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Lilboy-e Im getting a job at 11!

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i listen to rap i hate Skanks um.....i think 50 cent is Dumber than patrick on spongebob i LOVE how the Game raps i think its Amazing i write songs one of them is Called Crazy (Try me). i grew up in the Ghettos visit my 360 Yahoo. i love the Following girls Cobie Callie Rihanna Beoncye' Karina Pasian Eva Longoria Jessica Alba My fav rap artists are Lil Wayne The Game The-Dream Chris Brown Juicy oh and my fav is Rakim sorry if the link doesnt work my fav color is red my top ten rappers are Kanye Rakim Lupe Lil Wayne Lil Mama Missy Elliot Common Yung joc Emineim Rev Run