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  • Vaginal entrance?

    I'm 24 years old, getting married soon and tired of being confused about my vagina!! I never been able to have full on sex, only my partner has been able to insert the head of his penis but I cannot achieve deep penetration. I don't think I have vaginismus (inability to penetrate) because I'm able to insert up to 3 fingers and can use small dildo s but I can only go 3-4 inches deep!! It's like my vagina has a limit...and when I look into the mirror to see my opening, there is something partially blocking it. I don't think it's the hymen because this is blocking the entrance from the it the muscles of the vaginal wall that contract or something? I'm just really confused and frustrated because I can't have sex. Believe me, I would love to see a gyno but I'm not insured!!! I'm just hoping theres someone who knows what I'm talking about and can explain this to me. And no, it is not the cervix blocking the entrance because this thing I can see it with a mirror at the entrance and can be penetrated at certain times.

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  • How does insurance handle a car accident?

    In a parking lot I backed up and hit a domino's delivery car. The driver saw it so I had to get out and exchange information. I never been in an accident before so what happens next? It did a little cosmetic damage.

    4 AnswersInsurance & Registration7 years ago
  • How do I update my Garmin GPS?

    My GPS is 1 year old and needs a map update. I went to the Garmin site and followed all the steps, but I stopped at the part where I have to pay $50 for the update because I am afraid I will not be able to figure out how to update the map after I pay the money to download the update.

    SO my question is, is the update as simple as plugging the GPS into the laptop and letting it update? Or Do i need some kind of memory card for the GPS?

    Thanks I will pick best answer :) and this is an automotive GPS for use inside the vehicle

    1 AnswerPDAs & Handhelds8 years ago
  • Did you live together before you were married?

    If you did, how did you tell your parents that you were moving in with your significant other? I'm 22 im gonna move in with my b/f and he lives 8 hours away mom and dad are gonna freak out i dont kno how to tell them :(

    9 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • Question about Christianity?

    Can you still feel God's righteousness and forgiveness if you don't attend church? Do you have to agree with everything the Bible says to be a Christian?

    17 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 years ago
  • Can a leather jacket be paired with a leather hand bag?

    Or is it too much leather? Also, what are some good ideas for Fall fashion?

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • How do you edit video blogs with music and text?

    Hello. I am looking into doing make-up tutorials for youtube. What program do you have to buy to add music and text into your video blog? Also I want to be able to rearrange the order in which it is played. (that way I can first film how something is done, then once it's finished add an intro) Any help is much appreciated. i will choose a best answer. Thank you!

    YouTube9 years ago
  • How to care for sterling silver jewelry?

    I got a very special sterling silver bracelet for Christmas from my boyfriend. I'm a hairdresser, so my hands and wrists are exposed to water a lot during the day. Will lots of water hurt the silver? what things should I avoid to make the bracelet last? thank you

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories10 years ago
  • Parents, how do you feel about your children having sex?

    I'm talking about your teens and adult children who are in their early 20s? do you feel comfortable knowing that they are experiencing sex now? and what age do you think is old enough to have it? Share your thoughts.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • My parents are ridiculous. I'm 21 they still treat me like a teenager?

    Well I am a normal 21 year old female. Like most women my age, I have friends and I also have a boyfriend. During my whole life, my parents have never liked any of my friends, and would always give me ridiculous curfews. (like be home by 9 bullcrap)

    Last year I rebelled against them and did whatever I wanted to and even got my own car so they couldn't control where I could go. Then it got to the point where I felt unwelcome in my own home because they were so unhappy with what I was doing. (I'm the youngest child, all my siblings have moved out so it's just me, mom and dad at the house) So I got an apartment of my own and lived there for a year.

    Well I got financially unstable and decided to move back in with my parents recently. And this weekend, my boyfriend will be in town. I havent seen him in 2 months and he will be traveling 8 hours to see me and reserved a hotel room for 2 nights. (he did all this just to visit me) and it would only make sense for me to spend 2 nights away from home to be with him.

