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  • R&S Family, what is your favorite, funny answer or question that you have seen on this website?

    Please state the reason why it tickled your funny-bone. Who is your favorite troll, and why? All are welcome to reply, but please censor your words, since there are children on this website. I have favorite trolls myself, which shall remain nameless, since it might pump their egos up. I feel like laughing! LOL! Thank you in advance.

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  • I have some questions for Jehovah Witnesses, Can you give me doctrine answers only?

    Why do yo believe that Jesus the Christ died on a stake, and not a cross? During the time that Jesus spent on earth, people was crucified on the cross, not stakes. Present day, why do JW's visit your door like the postman's creed (rain, sleet, snow, or dead of heat in the summer )? Why do JWs visit in numbers, and if they don't like your replies, will come back to you with more JWs in tow, and if they are still uncomfortable with your answers, will come back with the head honcho with the JW's Big Bible and a King James Bible? I have always wondered,and have asked why, but never received an answer to my questions. Thank you in advance.

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