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  • Family movie(s) for kids birthday?

    We are planing almost day long kids party. Any suggestions for movie that will keep kids and their parents entertained for a while?

    Something like: The Incredibles, Bolt, How to train your dragon etc.

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  • indesign CS4 can't open external file after export to SWF (10 points)?

    hi everyone,

    I'm breaking my head with Adobe InDesign CS4 trying to get SWF file to do what we need. it does everything except open external file. i have here rather large project which is practically complete and is supposed to be distributed on discs or USB keys. everything works except two buttons that are supposed to open external files (excel). i do not want to import data from excel into swf, i need hyperlinks in those buttons to open default application with selected file. normally security settings of flash player interfer with this until one runs configuration manager to enable access to certain file(s) or folder(s) which i did. after that warning message disapears but file is still not opening. it does work from within indesign (menu Windows>Interactive>Hyperlinks, configure hyperlink and test does open it) but not after export...

    Any help will be appreciated.

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