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Hi, everyone well you know me as the girl who always ask for opinions on my writing. I am not being rude, I just don't belive my husband when he tells me it's good, he's bias lol Anyway, I am a 25 year old mother of 2 and also look after my step son, who is 15 ( yes only 10 years younger than me lol) I am a stay at home mum and I love to read and write, although I barley get the time as the kids are always biting at my ankles lol Anyway, thanks to everyone who is always supprotive to me on here and everyone who always gives me constructive critisism love Shaz x I also have my own writers website, it is free to join and we are a growing community of 53 members at the moment. The website is for writers to get advice/comments on their work/ideas. We have monthly competitons and lots of good forums, we are all very friendly and we hope you can join us.

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