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I love music. Music is what keeps me sane, and I couldn't live without it. Music is my life. With music there is happiness, inspiration, art and life. I have a soft spot for soldiers that serve our country and animals. À tout le monde, à tous mes amis, je vous aime, je dois partir. Just rock on! \m/ ╔══╗♥ ♫ ♥ ║██║ ♫ ♥ ♫ ║(O)║ ╚══╝

  • How to get rid of stuffed animals?

    I know this question seems stupid but I need a bit of help. I'm 17 years old and I have 2 big bags of stuffed animals. I've been trying to get rid of most of them for awhile now, but it's so hard. I'll take them out to get rid of some, try to put them in bags to give away, but I won't be able to do it. I'll take them out of the bag and look at them and put them back.

    Why is it so hard to part with them? I feel like they're a part of me and I just can't give them up. I just want to have less stuffed animals and some more space. I want to be able to get rid of them and not feel bad. Does anyone have any advice on what I could do?

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  • I'm seeing Rock of Ages (the musical), is it any good?

    So like the title of this question says, i'm seeing this musical next year. My dad bought tickets for it tonight. Is it any good and worth going to? Opinions on this musical would be appreciated. Thank you!

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  • What is your favorite band and why?

    The question says it all.

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  • Can a 17 year old girl live alone in her house for a month?

    Okay, so I'm 17 years old and my mom is leaving in the summertime for one month. I only live with her, but I see my dad every few days. My dad pays for all the bills, buys all the groceries, ect. Would I be able to live in my house for that one month while my mom is gone? I would still be seeing my dad, getting groceries, just being alone with nobody in the house for a few days at a time. So is this legal? Thank you so much for answering.

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  • How to backup everything on iPod Touch?

    I want to update my iPod Touch to the newest iOS, but I'm afraid I'm going to lose everything. When I click on the update button it says "Updating to iOS 6.1.3 will delete all of your media, including iTunes Store purchases, on your iPod touch. To preserve your content, apply this update on the computer where you sync music, videos, and photos."

    What does " To preserve your content, apply this update on the computer where you sync music, videos, and photos", mean exactly? I think I've backed up everything on my iPod Touch, but how can I be sure? Where can I find everything I backed up? Thank you so much!

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players8 years ago
  • Question about piercings closing up after years?

    This question is out of pure curiosity, because I have no idea. I just have two piercings, one on each ear lobe. I got my ears pierced when I was 9 or 10 I think. Let's say I never put earrings in ever again. How long would it take for the holes to close up? Thanks.

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  • Help with my uncle's death?

    My uncle died on Sunday and his funeral was today. Before today, I had never been to a funeral, and never experienced a death like this before. When I saw his lifeless body, I just lost it. It just seemed like any second he would get up and start talking, but I knew he wouldn't. His death didn't really hit me until today. How do I deal with his death? I really don't know what to do. This all seems like a dream, so unreal, like he'll come back any minute now. But I know he won't. Before he died, I hadn't seen him in forever, and I wish I could've just told him "I love you" before he died, but it's too late now. Is there anything I can do to stop crying? I've been crying all day and my face, head and eyes are really starting to hurt/sting/burn. I'll start to cry, and stop five minutes later and then I think that'll be the end of me crying, and then I'll just start all over again. I don't know how much more I can cry. I'm not asking or looking for pity, I'm asking for advice on how to feel better and what I should do to help with the grieving process. I really don't know how to deal with this seeing as I've never really dealt with death before. Thank you for taking the time to read this and answer.

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  • Help with the SAT/ACT?

    So today I went to my guidance counselor in school, and I asked her about the SAT and what I should do for it. She gave me these paper, and she said I should take the ACT too, and gave me a paper for that. I asked her about studying for it, and she said that there's SAT study books, but if I don't want to pay for those, I can go to the library and study from the books there.

