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  • Fishing in a pond help safety?

    I want to fish in this little pond by my house but how do I know if my catch is safe to eat? This pond is small and not a big fishing spot so there are surely no pollution reports so how would I find out?

    2 AnswersFishing7 years ago
  • Help saltwater fishing?

    The past few days I've been fishing off of San Diego piers with a $30 pole which came with a line attached so I don't know what kind of line it is but it's fairly thin and a red circular hook. A guy at the pier tied a weight on below the hook to help me cast further and I've been using these sparkly red lures now everyone around me is catching rays and sand bass so they lent me some of their bait (shrimp) and I still got no bites now I'm gonna try going at night to catch some rays does anyone have some advice I've pretty much fished 8 hours without one bite I can't understand it! (I'm a pretty big noob so I don't know anything about fishing really)

    1 AnswerFishing7 years ago
  • help for college admittance in florida?

    I want to go to FAU and the standards seem great like you need a 2.6 gpa and I have a 3.0 in honors classes which they say helps a lot. You need an 18 ACT and I have a 25 also I do MMA like I train CONSTANTLY and I compete at the amatuer level its very much a year round sport for me and I think Im a good talker like theyll think Im a nice clean cut guy not awkward or simple minded and I have no criminal record what do you think my chances are Im really nervous about it but I really wanna go there

  • I have a heavyweight karate gi will it work for Jiu jitsu? It is very thick and heavy I doubt it would tear...?

    It's not like a light gi which I understand tears easily it is thick and heavy made to look good when doing katas would this work in a jiu jitsu situation I really dont wanna buy another expensive gi.

    6 AnswersMartial Arts9 years ago
  • Wrestling for MMA even though I'm a striker/clincher? Read details.?

    Im 15 planning to start mma fighting at 18. Right now I do Muay Thai and I know Ill need a ground game before I start and I plan to start Jiu Jitsu next year when I can drive. I dont think anyone will be able to teach me wrestling until Im 17 or 18 and I like to strike I wont be one to take a guy down so I don't need the takedowns. I need the takedown defense and skills to get up when Im on my back because even though I wont be a ground fighter I HAVE to control where the fight takes place. What should I learn/practice before I start learning wrestling? Please DO NOT tell me to join my high school wrestling team I dont have one. Thank you.

    4 AnswersMartial Arts9 years ago
  • Would this work at an mma fighter?

    Im 15 and when I turn 18 im gonna fight but right now I wanna be in good enough shape to do it. My knees and shoulders arent so sturdy so i decided Im going to start using almost completely no weights. I wanna be ripped though so I think Im gonna get all the fat off my body so that I can be ripped without bodybuilding. will this work for making me ripped and a powerful fighter?

    1 AnswerMartial Arts9 years ago
  • How bad is this sternum injury?

    Im 15 and I do mixed martial arts and several months ago I took a hard shot to the sternum. When I leaned back in a certain way the sternum cracked like a knuckle and it was painful to do this for a day but as it went on the cracking had become painless and almost routine as I continued weight lifting and MMA. Now a few hours ago I was sparring and took a hard shot to the sternum and the pain is back but based on what happened last time Im sure it will be gone soon. Does anyone have a diagnosis and is this serious?

    1 AnswerInjuries9 years ago
  • How to do a flying knee attack in MMA?

    I cant find anywhere to learn it so could someone explain to me the variation that you see often used in UFC i want to learn it and once I do how can I make it more powerful?

    3 AnswersMartial Arts9 years ago
  • how to have wrestling defense in mma?

    im in mma and im 15 and theres just no way ill be able to learn wrestling until im 18 how can i defend against fighters with a wrestling base until then? what do i need to know and practice?

    2 AnswersMartial Arts9 years ago
  • I'm going to be training at the Gracie Martial Arts gym in Tampa Florida?

    Im gonna take the beginner MMA class. Does someone who has taken this class at THIS gym know what equipment I'll need? Thanks a bunch.

    2 AnswersMartial Arts9 years ago
  • Using Throws in Karate Nationals?

    Im competing in the Karate Nationals and Id like to use a throw but I dont know any and I have a month to learn one now. The rules say that I have to hold onto the person throughout the entire throw and I cannot throw them ove a point higher than my hip. Im looking for some kind of Judo throw that I could easily master, could you please give me the names of a few? thank you,

    4 AnswersMartial Arts9 years ago
  • Becoming a professional fighter?

    Im 15 currently training Muay thai, Karate, and a little submission grappling. I am really dedicated fighting conditioning on non training days and always practicing. Training in organized classes at least 7 hours a week and practicing non stop and eating well. Any advice and out of the following pro mma organizations which is the easiest to get into?




    1 AnswerMartial Arts10 years ago
  • 2 Years of legitimate Karate and Muay Thai vs. 11 years ATA black belt?

    Muay Thai/karate guy is in better shape than ATA guy but ATA guy is 15 pounds heavier. Who wins?

    7 AnswersMartial Arts10 years ago
  • Thai Boxing, Karate, and leg soreness?

    I train 2 times a week in karate and 2 times a week in Muay Thai. I want to add strength and size to my legs but whenever I do exercises for my legs I end up very sore the next few days which impedes my martial arts performance. How can I prevent this soreness to allow me to become stronger while still performing at top level?

    3 AnswersMartial Arts10 years ago
  • What can creatine do for a mixed martial artist?

    Also I'm 15, I work out regularly are there any dangers in taking it?

    6 AnswersMartial Arts10 years ago
  • Becoming a pro fighter?

    Hi I just turned 15 and I've been training in Shotokan Karate for 2 years and Muay Thai for just over 2 months. I'm 5 feet 8 inches and 135 pounds. I'm somewhat muscular quite lean and strong. I'm good at Karate and Muay Thai and I plan to add BJJ to my training within the next couple years. I train at reputable gyms with good instructors in Muay Thai and Karate. I eat well and exercise regularly using weights, jump ropes, punching bags, bodyweight/plyometrics. I train my techniques via shadowboxing pad work and partner work as well as training in the gym for Muay Thai twice a week and the Dojo twice a week for karate. I know how to hit and I know how to take a hit. How do my chances look at being a pro UFC fighter someday? What do I need to add or change?

    2 AnswersMartial Arts10 years ago
  • I need a title as a martial artist. Any good ideas?

    I'm a Muay Thai fighter and I know how some people have titles in between their first and last names, I have a great standup game and my best punch is the cross, any ideas for a title?

    10 AnswersMartial Arts10 years ago
  • overcoming fear for a street fight?

    Im probably going to get in a fight before long and it's pretty much unstoppable at this point. I do have extensive martial arts training so I definitely have the skills required but I worry that my fear will lead to loss if I cannot calm myself down in time. How do I overcome this?

    3 AnswersPsychology10 years ago
  • need a good takedown?

    im 14 and i often fight with a friend of mine who weighs much more than me. it makes it hard to lift him and i was wondering if any of you had a link to a video showing a takedown that requires less strength and more technique. thank you for your answers

    8 AnswersMartial Arts10 years ago