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  • How to solve bad internet connection on my Playstation 3?

    When I first got my Playstation 3, the internet was perfectly fine. A vast majority of the time, my internet was pretty much perfect. No lag unless the host (Talking about Call of Duty: WaW.) had a bad connection. It was in the living room, and running fine with a wireless connection. Then I moved it into my room, and it was still working great. But then, out of nowhere, one day I had a horrible connection. I thought it was just being stupid and it would fix itself. I moved my Ps3 around a bit. A couple days later, the connection was still horrible, so I moved it back into my living room, right where it had been sitting before. STILL had an absolutely horrible connection. It's almost impossible to play the Nazi Zombie mode. So, I decided to get a wired connection. I went out, bought a 25ft. long ethernet cord for about $15. Got that hooked up, and thought it would be fine. Well, it's been a few days since I did that, and the connection still won't go above one bar. What's wrong with it? It just started doing this one day out of nowhere, and even now with a wired connection it won't get any better. My friend was guessing it has something to do with the Ps3 itself. What could this be? Should I just call Sony?

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  • What's the name of this movie?

    So, one of the many times I spent the night at my aunt's house when I was younger, I saw a movie that really freaked me out. (We always watched stuff on Sci Fi.) I'd like to find it and watch it again, because I forget most of it. But I don't know the name of it, and I might not ever find it, because I only remember one small scene from the whole movie. But anyways...

    I remember something about a guy making, or buying a robot? This robot sounded like a kid, he didn't sound old or mature by any means. (From what I can remember.) And the robot kid seemed innocent enough at first. But the guy leaves, or goes in another room for a while, and when he comes back, the robot is sitting down petting the guys cat. His now dead, bloody cat. So the guy gets mad and asks him what he did and everything, and the robot is completely content, and didn't really seem to understand what was so wrong about it.

    Yea, sounds completely off the wall, I know. Some of that might not even be correct. I could be off on some things. But, it was a long time ago, and that's all I got. So, does anybody have any idea what movie I could be talking about? (Probably not!)

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  • Tampons on cruise ships?

    Okay, so tomorrow night I'm taking a flight to Miami, Florida with my grandma. We're going on a cruise with my uncles. I have an irregular period, it hasn't come for about two months. (Virgin. Not pregnant.) I'm afraid I'll get it tomorrow or sometime while I'm on the cruise. I haven't used tampons before, so it's embarrassing for me to ask anybody to go get me some. I can't get any on my own. My question is; Do you think they sell tampons on the ship? Or have them available in the bathroom, airport, or a store on any of the islands we'll be going to?


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  • Am I "clinically depressed?"?

    I've started to think I may have a real problem lately. I always knew I wasn't ever in the best mood, but am I really depressed? "Clinically depressed?" I'm wondering if I should go see if I need to be diagnosed. My mother died in February 08. She was about the only friend I had, and I was closer to her than anybody else. I'm going through hard times with a very good friend of mine as well. I hate my dad, absolutely hate him and have never been too fond of him. He doesn't really let me go out on my own and do thing's, so I hardly ever get a chance to get out of this house, and I feel like I'm about to go insane. I've lost about 20lbs since my mom died, although I'm not sure if that's the only or real reason why. I've gotten into homeschooling, but then again, I've never been too fond of crowds. I've always been negative towards myself, but recently it's been getting worse. It's frustrating because people keep telling me it's no big deal and of course I can control my negative thoughts, but I can't. Really I can't, I don't know how. So, usually I just find myself sleeping whenever something goes bad around here, it's the only immediate escape I ever have. Now, what are your opinions? Am I "clinically depressed?"

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  • What to do about stubborn eyebrows?

    Okay, so I messed with my eyebrows a long time ago. It's been... Months. And they're still not growing back. I didn't shave them or pluck them too much, I just picked at them. (I know, it was stupid. I realize that now.) And they haven't grown back. I'm pretty much convinced they'll never grow back. However, I'm going on a cruise in June and people are trying to get me to do some makeover thing. Is it possible that a professional could shape the eyebrows I have left? Or is it just impossible? They have a really odd shape and don't match, it bugs me. But I never mess with them because I'm afraid I'll make them worse. I really wish they'd just grow back, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. So, opinions? Anyway I can get them to grow back? Or should I just hope a professional can make them look decent?

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  • Laptop issues. Why won't it come on?

    So earlier today my friend was over and we were looking for music and talking like usual. Then, when she put her flash drive in (To get music off of my laptop so she could put it on hers) my laptop froze up (Never did that before when she put it in) and showed a blue screen. It said something about an issue, but I can't really remember what. I just know it was telling me something was wrong. So I just held down the power button, and off it went. I waited for about 30 seconds, and then held it down again so it'd come on. Well, it lit up like usual... But... Nothing. The monitor stayed black. And I waited a couple minutes... And it just stayed black. I turned it off and then back on, and did this a few times before giving up. If it helps any, it's a Gateway laptop. I don't know what to do, so I'm hoping somebody here knows... Any suggestions?

