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  • REPOST Can lizard feces make babies sick?

    I don't have much room, So my Bearded Dragon cage is next to my son's crib. He's 16 months old and often will grab the screen and try to pull it off, but never actually sticks his hand in the cage ( he can barely reach the screen to grab it) I do clean their cage weekly, but then all the waste sits in a trash can in my room also, I also have Leopard Gecko's in the room too (not near the crib) I'm just wondering if the feces could cause a chest infection, it'll have to be airborne since he doesn't touch touch the lizards or inside the cage, I use hand sanitizer after handling the lizards. I also have mold in my caulk in my shower that I will address, That's my number one suspect, I'm just trying eliminate any possibility. Please help. I'm reposting this because I couldn't view my answers and really need an answer.

    5 AnswersReptiles8 years ago
  • I recently replaced my alternator and battery in my 99 grand am, but car still wont hold a charge.?

    My heater hose recently broke and sprayed anti freeze every where, Im not sure if this is relevant or not. But a few months back during my inspection the mechanic said when you have problems starting your car itll be your battery, but my battery was just shy of 2 years old. So my battery light came on and went off a few times then the next time I drove my car all my dashboard lights came on & my speedometer and RPM meter along with my fuel and temp all read 0, they stopped working, my car died, charged it up and made it 2 minutes away before it died once more. So I replaced my alternator and since my battery was under warranty I just got a new one. Started right up, I made it home which was roughly 16 miles. The next day I went to take my car and it did the same thing about 8 miles into my trip, All the lights came on and my meters stopped reading. Im thinking it has to be a short some where, But Im not entirely sure. Any thoughts?

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • I have 99 Grand Am recently replaced my heater hose connector. Radiator been acting up.?

    I have a 1999 Grand Am V6. I recently replaced my heater hose connector. Well since then I have no idea whats going on it my radiator. I filled it up and once I turn my car off the anti freeze over flows all over the ground. I filled it up again, again it did it so this time I left it alone, my low coolant light came on, BUT my car isnt over heating, its steady at 200 maybe it gets a few notches above 200. I don't know if I just put too much in or what. I was thinking maybe my headgasket is leaking, but Im pretty sure my car would be over heating by now if that was the case. My surge tank is bone dry, when I fill it is when it all over flows out. Ive flushed my system before and had no issues. Im completely confused, Help please?

    2 AnswersPontiac8 years ago
  • I have a 99 grand am just replaced heaterhose connector no visable leaks but anti freeze keeps running out.?

    It has 147 thousand miles. I've flushed my radiator personally before so I know how to fill one. at first once I turned my car off almost everything I put in there over flowed out & poured out all over the ground. But now my low coolant light is on but its not over heating, Once my light goes off it overheats then comes back on. I Dont see any visable leaks. I was reading other post and was thinking it might be my head gaskets. Im going to check the oil tomorrow. If I recall correctly I the water in my tank when I was filling it up looked foamy. I was have a slight tare in one the radiator hoses but it doesnt appear to be torn all the through the hose, just a surface tare, I will replace that before it the tare opens up. Anyone have any idea.

    1 AnswerPontiac8 years ago