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  • how can i find out if others have been approached by a particular con man asking to borrow money?

    about 7 years ago on xmas day,an older black man approached me and my family with a story about an accident and he needed to send a tow truck to his daughter's rescue but he wasn't able to pay the rental place with a check... the scary thing was that he walked right into our 3rd floor apt. through the open front door to do this. We have moved 10 miles from that location since and today, I was approached by the same man in front of my home while getting in the car to take my daughter to school. He scared the crap out of me because he was asking me for money with some bs story right in front of my home. 7 years apart and 10 miles apart. I don't think he remembered me but I want to know what I can do now, and if anyone else in Long Beach CA has had this experience with this man? He is an older, tall, seemingly decent black man but he' not right in the head and I'm concerned.

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