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  • How to get laptop to stop shutting down?

    Okay, so when I stop using my laptop and it sits for a while, it goes to "sleep" or it "hibernates." Then I shake the mouse, or touch the pad, and it'll come off of it and show me whatever screen it was left at. However, if I leave it too long, it shuts down on it's own, and when I start it back up, it goes to the main screen where you pick the user. I don't want it to shut down at all, but to just stay in "sleep/hibernate" mode. Is there a way I can stop it from doing that? As in, a setting, or something of the sort? And if it matter's much, or helps at all, I have Windows Vista. Anything else needed to provide me with as much info/help as you can give, just ask.

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  • What's the name of this song?

    Okay, I've heard this song before... And I just heard it again on a commercial. I'd like to listen to the rest of the song, but I don't know the name of it! It sounds pretty though. Here are some lyrics I can remember:

    "Forever yours, forever yours

    I just want to be forever yours"

    (Sorry, can't remember anything else, that was the main part in the commercial.)

    I know most people have heard this song, but I'm not sure of how many actually know the name. I've heard it many times, mostly when I was younger, but now I'm more interested in it... I can't seem to find the name. (I searched already) So I was just hoping somebody on here knew the name...


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  • My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion?

    Where can I find a karaoke/instrumental version of this song? I've searched, but all I could get was the original song along with the singing... And some wanted me to pay for it. So, here's a better question, where can I find a karaoke/instrumental version of this song that I can download for free? Anybody know? Have any links? Anything??

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  • My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion?

    Where can I find a karaoke/instrumental version of this song? I've searched, but all I could get was the original song along with the singing... And some wanted me to pay for it. So, here's a better question, where can I find a karaoke/instrumental version of this song that I can download for free? Anybody know? Have any links? Anything??

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  • Who knows the name of this song?

    It's at the end of this Hawthorne Heights music video-

    Youtube thumbnail

    Lyrics (from what I can hear):

    And I wont take this sitting down (?)

    Wont be seeing you around

    And I, and I...

    Miss having you around,

    And I'm watching what I had go down the drain

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  • Who can tell me the name of this game? Conquer something...?

    I've been wanting to find and buy a game I used to have a long time ago when I was way younger. I know you play as a squirrel and either his name is Conquer, or that's part of the games name. Does anybody know what game I'm talking about?

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  • I need a game to get addicted to, any ideas?

    So I've been searching the internet for a while now. Maybe I'm just being picky, but everything I find online just doesn't interest me. I have a Gaia, and I've played that for years. Tired of it. I hate Myspace, although I got addicted to that Vampires application. Well, now I'm bored of that. I love the Sims 2, but I don't have anymore fantastic idea's for building houses and all that. Spore is okay, and I was addicted to it for about a week, but now that has become boring too. Halo got me addicted for a long while, and I still enjoy playing it, but eh. And what I'm really looking for is something like Halo, I guess. I really don't care if it's a game I have to go and buy in the store or download from a website. Give me any ideas you might have. Just don't suggest a Ps3 or X box 360 game! I plan to get a Ps3 for Christmas, but as of now I don't have one. And X box 360 I'm just not interested in. Just in case this helps, I have the following game systems- Wii, Ps2, X box, Game Cube, and even a Nintendo 64 thats still hanging in there. So, please help! Suggest anything/everything you've got!

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  • Can anybody tell me what may be the problem? Back of ear burning when I touch it?

    Okay, so yesterday I was scratching the side of my head and happened to hit the back of my ear. It hurt really bad, and caused like... A burning sensation. It took a while for it to go away, but then I touched it again to see if I could have gotten some kind of cut or something. Well, there's nothing there, it just feels like I have something on my skin. I can't really explain it. It just feels like... hard, I guess. My other ear doesn't feel the same, it's fine. So does anybody have a clue whats wrong with it, or what I may have done to cause it to do this?

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  • Is there a way that bookmarks and all your history can be deleted?? [by ITSELF] :/ ??

    Okay, so... My friend got in big trouble because her moms bookmarks and history were all gone. And she has a brother... her brother was at a concert... she was home alone... she DIDN'T get on the computer at ALL. but her mom came home and saw it all gone and grounded them BOTH. Her brother is being a little *** about it, and everybody is blaming her, of course. Anyways, their not free until somebody [my friend] tells that they did it. So...can it be deleted? just randomly? Everything? Oh, i don't know if this helps, but.. Its an old computer, and it has a few viruses. :/

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