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Dr. X

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I was born of two loving but restless parents, Mystery and Passion, and had a paternal grandfather, Justice, and a half sister Integrity from one of Passion's previous marriages. My great great grandfather Malcolm was a tuna fisherman. I am fluent in six languages (seven if you count the language of sign), I divide my time between the United States and India, where I have attained the rank of Tantric master, known for both my discipline and knowledge. Dr. X here, lactating truth milk for you out of my mind nipple shoving logic suppositories up where you're full of crap. shooting truth bullets at you from an undisclosed location Spreading truth sauce all over your mind burger Dropping truth bombs into your ear hole Dr. X changes the face of college radio brought to you by WESU 88.1 AM If you dare to discover some of the dangerous truths that hold the common man down, visit my site at MEAL PLAN=RACISM!

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