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  • How do you change the pixel count of a photo without erasing 95% of the picture? Btw, I'm using Paint Shop.?

    I'm trying to upload a picture to a website but it's telling me that the image can't exceed a height or width of 160 pixels. I have no problem resizing the photo to make it smaller but it doesn't change the pixel count and when I try to change the pixel count instead of resizing the entire picture it leaves only a corner of the entire photo visible. How do I change the pixel count of the photo while still maintaining the entire picture?

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  • Was it a good deal on the this Fossil watch or no?

    So I just got back from buying a Fossil watch at Ross's. For those who aren't familiar with the store it's just like a TJ Maxx or I think a Macy's where you can go and get nice stuff for really cheap. Well they had this Fossil watch, the BG2148 on sale for 32.99. This watch usually retails for 75.00 or more and I know when you shop at places like Ross's and TJ Maxx and you buy some of their electronics, it isn't alway guaranteed to work. Well because there is no second hand and because it appeared the hands weren't moving they gave me 10% and told me that if I get a battery and the watch still doesn't work I could bring it back right? Well It turns out that the watch does tell time, I happen to glance down at it and see a minute hand move, but the watch does have a problem. See these Fossil Big Tic watches have a screen that is supposed to switch from red to black with the push of a button. Well it turns out that my watch wont do it. That is it's apparent flaw and i'm guessing why it was priced at 32.99. My question to you watch afficianodos is do you think the watch is still worth what I paid for it even though the face doesn't change from red to black like it's supposed to. Mine seems to be stuck on red. It's a very heavy duty, nice looking watch with the original wrist strap the only problem is it doesn't change from red to black like it's supposed to. Do you think it's still worth it. With tax I ended up paying 31. and some odd cents.

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  • Anyone know what this Alternative Rock song could be?

    Ok so last Saturday I went to the MMA even and one of the fighters had a song that I'm now trying to find. Unfortunately I can't think of any lyrics but I can tell you that the song had both a man and a woman singing it and it was kind of an alternative rock ballad with an edge. Think Evanescence's Bring Me To Life or Seether's "Broken" feat. Amy Lee or Everything Burns by Anastasia and Ben Moody. I thought the girl kind of sounded like the lead singer of Flyleaf but I'm not so sure who the guy sounded like. Does anyone have any idea of what the song could be? Heck at this point if I could just get a list of songs that sounds anything like the ones I mentioned I'll give them all a listen and maybe one of them will be the right one. It's haunting me that I can't figure out this song! Any help I could get would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks:)

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  • Anyone else having trouble loading Ebay right now?

    It was just up and running a minute ago and I was in the process of adding an item to my watch list when it stopped loading up. I hit refresh and when it loaded up it said I have zero items in my watch list. When I closed it down and tried to reopen the page it wont load up at all. Anyone else having some trouble getting the site to load?

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