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  • Facebook photo uploader plug-in EXTREMELY slow!?

    I hate the new facebook photo uploader plug-in, it's so slow and I have to click the link atleast three times to get the box to come up in the first place. Sometimes the box loads with my pictures, sometimes I'm just sitting there waiting for half an hour for nothing. This is driving me absolutely mad, and I'm a photographer - therefore I upload pictures frequently. Is this happening to anyone else? does anyone know the link to the facebook simple uploader? I'd rather that, than this pathetic plug-in.


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  • is my face shape too square to have a short hairstyle?

    I've been seriously thinking about going short for a while now.

    I would ideally like to grow my hair - I've been trying to the last 7 months, it's done really well so far but it's only just above my boobs and I'm already starting to get tired of it.

    I love the thought of long flowing hair but it's extremely common in a girl of my age (16) nowadays where it gets to point that I think, eh I just want to be different! I love short hair anyway, its always nice to give your hair that break. My hair is in quite a bad condition, split ends everywhere and I had layers in November that are now growing out, making my hair look like a mop!

    I'd love to go short - but I'd love to have it long, but it's taking its time as well and takes so much looking after - and also takes a long time to straighten as my hair is so thick.

    I feel my face shape also, could be an obstacle for having short hair.

    this is me -

    is my face too square do you think?

    I once clipped back my hair and just pulled my layers round -

    though obviously with a real cut it would be more styled but that was just to give me an idea.

    if I did get it short i'd probably go with something like this -

    I really need some help here.

    I love having long(ish) hair but I feel short hair would be a bit more suitable and easier to handle.

    I can't deal with all these split ends!

    I'd appreciate your opinions and views on this, if you have any suggestions please let me know!

    thank you!

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  • Time Demi Lovato will be at the BBC Radio 1 studios?

    I'm hoping to go into london tomorrow to see Demi Lovato before she goes in to have her interview on the radio - thing is I don't know what time she's likely to arrive. I know the show shes being interviewed on starts at 7pm, and it goes on for 2 hours and 20 minutes - don't even know what time she'll be on within that time. Could always catch her while she's out, but it'll be roughly 9.30-10pm before she gets out but it's very late and ive got to get home first on the train that i believes stops running at 9pm.

    Does anyone know her arrival time or can find out a bit more information as I'm just running like a blind chicken here, thank you :)

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  • is there a cheat for the sims 3 to make your sim famous?

    i've been trying to make them a popstar for ages, but it's getting boring now seeing as the problem with the time speed won't go fast enough and I just seem to be getting no where, plus my sim is taking forever to play the guitar and while on full speed its taking 10 minutes for the skill to go up one bar. is there a cheat you can enter or an easier way to become instantly famous? i've tried searching the net but no luck.

    and dont tell me I should keep on at it and 'obey the rules' - i've been doing that the past 2 months and I'm still no better off.

    Thank you :)

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  • I've just had a filling done yet its still sensitive?

    I got a filling done today, it's been roughly 5 hours since, they numbed my cheek and its all worn off now and I'm back to normal. I'm just eating some fish and it still really hurts to chew with that particular tooth. Is this just a case of where they had to work on it and its still a little bit sensitive, or has the filling just not done the job?

    thanks :)

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  • How to stop search boxes saving what you've searched?

    you know how in google, or wikihow, wikipedia, etc anywhere you can search where you've searched before, basically - you start typing in the box and it comes down with what you've previously searched, how do I stop this? for one its annoying, and two a lot of people go on my laptop, i dont really fancy them seeing what ive searched for in the past!

    I'm on a Mac and I'm running Safari.

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  • no matter what I do my hair is still frizzy.?

    I used to have a lot of split ends, more or less since I was 10 (I'm 16 now) I've had layers, and no matter what I use i've always had split ends. I like to think I take very good care of my hair, seeing as im trying to grow it out just below the breast bone (right now its about an inch below my shoulders) - I use heat protectant products when I use heat tools, I use good shampoos, and I condition my hair once a week (everywhere but the roots). But I noticed that when I straighten my hair, the top near the roots is fine, but its midway down my hair I get these really frizzy ends that stick out. I've tried everything to flatten them, even tried curling in the straighteners so they dont stick out but no use.

    I recently got my hair cut and got even shorter layers as I thought this might dissolve the problem

    (thinking the problem was the split ends) but it still happens! I don't know what to do about it and its really getting me down and driving me insane! Any tips that could help me?

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  • Scared to perform solo?

    I'm a 16 year old girl who does performing arts at college, I love to act, dance and sing..apart from when I'm on my own.

    If I'm with someone, I don't get stage fright, it doesn't bother me in the slightest, though I do get a bit nervous, but that's to be expected.

    My classes task for this week was to write a monologue, and we have to multirole. Now writing this isn't hard for me - it's the fact we have to perform them in less than 3 weeks to all the other performing arts students within the college - on our own.

