shown above) So she could in turn sell the clothing on Ebay.

    Now I thought we could not do this do to the fact that we are a authorized dealer for these brands and she is NOT.

    Also the fact that we sell them for 2-10 dollars to her and she sells them on Ebay for 20-50 dollars?

    Is this legal? I told her I would NOT do this for her and now I am in big trouble with my boss. I am looking for a new job with more of a back bone and less of a shady way of doing things, BUT I wonder if I should write Fox and DC and so on to let them know what is going on with the brands they work so hard to put out.

    What should I do? Just let it go and move on to the next job, Or something else?

    Thanks so much for reading have a great day!!

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  • What is wrong with my angelfish? Please help?

    I got a clown loach to eat snails in my tank. When I got it in my tank I saw it had like two or three ich spots. So I went to get meds and started them rite away. My angels never got any ich (white spots) but the other loach I had did and almost died. Now the stupid clown loach is dead and my water looks like CRAP. It is green (because of the treatment) and just gross. My angels are now all twitching and rubbing against the deco. I know this is signs of ich but I don't see any? Can they still have it? I don't want to keep treating the tank because it looks SO bad? I just did a 20% water change and got new filters like the treatment said to do but I am worried about my angels. The two large ones don't even want to eat. I love my angels and need to know if I should treat them more? My other loach now has no white spots but is still scratching? O and my algae eater died? That was strange too?? Thanks guys sorry so long

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  • White slime web like stuff in new fish tank?

    I set up a large fish tank to put my angelfish into. It was cleaned and set up w/o a filter or any rock or deco at first and It grew tons of this web like gew all over. So I drained and cleaned the tank again. Set it up with a huge filtration system and new rinsed gravel and some plastic plants. Two days later the gew is back all over my plants and gravel? What is this stuff? What do I do? I have looked around and some say it is harmless, but some say it is deadly and I don't want to kill my fish? Levels seem fine? Thanks any help would really be appreciated. It is not ick I know that.

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  • How do I get rid of snails in My tank?

    I have a pair of angelfish in a small tank and I got a live plant from petsmart and I soaked it in salt water for an hour like they told me to, BUT I got snails. I saw one and got it out at once but saw a week later when the light was off that like 100 small ones where on the glass. I got all of them off that I could with a net and disposed of them but I still have a lot. I am moving them to a new large tank and do not want any snails in the new tank. What do I do?? Thanks!

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