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  • Been to the hospital twice this week. Can't eat. Extreme esophagus pain?

    The first time I went to the hospitsl this week my esophagus pain was high but it's been getting worse. I went yesterday again and they didn't do anything. All they did was give me some liquid that doesn't work and a chest x ray.

    I got an appointment for an endoscopy for Monday but I literally can not eat. Swallowing my saliva hurts and I can barely drink water. I am about to go back to another hospital. Will they give me an endoscopy at the hospital? I can't go till Monday without eating. My PCP thinks it's esophagitis. The pain is unbearable. Thanks

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  • Is my landlord allowed to sell the apartment I live at in the middle of my lease?

    I have a lease in my apartment till August and I was asking the landlord if I can sublease the apartment. She keeps saying I have to wait because she is selling the apartment most likely Friday and I'll have to talk to the new owners. Is she allowed to do this? A big reason I signed a lease here as because if the landlord and no there is no information in the lease about her selling the apartment. I live in West Virginia

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  • I have to do a project on a foreign country issue. Any ideas?

    Okay. So I am doing a research prject for my English class where we have to pick an issue in another country and compare it with USA. For example the rise of technology in china vs usa. What would be some good examples with concrete research is can find?

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  • Is the landlord responsible for window screens?

    Hello! I have Been living in my apartment for 2 months. It's starting to get chilly out and I would like to turn off my a/c and open the windows at night. One issue. There are no screens in my windows. Nowhere in my lease does it state that I am responsible for screens. My landlord said he doesn't have any and that's all. Is he responsible for them? Please help!!!

    6 AnswersRenting & Real Estate7 years ago
  • What is the average price/ what should I pay for a central a/c unit?

    Well we are moving to a new home. 2,200 sq feet. The home needs just a new a/c unit. I haven't ever got one before so I don't know what I should be paying for one. Please help me out! I already have all the duct work in the house.

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  • Dog has been reverse sneezing since yesterday and snoring very loud and laying on couch?

    Hello my 3 and a half year old boston terrier started reverse sneezing yesterday at about 6 pm. She had about 3-4 episodes yesterday that lasted anywhere from 1-5 minutes and overnight she had about 3-4 more episodes. Today she has had 1-2 epsiodes and right now she is laying on the couch sleeping and snoring louder than usual. She is a very sensitive puppy so that is probably why she is on the couch because she is scared. Should I take her to the emergency room today or do you think it can wait till tomorrow to be took care of by a vet? I would rather wait till tomorrow and spend less than half the money at the vets.

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  • Resonance structure question Chemistry?

    Draw all possible Lewis structures for he nitrite ion, NO2-. In the nitrite ion:(hint: think resonance structures)

    A) Both bonds are single bonds

    B) Both bonds are double bonds

    C) One bond is a single bond and one is a double bond

    D) Both bonds are the same, each bond being stronger and shorter than a single bond but longer and weaker than a double bond.

    E) The bonds alternate between being a single bond and being a double bond

    2 AnswersChemistry7 years ago
  • Balance the Redox reaction confusion?

    When the following reaction, occuring in acidic solution, is balanced, the coefficient in front of NO3- is....

    _H2O+As2O3+NO3- ==> AsO4^3-+NO+H+

    Please help and explain.....?

    2 AnswersChemistry8 years ago
  • GAS Chemistry question?? Please help??? volume!?

    What volume (in L) of gaseous O2 at STP will be obtained by the decomposition of 50 g of NaNo3? (M.W of NaNO3= 85.00)

    2NaNO3(s)==> 2 NaNO2(s)+ O2 (g)

    A. 13 L

    B. .56 L

    C. 73 L

    D. 560 L

    E. 6.6 L

    Please explain this problem to me

    2 AnswersChemistry8 years ago
  • A gas exerts a pressure of 1080 mm HG at 75 C. What pressure is exerted by the gas at 0 C? HELP?

    A gas exerts a pressure of 1080 mm HG at 75 C. What pressure is exerted by the gas at 0 C?

    Please explain to me. I dont know how to use any of the gas laws for this problem.

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  • A few gas chemistry questions if someone can help out?

    A gas exerts a pressure of 1080 mm Hg at 75 C. What pressure is exerted by the gas at 0 C?

    A. 847

    B. 118

    C. 726


    E. 0

    What pressure in atmospheres, would a gas sample initially at STP exert if its temp is increased to 25.0 C. (assume constant volume)

    A. .0915

    B. 1.00

    C. 1.09

    D. 1.25

    E. 25

    And if you guys can show some explanations that would be great!!!


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  • Thermochemistry question Please help!?

    In an insulated container, a hot piece of iron (C=0.4513 J/g-c) at 1490 C was adder to 200 g of water (c= 4.184 J/g-C) at 20 C. The temperature of the resulting mixture became 90.C. What mass of iron was present?

    Please explain your answer. Thanks!

    1 AnswerChemistry8 years ago

    I am having so much trouble please help me with this question with an explanation please?

    A 455 g piece of copper tubing is heated to 89.5 C and placed in an insulated vessel containing 159 g of water at 22.8 C. Assuming nno loss of water and a heat capacity of 10.0 J/K for the vessel, waht is the final temperature (c of copper= .387 J/gxK)


    2 AnswersChemistry8 years ago

    A certain theoretical element exists as the two isotopes 29X and 33X with atomic masses shown below. If the average atomic mass of element X is 30.00, what is the percent natural abundance of 29X?

    Isotope 29X ATOMIC MASS 28.92 amu

    33X 33.92 amu


    1 AnswerChemistry8 years ago

    The term carbohydrate means “hydrate” (water containing compound) of “carbon”. Thus, the chemical formula of sugar, a carbohydrate, can be written as C12(H2O)11. How many atoms of hydrogen are present in 0.0040 mol of sugar?

    I have an exam tomorrow please explain this question to me thanks!

    3 AnswersChemistry8 years ago
  • I smoked weed and before I cleansed my bowl with iso. alcohol and nail polish remover. Can this kill me?

    HI i am very nervous now. Can this be like huffing? Please tell me thanks

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  • What colleges can I get into with these grades?

    I have a 3.3 unweighted GPA and a 3.8 Weighted. My SAT score is a 1480. I am very worried about school. I really want to go to Penn State or West Virginia or Ohio U. My activities are: JV ICe hockey, Varsity Ice hockey, Jazz Band, Marching Band, COncert band, YOuth orginization, COmmunity Service, after school math tutor. Can I get into those schools?

  • What is this love song called?

    I heard it a long time ago just remembered it. It's a slow beat and there is a saxophone solo playing in it. It's a popular oldie romance song. I just forget what it's called

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  • A girl is bleeding from her vagina. Is she pregnant ?

    On Saturday I had sex with a girl at a party but we don't know if I used a condom because I was drunk. Today (2 days later) she has heavy bleeding from her vagina throughout the whole day. She's had like 2 se partners before me and is clear of STDs is she preganant? I'm scared cause idk if I used a condom

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  • Feeling very sick please read?

    I have a blood pressure of 90/58 my temperature is 97 degrees and I feel very nauseaus and tired and sick and cant even stand up to walk around. What can this be? Should I go to the emergency room?

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