    Well I mentioned to my mom this morning that he would be in town tomorrow and that I'm going to visit him. She freaked out and was like "You're comming back home on sunday though, right?" I just said yea so she wouldn't freak out even more. But C'mon does she really expect me to not spend the night with him and just go on a normal date after I have lived on my own for a year? This is so ridiculous, I'm an adult but I don't feel like one.

    What should I do tomorrow when I leave to see him? They are gonna know something is up when I carry my overnight bag to the car. What am I supposed to say? Please help me.

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  • Do I have a virus, or is my laptop tearing up?

    Ok, this is weird. The bottom bar of the computer screen, where the Start button is green, and then there is a blue bar. It keeps turning gray by itself! It looks like an old 90s style computer at the bottom. I didn't change the settings, it did it on its on. Yet the top bar of the internet browser is still blue as it should be.

    It started doing this 2 nights ago. Then I knew I had a search engine virus, because when I click on a link for a google search result, it would take me to a strange advertisement website. I purchased an anti-virus disk and installed it immediately. I thought that it took care of things, but it started acting up again. The bottom start button keeps turning gray on its on, and now the volume isn't working. When I try to adjust the volume using the settings under Control Panel, the whole volume bar is like a gray color indicating that I have no control of my own volume.

    This is very annoying. Last night this virus (or whatever it is) was also affecting my Yahoo! messenger, it would bring up random advertisements when I would try to look at someone's webcam. (but this was before I ran the virus scan)

    The virus scan has helped my computer a bit, but right now the bottom bar is still gray and my volume still doesn't work!! How do I fix it? Any help would be appreciated and I will choose a best answer if my computer doesn't blow out before then. Thank you.

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks10 years ago
  • "Straight Talk" phones? Are they good?

    I'm looking into buying a new cell phone. I had a contract with Alltel but they are such a rip-off!! Im tried of paying 70-100 dollars a month just for a cell phone! I only use mine at work because I don't even get signal at my house.

    I know these straight talk phones are from the same company as track phone and are pre-paid. has anyone had experience with them? I'm also thinking about switching to AT&T since they bought out Alltel anyway, but I'm afraid of getting ripped off again if I sign another contract! Please help

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans10 years ago
  • What's it like to move back in with your parents after living on your own?

    Hello I'm a troubled twenty-something who needs help. The reason I decided to move away from my parents and get my own apartment is so that I could have freedom to stay out however late I wanted to and have privacy. Soon after getting my own apartment, my boyfriend moved in and lived with me for a year. I felt like it was the biggest mistake I ever made. This is what happened, he failed out of college, got fired and got stuck living with me and leeching off of my money. He refused to return to his home (which is 8 hours away) because he "loves me enough to stay with me"

    I put my foot down and kicked him out so we agreed to a long distance relationship. He returned home to get a job and go to community college so that maybe he can get accepted back into the university here in my area. But now I no longer want to hold down this apartment on my own. I don't feel like waiting for him to get his degree, I want to continue dating him, but I want to get on with my own life now and go to college. When I was 18 I decided I wasnt going to attend college and took up a career in hairdressing. It's a big mistake I realize I could have had it better if I had went to college.

    I know I won't be able to afford living on my own AND going to college at the same time ($358 rent a month, car payment, not to mention water and electricity, insurence and all that other crap) So I want to return home where I can afford to go to college

    WELL ANYWAYS I don't care if I get criticized for my situation or whatever, I just wanna know what it's gonna be like returning home.

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  • What do rich celebrities do with their clothes?

    I'm talking about people like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Paris Hilton who have a billion clothes and you never see them wearing the same outfit twice. What do they do with their outfits? discard them?

    8 AnswersCelebrities1 decade ago
  • Can you eat lots of greasy food on the Atkins diet?

    My boyfriend is doing the atkins diet but i really get the feeling he is doing it wrong. FOR EXAMPLE this is what he had for dinner tonight

    Deep fried chicken. he made home made buffalo wings fried in vegetable oil. For the homemade sauce, it mostly contained BUTTER, lots of hot sauces, and lemon and lime. So he drenched the deepfried wings in that nasty greasy sauce.

