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  • Need help figuring out my personality, I feel like I'm a walking contradiction?

    Let me explain what I mean by this, I feel that whatever outside stimulus or events would lead to one event occurring, I'm more inclined to produce basically the exact opposite. Here's a few examples, one way is when I've been studying for the exam to go into law school, I always took the practice tests under conditions that I was fresh and ready but my scores weren't very good. I started taking them when I was tired out and shouldn't be as focused and they skyrocketed. Another situation is whenever I would listen to music that should get you up and going, I would become more passive and less aggressive in the sport I was playing. I tested my theory by listening to calming music, things like Disney soundtracks even, before games. Naturally I felt more focused when I was in games and brought a much higher level of intensity. Can somebody explain what this tells about me? I seriously don't get it.

    1 AnswerPsychology3 years ago
  • I'm not really sure what I want to do with my life or the type of person I am, any advice on how to figure these things out?

    I have a hard time committing to anything, I enjoy doing a variety of things and are relatively good at them but I don't commit myself to mastering any one of them because after a while I'll get bored with it. I changed my degree plan in college to something more along the lines of something I liked at the time but I'm about to graduate and are having doubts again. In addition, I feel like I'm a different person on an almost daily person, sometimes I'll want to hang out with everybody and do fun things and others I'll pretty much ignore everyone around me and not want to do anything, some days I'm committed to my future career and other times I'm like "do I really want to do this?"

    1 AnswerMental Health3 years ago
  • How can I feel more alert without coffee?

    I don't feel withdrawal symptoms and can easily go a day or several without coffee but the benefits are undeniable. I'll try and get good sleep, stay hydrated and eat right but even then I just don't feel like I'm on my A game which sometimes is very vital (interview, exam, etc.) I've tried alternatives such as boiling my own tea but that doesn't cut it either. It's just sort of an experiment of mine to try and find an alternative, but as long as my caffeine consumption is at a safe level should I just continue to make coffee a morning habit?

    20 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks4 years ago
  • Have a few friends who are sticks in the mud, what's the best way to handle these situations?

    I've known them a long time and it seems to be a more recent phenomenon. A few other of my friends and I have willfully been trying new activities and going new places because we just found the stuff we were doing before was getting incredibly boring. This obviously has created a divide between the group because we're doing different things now and I'm stuck in the middle trying to cater to both sides, any idea on how to fix this dilemma? Or just let people do what they want and choose for myself as well?

    2 AnswersFriends4 years ago
  • Is it alright to ask my friend's girlfriend to hook me up with her friend?

    She knows me pretty well so it wouldn't be like the first time we ever talked. I don't have any other way of getting into contact with the person I'm after either.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating4 years ago
  • Advice on meeting and socializing with new people?

    I'm pretty introverted and tend to avoid large groups of people but I've been trying to get to know more people and expand myself a little. I don't have any problem talking with people and usually get compliments about being funny and authentic but I hate parties and other situations where I feel you have to sort of conform and you lose your self identify if that makes sense. I'm not a big drinker and might turn to that if that really helps loosen up.

    3 AnswersPsychology4 years ago
  • Trading Carlos Hyde and Marvin Jones for Julio Jones, good idea?

    If I trade Hyde I'd have Elliott, Christine Michael, Ryan Matthews and Alfred Morris at RB and at WR have Evans and Cruz. I'd end up starting Zeke, Michael and Matthews weekly with Julio and Evans at WR.

    5 AnswersFantasy Sports4 years ago
  • What are your top 5 teams right now?


    1. Patriots

    2. Vikings

    3. Broncos

    4. Steelers

    5. Falcons

    11 AnswersFootball (American)4 years ago
  • Do leg compression sleeves really help or no?

    I'm wondering if they help physically or if it's psychological with me. I had knee problems and I just felt comfortable in my movements even though they don't really provide support or anything.

    1 AnswerBasketball4 years ago
  • Does Kevin Love move to the bench in game 4?

    I think the starting 5 the Cavs tried out last night matched perfectly with the Warriors and they shouldn't stray from it. Dellavedova-Shumpert-Love-Frye is a very good balance of shooting and defense.