    This thought sickens me as I've never performed to anyone on my own before apart from my parents. Today we were supposed to rehearse the monologues and perform them one by one to the rest of the class,

    even this made me anxious, but I missed out on it as I have a chest infection so I didn't go in.

    In a way, I see it as a relief, but in another its bad as I'm being thrown into the deep end. Everyone else in my class, would know what its like to perform solo in front of one another, but I won't get that chance

    as my next performance of it will be to an audience of about 90.

    Again, this is really sickening me. People have given me advice,

    ''pretend they're not there'' and ''dont look at their faces'' well how can I not when they're all surrounding me?

    Does anyone have any methods or anything to stop me from getting these feelings and worrying about it so much?

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  • When I type a letter, this ˚ symbol comes up, and my dash doesn't work?

    It's my 'k' key, whenever I press it, it comes up with this symbol

    ˚ and shift, . (e.g. wor˚, brac˚et..) I have a MacBook.

    I got the k by copying and pasting..I'm getting really pissed off now with it. My dash and square brackets don't work either, as far as I know, they're the only keys that don't work. Please help me as this is driving me insane and I have no idea what the hell I've done :O

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  • Why is he ignoring me?

    I met a guy called George at a street dance battle in early april. I'd never seen him before, but I saw him and that was it I was gone in a second.

    But I never had the courage to go up and talk to him, so I left the place without talking to him. I later uploaded a video on youtube that I took of the battle, and he found it and decided to message me, we exchanged emails, we were talking non stop for weeks, and then our dance school was having a spring chill out week where you can do anything [breakdance, beatbox etc] he was going on the thursday so i agreed to go then so we could meet properly. We met and everything was perfect, we were talking all the time, messing around, and at the end when i was about to go home he hugged me and we were holding onto eachother for 10 minutes straight and he also kissed me. Needless to say I went home completely amazed and happy. He texted me later and decided to go on the Sunday so we could see eachother again. Everything was cool, but we didn't talk much, there was also another girl there, Hayley who he hung around with a lot. I started questioning it but let it slip. When it came to the end I asked him ''why didnt you talk to me?'' he said ''well it works both ways doesnt it?'' fair play I guess. Again, he hugged me for ages, and kissed etc. For a few days after that we were talking non stop, then all of sudden he stopped replying to me. I tried everything and he just refused to talk to me. I tried for months, nothing. So I gave up. Then not long ago I went out with my dad to a shopping mall i hadnt been to since I was 9, and he needed a few things for his car so we went into a mechanical store. Few minutes later, who walks in? yepp, George.

    I know, fate right? - He saw me and kind of stopped in his tracks and asked what I was doing there - I nervously explained. It was awkward but in a way, it was nice to see him again, even if all I wanted to do was hold onto him. But I walked off, and he watched me go. Then a few weeks ago our dance school was holding an end of term Dance with battles etc, I went with a few friends Dani and Harry, George was there too. We arrived and immediately sat down on the leather couches in the lounge area, and in front of the couches was a huge mat where dancers battling were warming up and practicing, George was one of them - I know he kept glancing at me, and multiple times throughout the day he'd sit in the chair opposite me, drinking a red bull avoiding eye contact, but he only sit there for a few seconds at a time. As if to say ''I'm here.'' he did come over to me and Dani and waved at me very sheepishly which I was surprised at. And when it was time to go, my dad picked me Dani and Harry up, and George was waiting outside talking to someone, when we drove off he watched the car drive away from him.

    Then a few days ago he messaged me saying ''will you go out with me'' I totally freaked, I asked why he'd been ignoring me, was he sure etc but nothing, nothing at all. So I got Dani to ask him what was going on, she asked ''why did you ask charlotte out if you didnt mean it?'' and he denied the whole thing. She said he had a guilty look on his face though, like a nervous grin.

    What's going on?! Even though its been nearly over 5 months since him, I can't get over him and I think about him everyday because, I dont know he was just quite special to me, and what we had for those few days was immense.

    Is he scared?

    There is a two year age difference, I'm 16 he's 14 [turning 15 in October], could that be it?

    Has he found someone else, just afraid to tell me?

    Just ignoring me because he doesn't like me anymore?

    Or what?

    Please let me know your opinions. My friends clearly state theirs but they'll say anything that will make me happy - I need some other peoples perspectives..thank you?

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  • I cut myself and deeply regret it?

    Last night I was feeling extremely down and hurt, many personal reasons but probably more hormonal than anything. But nevertheless,

    I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut my left wrist 3 times going in all different directions. At first, I didn't think I'd regret it. I thought it'd actually be cool because I've always wanted a scar - many people have had broken bones or something major happen to them that left a scar, nothing major has happened to me AT ALL. So to have a scar was pretty cool for me. I didn't do them deep, I didn't have the guts to take the pain, but just enough to leave an open wound but no blood.

    I had a shower and all the redness went away, they were barely noticeable. Except now I've just woken up and looked and they're all

    yellow and pink, the little wounds have healed up just a little bit now.