    I had a TON of SAT study books in my house, that someone gave to my mom. A few months, I wasn't thinking and I told my mom to throw them away. Now, I regret that. So my question is, is there anything that I can study from for both the SAT and the ACT that would really help me, but that I don't have to spend a ton of money on, and I can keep, and not have to keep giving back to the library? I'm really nervous about this, and I want to do well on both of these tests, but I know absolutely NOTHING about either of them. So, if there's any advice or good information about these tests, along with what to study, that you can give me, I would be SO happy. Thank you for taking the time to read this and answer, I really appreciate it! :)

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  • Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?

    Can you put a price on peace?

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  • How to find myself again?

    So I was with a guy for 9 months, and he broke up with me in September. Then I started dating this other guy in October who I was friends with and knew since I was 12. He broke up with me yesterday. Yes, I know it wasn't the smartest move to start dating so soon after a really serious relationship, but I did. Now I don't know what to do. I feel horrible. I haven't truly been single in a year. It's kind of like I lost myself. I don't plan on dating for a long time now, so what should I do? Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and answer it.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • Bleeding during active pills of birth control?

    Sorry if this grosses you out, but I need help. Okay, so I've been on birth control for about 8 months now. I always take it at the same time everyday, I've never missed a pill. I'm very good with that. I always start my period during the placebo pills and then it stops when I'm done with that week of placebo pills and start the active pills again. I just finished my period and I'm on the 2nd day of the first week of active pills. About 30 minutes ago, I looked down at my underwear and saw blood. And now I'm bleeding again. Why is this? I've never bled while on the active pills before, please help me, I'm so confused. Is this normal? Thank you so much!

    1 AnswerWomen's Health8 years ago
  • I don't know what to get my boyfriend for his birthday?

    So my boyfriend's birthday is in 2 months. I want to get him something nice, but the problem is I have little money right now, and I'm really not sure what I can get him. I want to make his birthday special, but I am not a creative person. I want to go out and buy him something, but I don't have much money to spend. Some of his interests are submarines, trains, video games and aircraft/airplanes: He also is going into the Air Force in 2 years, and he's always wanted to go to space. Do you guys have any idea on what I could get him? Also, is there anything that I could handmake him that might be nice? Any suggestions AT ALL are really, really appreciated, because I just don't know what to do. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer this question. :)

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • What to eat with ricotta cheese?

    So I have a giant tub of ricotta cheese in the fridge, but I don't know what to eat with it. Eating it just plain is good and all, but I want a little more flavor. Like maybe with bread, honey, sugar or something like that. Any suggestions would be great, thanks for answering. :)

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  • What's your favorite type of sandwich?

    Thanks for answering. :)

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  • What does music mean to you?

    Explain to me in your own words, what music means to you, how it has affected you, what it has done for you, ect. I'm just curious as to what music means to different people. Thanks! :)

    4 AnswersOther - Music8 years ago
  • Why do guys let their jeans/pants sag?

    When did this trend even start? I think it's so gross, I see it everywhere. It's so nasty to see their boxers/underwear.. Honestly, do they really think it's attractive, at all? Because it's not. And I even see some of them wearing belts, with their sagging pants. What's the point of a belt if you're going to let what you're wearing sag? Don't they have more respect for themselves than that? If any of you guys that are answering this do this, why do you do it? Thanks...

    7 AnswersFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • Questions about long distance calls?

    Okay, so I live in New Jersey and my cousin lives in London, England. If I call him or he calls me, will the call cost anymore than a regular call would cost? Do I need anything special for the call? Sorry, I just don't know anything about long distance calls, haha. If it helps, my plan is T-Mobile. Thank you so much!

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • How to take care of blisters?

    I have two blisters on my feet that are really painful, and I never knew how to take care of blisters. So if you could give me any advice, that would be great. Thank you so much!

    3 AnswersSkin Conditions9 years ago
  • Anyone here use Pandora Radio?

    I have a few complaints about it, but for the most part, I think it's really good.

    5 AnswersRadio9 years ago