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  • Gateway NV52 (MS2274) 2-3yr old laptop won't turn on?

    I have a Gateway laptop model MS2274 purchased I think in 2009. It has worked fine for as long as I have had it, never had any problems starting up or doing anything really. It's always worked perfect until now. I can hear it actually start up and "run" sometimes, with both the power and battery lights lighting up blue. The screen, however, remains black. I have taken out the battery and plugged it into wall with AC adapter and tried starting up to see if it was battery - no luck, it "ran" but black screen.

    Sometimes it shuts off after I try powering up and sometimes it feels like its running. I removed the back to see if any RAM was lose, but I didn't see anything unusual. Could it be a video card? Is the motherboard just faulty/fried?

    Any advice is appreciated, I really don't want to take it to a shop if I don't have to :/

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • Trying to connect two wired routers, help!?

    I have Comcast cable running, and a Linksys wired router downstairs running cable to my upstairs bedroom and desktop computer. I have a second Dynex wired router(Model DX-3402), not hooked up yet. What I want to do is connect the cable wire running upstairs from Router 1 (Linksys) to the second router in my bedroom so that a laptop in the same room can use the cable connection as well.

    I have little knowledge of switches, but I basically want to turn my Dynex wired router into a "switch". I have no idea how to disable DHCP which I got from googling endlessly on how to do this.

    Can anyone help me?! Thanks!

    2 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • Who has the best voice..?

    This is more of an overall celebrity question, but I enjoy reading my fellow Reality Television (particularly American Idol) posts.

    So, who do you think has the best MALE and FEMALE singing voice?

    I'll start..

    Male : Michael Buble ( His voice gives me goosebumps every single time.)

    Female: Celine Dion, Leona Lewis tie. I absolutely adore both versions of First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

    No bashing, just personal opinions. Share!

    7 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Gene Simmons says Lambert is not Rock?

    Slow morning for me at work, so I did some browsing to see the not so obvious celebrity comments on Adam Lambert.

    Article found here :

    Says Lambert's strength is not the rock genre. Pleasantly surprised by the brutally honest Gene.

    Is Gene Simmons, a rock god himself, accurate in his remarks?

    13 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Clay Aiken's take on Kris-Adam showdown?

    Clay Aiken blogged about Season 8 Kris/Adam showdown. It highly entertained me, and I for once, AGREE with Clay Aiken and everything he is saying. The article can be found here:

    Your thoughts? Was Clay accurate, like I (for once) agree with? Disagree with Clay?

    Total Adam Lambert bashing it seems, so much for the gays uniting.

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  • Who loved Danny Gokey's "Hello"?

    at the Finale? It was the only part that I actually enjoyed. (No offense, Kiss was never my personal taste).

    He sounded so good. Makes me jealous Kris was in there, since I feel Danny has more talent.

    So what did you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Sharing is caring.

    6 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • 18 or 19th century Romance movies?

    So I have become a bit of a 19th century love movie fanatic. I have watched all of the Jane Austen adaptations, The Duchess, Tristan and Isolde. I am really looking for some new movies to check out that are really good.

    On par with Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility might be asking for too much, but please, if your a fanatic like me share with me your favorites so I can start watching them!

    3 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • Why are you all whining?

    So what Adam Lambert didn't win. It is probably in his best benefit NOT winning, that way he can be in control of his music, his label, his career path. I am not even a Lambert fan yet I realize the potential he has. He will be famous regardless, so why not rejoice that he does not have to take the cheesy AI label and be forced with musical constraints.

    Why are all of you Adam Lambert fans whining? He didn't win the competition but he is already a winner with the celeb backing and national status. Everybody knows his name. He will do just fine. Take a moment to get off your high horses and realize it is probably best Lambert didn't win. For Lambert, not for all you lame tweens.

    11 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Adam Lambert fans..Enough!?

    Enough about Kris Allen fans disliking Lambert because he is gay. Honestly, from this community alone, I have seen small numbers disliking him for the sole reason he is gay.

    Enough already, we do not care that he is gay. People dislike Lambert for other reasons, and I think it is about time people get him off that "Oooh he is so perfect and swoon worthy" pedestal and start to treat him like a competitor. The judges favor him, which may be one reason why some of America dislikes him, however, I do recall Archuleta getting the judges vote and attention last year and look how that turned out.

    I am a Danny Gokey transformed into a Kris Allen fan. I dislike Adam Lambert (not really dislike, but prefer) because I do not like the screeching, screaming. The guy has talent, sure, and pipes to match. I do not prefer hearing song after song, that starts soft and peaceful where I think "This is going to be the song that changes my mind" and then BAM..the screeching screams which makes my ears bleed.

