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I love to read, absolutely love books and comic books. Huge pro basketball fan and enjoy playing still as well. I travel a lot for work, so I only get to answer questions when I am home. Since I travel so much, a coworker and I have a blog where we review restraunts we visit. You can check it out here: I also enjoy watching soccer, rugby and football.

  • Is anyone watching Mike James on Super Nanny right now?

    What an egotistical jacka$$.

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  • Who are you picking for breakout players?

    I think Wright and Biedrins for GS (more pt for both), Bass and Green for the Mavs (Bass has a year of pt and proved himself and Green has a lot to prove), Conley in Memphis (I just like his game), Hawes in Sacto really turned it on late last year, and I think Outlaw in Portland could be great with more pt.

    I am not counting rookies or guys who were injured. Just young players or career bench guys who have a chance to break out

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  • Who are the best pros to come out of a small college?

    I am not talking about straight out of HS, so don't answer Kobe, KG, T-Mac et al. I mean guys who went to a college that was not a division 1 school. Mine are: Karl "Mail Fraud" Malone (kills me to admit that, but it's true), Scottie Pippin and Terry Porter. Jerome Kersey would be my alternate.

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  • You are starting a new team...?

    and have the number one pick in the draft. The top five players each play a different position (1,2,3,4, and 5), and all have similar stats and abilities with no injury history or attitude/legal issues. Which position do you draft and why?

    I say point guard. I think an excellent point guard makes an average center good or a good center great. An excellent center may put up fantastic stats but doesn't necessarily win a lot of games or a championship. I feel the same about the other positions. Who would you draft and why?

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