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Due to a certain passive aggressive user, I regret that I no longer can accept email here. Please address questions in the comments under the question/answer. I'm not here to impress anyone, but to pass on the knowledge, perceptions, and insights of my life experience. I voice my two cents worth only when I know the topic; at times the language of the answer indicates that something is my opinion, but most of my answers are purely fact-based within my life experiences and learning as a human being and musician (in that order). Most of all, I don't chat or answer "at" people- why waste my or the questioner's time for the sake of vanity? For some reason this presents a threat to certain people whose sense of personal worth is tied to their dominance in certain categories of Yahoo Answers. I pity such pathetic creatures, especially when their so-called wisdom is often in fact plagiarism (or, worse yet, parroting the worthless drivel perpetrated in music education a

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