    His sexuality has nothing to do with it. Others dislike the Emo-Glam look, which I admit, I find nothing attractive in. Some do, Some don't. So...Glambert fans, its about time you realize there are people who prefer Kris and his style of music. John Mayer-esque, you could say. I personally prefer it, and Adam Lambert's sexual discoveries have nothing to do with it.

    If he loses though, I will be shocked and laugh. I mean hell, the guy even got CELEBRITY backing, blog writers begging him votes, performers demanding you vote for him, and the judges basically declaring him the winner.

    Anyone agree? Disagree? /Discuss.

    17 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • A Change is Gonna Come..?

    Wow, after listening to Adam Lambert screeching the hell out of that song, what the heck...

    People think that sounds good? Simon, my dear Simon who is always right...though that was good?

    Mad World was, but the second song made me want to kill myself. Maybe its because I have a terrible head cold. Anyone else agree or can enlighten me to how it was "so good"

    5 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • American Idol 5/19/09 Songs?

    Hey guys, I missed the actual preformances, but got home just in time for voting. What did Kris and Adam sing. I believe they had three songs? Also, what was the judges responses (particularly Simon Cowell's). Thanks for any detail!

    1 AnswerReality Television1 decade ago
  • Looking for some good romance movies..?

    Hey everyone! While I really enjoy watching movies set in the "olden days" (for instance, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie, Tristen and Isolde, The Dutchess, etc - Just about every Kiera Knightly movie is a goodie to me)

    I am looking for some new movies to watch. After watching Twilight for about 20 times, I think its time to move onto something else. Any suggestions?

    4 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • Which Twilight book is YOUR favorite?

    I know this is asked a lot, but as a recent Twilight fan, I am curious what the rest of you think. Which is your favorite book in the Twilight series?

    I am Team Jacob, so Eclipse is probably my favorite, a close tie with New Moon.

    How about you all? I disliked Breaking Dawn the most.

    28 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago
  • Cycle 12 and smiling with your eyes?

    Proof Tyra is retarded. She constantly states how much they would PREFER and how much easier it is to get the "over the top" people to pull back for photoshoots. She has stated the ones that do not give enough is what makes it harder, and less progress.

    So..why did London go home and Animat stay? London, who perfected smiling with your eyes in every day life, had a few good pictures( while needing a slight pulling back), and better progress than Animat who needed constant reinforcement and still sucked. Animat gave nothing in the face every photoshoot.

    And poor Fo, who was my personal favorite and she didn't have a chance. Since Cycle 13 is going to be the short cycle, Fo who took great pictures, did not stand a chance.

    I really hate Tyra banks even more, the show is all about her. Paulina is fired, not like I liked her. Twiggy was actually my favorite. Miss J agrees with everything Tyra says, so judging is laughable.

    Anyone agree with me? =)

    5 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • ANTM Finale..We know the winner?

    Wondering if you all KNEW Teyona was winning Cycle 12 since like.. there were 5 girls left. Last African American girl who won was Saleisha, then came Whitney and McKey. It is obvious Teyona is going to win, so much that it is painful to watch the utter fakeness of this finale.

    I am beginning to hate Tyra. Poor Allison, she photographs so well and Teyona looks gross. Anyone else agree with me?

    7 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Danny Gokey voters and fans..?

    Danny Fans:

    With the likelihood of Danny being eliminated tonight (Dialidol is pretty darn close and rarely wrong) - who will you vote for now?

    I am a Danny fan with his departure will invest in Kris. I wonder if the majority are like me. If they are, Kris could give Adam some stiff competition because Danny has a lot of fans..

    10 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • 'One' by Adam Lambert?

    I am not an Adam Lambert fan. While I think he has a nice voice when he isn't screeching like he is on broadway or something, he rarely stays low.

    Watching the beginning of 'One' I started to get excited, thinking the low sweet tone sounded really good to me. I questioned if I was going to really turn around and start to like him with this performance..and then BAM. Screeching. Totally disappointed me and butchered the rest of the song for me.

    Anyone feel the same way? Those who love him, I know you do. And I have nothing personal against him, his high pitched screaming just isn't my cup of tea. Leave that stuff to Whitney and Celine.

    7 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Who is your ANTM favorite? Who will win?

    Who do you think is going to win the newest ANTM cycle?

    While I WANT Fo to win it all, I think Teyona is the judges favorite and is going to win it. I never understand what the judges see in some of these girls. Like Fatima, Teyona grosses me out.

    So, what do you all think? Who are your favorites? Who will win?

    8 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Anyone Seen Sex And The City *spoiler*?

    To those who HAVE seen it, can you completely ruin the movie and tell me everything that happens?

    3 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • This David Cook / Kimberly Caldwell date rumor..?

    What and where did I miss this? Is it true? Any links for info? Thanks!

    3 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago