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  • I cheated. Help? ?

    I was on a work trip and had drinks at the hotel bar with a co worker in Chicago. Needless to say we had sex. Even in the morning we did it again. Afterwards it was awkward. We got dressed before the meeting and we went our separate ways. I feel terrible now. My wife and 3 kids. I feel I betrayed them. Do I just bury this under the rug? 

    55 AnswersMarriage & Divorce6 months ago
  • Does the most powerful man in the world JACK? ?

    Does Trump Jack? You know what I mean. But being the most powerful man in the world does he have too? I don’t see him inviting an evening with Redtube. 

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating6 months ago
  • How do I tell my brother to avoid Hawaii? ?

    He wants to go with his wife for a 2 week vacation. A couple of years ago I went to the Big Island and I had never been met with such racism, disdain and just flat out rudeness. If you are not born there, you are an outsider and treated as such. Every where I turned it seemed the locals would be me 'the eye' and tell me 'go home haole.' Not only that, one night we went to dinner up North by this pretty beach called  A-Bay and while we were at dinner, our jeep was broken into, our bags stolen, and they even stole the spare tire off the back of the jeep. It was the worst trip I've ever had. 

     So that being said, I'll never ever go back, but I also don't want my brother to have a similar experience. How do I tell him to find somewhere else to go? 

    9 AnswersHonolulu6 months ago
  • Do you live the life of the free on EBT?

    A couple months ago I was laid off and applied for EBT. I honestly can't believe I've been working for so long when I can just be unemployed and collect a decent amount of money! It's like being free, finally! I go to Costco and LOAD UP the second I get funds and I honestly don't think I'll ever go back to the working world.

    Anyone else feel free with their EBT's free money?

    5 AnswersFinancial Services6 months ago