    How is that healthy? He says its okay because he did not bread it and that the grease has 0 carbs. he also dipped it in blue cheese.

    His diet is really annoying because he thinks it's an excuse to eat buffalo wings dipped in blue cheese every night.

    Wouldn't he lose more weight if he ate less greasy meat?

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • How do i report animal abuse happening at a county fair?

    This is messed up. At my local county fair, they are charging people $1.00 to enter a small trailer where they can witness "Big Willy", the 100 year old real alligator that has been in captivity for 30 years. I took photos with my camera phone you can see for yourself:

    As you can see, the space is too small for the big alligator. If you look in the shallow water, there are lots of coins, which im assuming have been thrown at the poor creature by viewers.

    I think this needs to be reported to an animal abuse center. But I want more opinions on here because Im afraid ill get in trouble for reporting false abuse, i just want some opinions on here and who should i contact about this

    7 AnswersOther - Pets1 decade ago
  • What's inside the vagina? Why is it so hard to stretch?

    I'm a virgin. I'm 20 years old and ready to have sex. During the first attempts at sex, my vagina would not stretch to accommodate the penis. It was like "trying to have sex with a brick wall", as my BF said. At that point, I was only able to fit 2 fingers in the vagina, or i could maybe fit 3 but it would be very painful.

    Weeks later I decided I would have to stretch my vagina myself with different sized dong vibrators, gradually working up to a larger size. I started with a little one the size of a tampon, which was easy. Then I got a medium sized white one which was painful to insert, but it would fit inside. I kept stretching it with these 2 vibrators, in and out and side to side until it got to the point where the white one was not painful anymore.

    A few days ago, I purchased a new bigger one. It's not quiet the size of a penis, but a size or 2 bigger than the white one. This one is water proof so i used it in the bathtub. Currently, I can only fit the head of the vibrator inside me. It's like I keep pushing but it goes nowhere.

    BUT when I used this particular one, I did feel that it may have broken my hymen. Looking at my vagina now, the opening looks bigger. Also, after I used this one for the first time my vagina got very red afterwords, and what I saw in the mirror was almost horrific. It looked stretched. but after a day of healing, it looked normal, just bigger at the hole.

    Note that I I do not feel pleasure from any of the vibrators I have used inside me. It just feels like an object going in me, even with the vibrations turned on it does nothing to please the inside of my vagina.

    Now I have been studying myself inside with the fingers.


    When I first insert my fingers, it feels ribbed. (this is at the beginning entrance of the vagina) When I push upwards, I feel a very hard and thick piece of flesh. It almost feels like a bone. But the rest of the ring entrance of the vagina feels very circular and smooth, except when I hit this bizarre bumb on the upper side.

    So my question is, What is this hard piece of flesh that feels like a bone? I feel like it may be what is keeping larger dongs from entering my vagina but am not sure. PLEASE HELP. WILL PICK BEST ANSWER.

    1 AnswerWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • Should I make slop for dinner? My boyfriend upset me!!?

    Ok me and my BF live together and have been for 6 months. He says the only thing we ever have for dinner is pizza, hamburgers, chicken wings, chicken sandwiches, hamburger helper and rice. Ok so it's kinda true, but he complained about it!!!! and doesn't even have suggestion as to what we could have for dinner. SO tonight, im mashing up brussel sprouts, fiesta vegetables, spinach, and sweet potato baby food which will be served for him when he comes home from work tonite

    and he hates vegetables

    12 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • how to get gory images out of my head?

    i have a really annoying problem!!! Ill just be sitting, going about my normal business and it's like uncontrollably a gory (bloody) image will come to my head and i hate it!! it makes me think im going to do something horrible to myself or someone else, which clearly i would never do that it just pops into my head how do i stop this madness?? and im squeamish!!

    6 AnswersDrawing & Illustration1 decade ago