    3 AnswersBasketball4 years ago
  • Patellar Tendonitis and kneecap issues?

    I had surgery on my left knee last August and was on crutches for 3 months which obviously put a large burden on my right leg and knee. I developed patellar tendinitis which has gone down some the last few months by doing what my doctor said, but it still doesn't feel quite right. When I straighten my leg and bend it, I have to sort of pop my kneecap back slightly. I'm very paranoid because I play a bit of basketball when I can and rely on quickness, but I remember in last years Finals when Kyrie broke his kneecap when he had patellar tendinitis when trying to stop sharply so I'm sort of wary of any correlation between the two. Are these issues directly related?

    1 AnswerInjuries4 years ago
  • Even if CP3 and Blake were healthy, do you think they could've beaten the Curry-less Warriors?

    Would just like to see everybody's opinions on this. I don't think so because of Klay, he would've been put on CP3 and no way could Reddick have kept him down. Blake was still rusty and at this point Draymond is probably the better overall player anyways. I think Warriors would've won in 6.

    7 AnswersBasketball4 years ago
  • Do players like Kyrie Irving and James Harden simply not care about defense or lack the IQ to play it?

    I've noticed alot of poor defenders are also iso-heavy players who don't understand the team concept of basketball. It seems they'd rather shine as individuals than collectively as a team.

    6 AnswersBasketball5 years ago
  • Advice for styling my hair?

    I have pretty weird hair, the vast majority of it is straight but the bangs have a wave to them at a certain length. I was thinking of straightening the bangs, growing the hair out and tucking them behind the ear (for reference, I'm looking to copy the hairstyle portrayed by Jax Teller in the first few seasons of Sons of Anarchy). Is this a good long term solution? I'm growing my hair out either way and not sure what I'm supposed to do with my bangs at this point.

    1 AnswerHair5 years ago
  • What's the best way to straighten wavy hair?

    I'm looking to grow my hair out (specifically the style Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy had in the earlier seasons). The problem is the front of my hair is wavy while the rest is straight, even after a shower I'll comb it and it's got a wave to it. I don't want to use a heated flat iron to straighten a relatively small amount of hair, what are the best alternatives to straightening it? Would shampoo/conditioner just work?

    2 AnswersHair5 years ago
  • Is left/right brained dominant thinking a real thing or just a theory?

    I'm in college right now and I struggle in classes that deal with the memorization of formulas, finding a direct answer (chemistry, economics) but coast through courses that I believe involve more abstract thinking (humanities, philosophy). I also spend a great deal more time on the classes I struggle in yet I struggle to get C's in them.

    1 AnswerPsychology5 years ago
  • Does the ambiguity of certain rules mean the refs truly DO control the outcome of games now?

    Their are WAY too many minor details that players have to take into account in a split second game like football, especially at its highest level. I just don't like the way the game has been taken out of the players hands and into the officials who are rarely disciplined for bad calls nor held to any sort of standard. I'm all for player safety but ticky tack things like "maintaining process throughout the process of the catch" and what not are unnecessary rules that are enforced. Thoughts?

    3 AnswersFootball (American)5 years ago
  • Should I sell high on Julio Jones?

    The reason I'm asking this is because my team is a lock to make the fantasy playoffs and Julio has 2 matchups with the Panthers (Josh Norman) in the playoff schedule. My 2 other WR's are Antonio Brown and Deandre Hopkins (start all 3, one goes in the flex). The guy who owns Gurley in my league needs help at WR and has debated a straight up Julio-Gurley trade, should I pursue that/another trade or just stick with Julio?

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports5 years ago
  • Is Charcandrick West+Bengals D for Broncos D a good trade for me?

    The guy has Murray and Vereen starting and lost Randle/Khiry Robinson. West is on my bench along with Woodhead and Stewart/Ivory are my starters. I'm not sure if to keep West as insurance because my starting RB's have a checkered injury history, or trade him and simply plug Woodhead in for a potential injury to Stewart/Ivory? For perspective the rest of my team is very stacked and I don't even need much production from the RB position (Brady, Julio, Brown, Hopkins, Eifert all in my lineup).

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports5 years ago