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  • Would a REALLY LOVING parent do anything they know would make their child happy?

    LITERALLY, anything. Say for example, if there's your child, a innocent loving one, asking you for a certain thing that would make them feel happy and confident in their self. And will get them out of years and years of depression, anxiety, unconfidence in their own self, and suicidal thoughts for not having the desire asked for! And your child starts feeling hopeless to the point of literally not doing anything because they find out that they could've had what they asked earlier in their life. Wouldn't a TRULY LOVING parent, or rather EVERY parent in general, give their child their heart's desire they asked for if the parent knows it will make their child happy and not depressed? Confident and not heartbroken? And especially, if it'll make your child love their life rather than wanting to die?? If you really love your child so unconditional and perfectly, then wouldn't you want them to be happy by just giving them what they asked for, especially if it's easily in your power to do it?

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  • Isn't this anti LGBTQ?

    I have this friend who was born transgender and he does everything naturally feminine. Even wears girls clothes and makeup. So, there were some brutes who were putting him down for being a transgender boy wearing girls clothes and even sounding female. They were even saying harsh names about him.. Can't they get in trouble for that? Is what those mean guys did and said anti transgender?

  • Can this person go to jail for this?

    okay, so this asshole is on probation, right? and if he pushed me so hard, that my back hurts still after the push, if i told his p.o., can t he get in trouble? it s violence, right?

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  • My friend sent me a message, what should I tell her?

    It said:

    "ugghh.. some pervy freak saw a pornstar with the same name as mine getting mouthfucked while her wrist were tied to a fence. N now he keeps telling me on different accounts after each one i block that he wants to do that to me now.. what should i do?"

    The thing is, what should I tell her? When I seen her in person, she seemed a little nervous than usual, and I noticed she kept gulping and looking up everytime she got a message too.. I at least told her to ignore him and he might go away.

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  • Am I finally off probation?

    I went to see my P.O., and when I went to her office, she called the receptionists and said she wasn't there in her office, but she said my P.o. said i'm off probation and she'll send paperwork in the mail. Does that really mean I'm finished. I swear, I thanked God all day, but I'm wondering, what is the paperwork for?

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  • Is my theory from sucking hard candy correct?

    If someone can finish sucking a whole hard candy in less than 15 mins, then are they really good at sucking? My theory is yes, cause I finish these candies 10-15 mins.. Just wondering, sorry..

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  • Does a police officer have the authority to do this?

    Suppose someone young and dumb, yet naïve commited felonies at the start of their adulthood (around 18 or 19 years old). And has to deal with probation and paying fines that he/she has no money for because his/her family is in poverty. And perhaps one of the reasons why that person done those felonies was to make money being in poverty- for good intentions to live comfortable with needs. Suppose that s/he could not take it anymore and decided to move to a close country like say Mexico; then that person violates probation for that reason. Then does a U.S. police officer have any right to arrest that person when he/she lives there? Or can the officers not be able to retrieve that person now?

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  • Should i give up life instead?

    i feel like dying. Everyday is stasis and just tragic. i finally get a job, just so my mom being lazy ruined it cause i "it's too far." No one cares, and God hates me. i tried being a good kid when i was a kid since 2007, i even went to church. But i only got abandoned by those so-called followers who even promised to help, and was abused by my parents constantly. My mom took me out of high school right when i was about to start senior, and when i tried to get the papers to leave, her husband or so-called stepdad pulled my hair and threaten to kill me and mom took his side. My brothers hate me too, they just sit on their *** while i had a job, and had the gall to say i'm lazy and nobody. i wish i could just kill myself and get out of this hell and go to heaven, we're already in hell. Cops want to even enslave me as i been in and out of jail; and i was about to live alright, but now cause of my lazy brother fighting with me, my P.O. wants me to spend more extra money on pointless anger mngmt classes. But what keeps me going is my dreams i had for over a decade to be how i want and a music artist. i'm just so tired of living in pain, i would even sell my soul and body for those dreams. i got raped before anyways, so i don't care. i got so many songs too, i wonder if i should just recite them all in one song on all kinds of beats then just kill myself afterwards to get outta this painful life. Isn't there some kind of shelter to just live w/ my stuff in a decent place?

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  • What are great female hormone pills?

    i'm transgendered. i felt like a girl in a boy's body since i was 4 years old and would even sneak into my sister's room putting on her clothes. i heard it's a birth defect and scientifically proven that my brain is female, but my body is male. In high school, i wanted to commit suicide for this reason, cause i felt like i would be seen more special to people if i were the girl i really am inside. Friends left me, siblings hated me, my life was ruined by being depressed all through high school over it. Today, i finally found some people who might help. (i really hope so.) They said they would help buy me some estrogen hormone pills. i need to know what are great ones to help me get a higher pitched voice, wider hips, rounder face, enlarged breast, and fuller lips. She said i gotta find a link to the hormone pills where you buy them, send her the link, and bang she buys it. It feels like my dream is finally coming true that will help drastically in my life. Please help, & thanks people!

  • Why does this keep happening?

    i got this problem I reeally reeaally hate and get mad at myself when I see certain girls and get 'turned on'.. I hate it because it makes me feel so gross and pervy. I try not to get that way, but sometimes it's hard to control, and I would hide away from people when it happens cause I feel totally uncomfortable. Ugghh... >_<

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  • If I want to be this way, is my conclusion correct?

    See, I like looking female, and there was a girl I wanted to be like off a video game, but she's lesbian. So, if I look like her, sound like her, and act like her, and I'm a guy, but she's lesbian, aren't I straight still?

  • Do girls flaunt their body parts to their friends?

    Not to be pervy, but I wondered like when they're all getting dressed in their locker rooms, do they flaunt their privates to their friends? Like, "Mine is smooth and tight" or whatever..