    But I deeply regret doing it. I'm crying as if they do leave scars ..

    how in the hell do I explain it to my parents, especially my Mom.

    She's got enough trouble on her plate right now, she doesn't need to know I had one wild rampage and self harmed. I'm going to put a big

    band-aid over it, to help the healing process and blame it on the cat for now. But please help me, I really do regret it and it's getting me down so much, what can I do to help the cuts?

    Should I be honest with my mom? if I am .. it'll hurt her so much, she thought I was so much more sensible than that, but then again, I can't exactly lie because cat scratches don't normally leave scars like this.

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  • I'm interested in boobs more than penis's I bi?

    I'm 16, and convinced I'm straight. I love the usual heart throbs, e.g Zac Efron and I look at boys in the usual way.

    But I'm a bit confused. Past 2 years I've developed an interest in boobs. I don't know why, but I seem to prefer boobs to penis's. Yet, I don't have crushes on girls, I don't see them in that way. This could just be a phrase I'm going through but, does this mean I'm bi?

    I just don't understand...I don't get crushes on girls or anything.

    I'm just more interested in boobs than anything else..

  • Tiffany & Co Necklace, real?

    For my 16th my mum got me a heart toggle necklace, from a site, I started wondering if the necklace was fake or not as it kept falling off - she wasn't to know as she thought the site was legit. I checked a few sites to tell whether its fake or not, and I'm very confused. One site says, that the necklace would be 16'' long - if its not, then its fake. And that the sterling silver code '925' should not be on the BOTTOM, it would be on the top in very small lettering. Well, my '925' is at the bottom. Yet the necklace is 16'' long?

    But we've decided to exchange it for a different necklace, I'm just deciding which one I want, the Oval tag necklace or the Heart tag one.

    On the site, it says the Heart tag is 16.5'' long, yet on other sites [how to spot fake tiffany] it says it should be 15.5'' long - there is no measurement sizes of the Oval one.

    Does this mean its all fake, or what?

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  • I Have An Itching Vulva?

    I'm Fifteen and past few days my vaginal area has been itching immensely, mainly around the vulva area. I checked it out and I haven't got any spots or anything, although it is a bit inflamed.

    I'm wondering what it might be and what I can do?

    It's very embarrassing as I am practically scratching there 24/7

    and I street dance, so you can probably imagine how awkward it is.

    It doesn't sting when I pee. It just itches a lot in general and its really getting me down. I don't really want to go see my GP either as hes a male. Thrush, maybe?

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  • Period is a month late?

    I'm 15 and a total virgin. The thought of being pregnant, wouldn't even cross my mind.

    I started my period when I was 14 [I'm very nearly 16 now]

    and usually the cycles are regular. I had my last period middle of February, by my calendar I should have been due around the 12th March. Here we are, 25th March and still no sign. The only thing that tells me it might be coming is that my breasts are rather tender, that usually happens when I'm about to come on - and I break out in spots. But why the heck is it so late?!

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  • Help finding a T-Shirt?

    I have fallen in love with this t-shirt and would love to buy it, but I don't know who made/designed/sells it, perhaps you have some ideas?

    All I can read on the front is 'Atomic' and 'Explosion' ..=/

    Any help would be appreciated x =] thank you

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  • Can you ask someone at their CD signing to sign something else apart from the CD?..?

    I'm planning to goto a celebs CD signing pretty soon and I'd love for them to sign the CD but would it also be okay for me to take a picture of them along and get them to sign that also? Or will/can they only sign the CD?

    xo Leslie

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  • googlemail on tmobile g1?

    I just recently got the g1 and my dad set up an account with the googlemail service on the phone with out knowing I already had one. It seems I'm stuck with the email that my dad made for me but I really don't want to be stuck with it forever! How do I change it to my own one that I made? Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Leslie x

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  • Photoshop Photo Effect?


    I recently found this picture

    which has a wonderful photo effect that I would love to try out.

    But I have no idea how to?

    Could someone be as kind as to guide me to an online-tutorial, or perhaps if you know, to explain it to me?

    Ignore the white lines, and the writing, I just want the actual effect thats on the pictures themselves.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated :-) xo

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  • Serious Help With Canon IXUS 85 IS 10.0mp PLEASE!?

    I've only just received this camera today (Canon IXUS 85 IS 10.0mp)

    and have had loads of fun with it, til I was ready to upload my pictures, then everything just turned into a nightmare.

    I can't manage to get my pictures across to my MAC computer.

    I've plugged in the USB lead, in the computer as well as the camera,

    turned the camera on - and nothing.

    So I decided I need to install the software, so I installed "Image Browser" and "CameraWindow" from a disk I got in the box.

    Installed, etc..still nothing.

    NO response whatsoever. And when I click on Image Browser to import photos, it says no camera is detected.

    My camera can also take pictures and do the usuals whilst it is still all plugged in, I have a feeling that this isn't right at all.

    And I refuse to believe I'm screwed, so please, any help at all would be gratefully appreciated. I am so so desperate to get these pictures transferred to my computer!!

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