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  • Problem with Washing machine?

    I have a Hot Point washing machine model # WLW1500BBLAD. The motor is trying to turn the pump and transmission but it's kicking out the limit switch. I've check for loose articles of clothing in the pump hoses, inside the enter of the tub and it will not turn. The rotation the motor is trying to turn the agitator is counter-clock wise. I can turn the agitator clock wise with no problem. I haven't remove the belt yet to see if the transmission will turn or if the motor will turn. Don't know which would be worse...A motor with burnt windings or a bad transmission. What do you think my problem could be?

    1 AnswerCleaning & Laundry8 years ago
  • First name of the Shiflet woman who received her American Citizenship Wednesday June 26,2012 at the Middleton?

    At the Middleton Place, Live5News showed her on the air, but I failed to get her 1st name because I'm doing a family tree and I want to contact her to see if she is a relative on the tree.

    1 AnswerImmigration8 years ago
  • Why does a 1998 Ford Explorer go forward in all the gears but no reverse?

    The fluid level is fine. You can drive it, all forward gears changes fine, but when you select reverse, nothing happens.

    3 AnswersFord9 years ago
  • Why is my Harley Davidson Motorcycle running rough?

    I have a 2002 HD ultra glide touring bike. My son installed a new battery and tried to crank it and it would not start. He found a wire connection that was not plugged in. He started the bike and it did not sound right. The gas smelled stale.(The bike was running about 6 months ago.) We remove the gas tank and drain all the stale gas. Reinstall gas tank and put 3 gallons of good gas in it. Started the bike but it's still not running right. The left tail pipe's exhaust pressure feels right and the temperature of the exhaust feels right. The right side tail pipe's exhaust pressure doesn't feel the same as the left side and the temperature is amber (cool) temperature. It sounds like the bike is running on half the cylinders. Could it be a foul-out plug? I had added that fuel treatment to the fuel because of the glycoul in the gas, so that should have eliminated any gum up jelled injectors. Thank you for any assistance.

    5 AnswersMotorcycles9 years ago
  • Yahoo/Face Book friends birthdays?

    There use to be a place that Yahoo/ Face Book would remind you each day if any of my friends had a birthday for that day? Now you get a email telling you in advance whose birthday is coming up. If you delete the email, you just have lost what day your friend's birthday are? How can I be reminded of these special days like it use to be?

    3 AnswersCalendar and Contacts9 years ago
  • New Yahoo mail, how do you pick certain names in your contacts instead of all of them when forwarded mail?

    I've got numerous names in my contact some family, some friends. It says to hold down the shift or control key and select the names wanted. All of them highlites, not the ones I pick.This doesn't work for me because if I have family information I want to share with my family contacts, I very don't want that mail go to my friends. So what's up with this? I liked my Yahoo classic better but I can't get it back.

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Mail9 years ago
  • On a 2007 Ford F-150 truck, why does the AC blow hot air through the AC ducts instead of cold air?

    The evaporator coil inside is cold, so the ac is working, but it seems the damper is stuck in the heat mode.The ac switch and the circulate switch seems stuck because they will not turn off. If these things are the problem, how do I remove the dash panels needed to reach my problem? Thanks and have a wonderful day!

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • What causes both rear wheels move left and right on 1993 Cadillac Seville.?

    While the car is resting on all wheels, I can grab each wheel and the wheel will go left and then it will go right. It feels like the wheel is loose on the rotor, but it's not. I check the wheel and it was tight. I'm thinking bad upper and lower control arm bushings. What is the bushing that is located behind the dust cover of the brake pads and caliber at the top? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • What could be making a roaring noise in the front suspension of a 1993 Cadillac Seville?

    The car has over 221,000 miles. It looks like someone replaced the original front shocks because the sensor wires near the top of the shocks can not be plug in because there's no connections for the wires. I have no idea what else may have been replaced by the previous owner and I'm unable to contact him.The transmission fluid level is fine. I tried raising the front of the car and set jack stands under for safety I had my son go through the gears but only noise I could hear was the rotors hitting the lug studs because of the play in the stud holes, which I found out that's normal for the holes to be larger than the stud diameter because the tightness of the wheel lug nuts supposedly eliminate that noise(It doesn't;bad call as for GM). The disc pads are fine and the rotors don't need turning. The tires were in bad shape, so I replaced all the tires and the noise is still there. I'm suspecting either bad bearing hubs or cv joints. You can only hear the noise while driving and seems like when you turn your steering wheel to the right the noise seems to go away. I tried to listen while my son drove by me as I was standing near the road as he drove by in both directions, but I could not hear anything. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • Under Windows Vista, Why doesn't Windows Media Player work?

    I want to open an email, (note: There are no virus detected) I try downloading it and a window pops up stating that file can not be open because of a codec error.

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players10 years ago
  • automotive head lights, park lights, tail lights, brake lights, and signal lights in a 1993 Cadillac?

    On this 93 Cadillac Seville 4.9 engine 4 door, the signal lights flash very fast, all the bulbs have the same brightness except the right rear. This 2 element bulb lights up to bright too hot to the touch. I've changed all bulbs and flashers with new ones. I swap the relay to a different relay under the hood and that did not resolve the problem. I cleaned the ground connections, still not working properly. I removed the signal assembly in the steering column and everything there was working fine. I've check out all fuses and relays and they working properly. I would appreciate any advice what could be causing my problems.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • Do you contact the existing phone co. prior installing the Magic Jack phone system?

    I've got cable internet phone system, whom and when do I contact, for the switch over from cable phone to Magic Jack.

    2 AnswersLand Phones1 decade ago
  • Does the PC have to be logged on before Magic Jack phone system will work or does just be connected to 110 v?

    I know you must have internet service for it to work, but does the PC have to be logged on at desktop 24/7

    2 AnswersLand Phones1 decade ago
  • Why won't the trim % tilt go up but not down?

    Scott, It all began when the T & T would not go down but it would go up. I check the power at the T & T motor and I had 12 volts. I removed the motor from the pump. (At this time the pump is still mounted to the boat/ 1992 Johnson 40 hp outboard motor.) I took the motor to a boat repair shop and he tried the motor on a battery and it worked both up & down. He said that the solenoid relay was bad so I bought 2 and install them. Reinstall motor, same problem. Remove pump and motor to add oil. Problem exist now to get it to take oil like I mention in my prior questions. Money is a problem, that's the reason I did not put in a shop. My manuals don't cover this size of Johnson motor either.

    1 AnswerBoats & Boating1 decade ago
  • Scott,"Is the bottom screw about 1 inch diameter on the trim & tilt pump & motor?"?

    If so, there is a spring inside and it seems to be a check valve inside because it will not take oil. The 1 inch diameter hex screw on the bottom (underneath) has a ball in it and it won't take oil either. The screw I mention earlier is the only one that will take oil. I run the piston up and down and recheck it, it needs more oil.( This pump and motor is not on the boat at this time).

    1 AnswerBoats & Boating1 decade ago
  • How to add fluid to a trim & tilt pump on a 1992 40 hp johnson outboard motor?

    The pump and motor is off the motor. I found 1 opening that will take fluid but it fills up to fast and I know it isn't full because I had the motor off the pump.

    1 AnswerBoats & Boating1 decade ago