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  • In laws never remember their grandkids' birthdays.?

    My husband and I have 4 kids. We see his parents fairly regularly (usually for dinner) and the kids enjoy going to their house. My husband gets along well with his parents and while I don't NOT get along with them, his mother and I in particular have never had a close relationship (completely different people). However, I always make every effort to attend birthday dinners and other special occasions with his parents, plus I always remind my husband to call them for their birthdays.

    My problem is that my in-laws never remember our kids' birthdays, never take any initiative to call them or us for their birthdays, or even send a message. It's only ever if I post something on Facebook wishing the birthday child a happy birthday that my MIL will actually comment and say Happy Birthday. Is that a bit strange? I just think it's really sad. Our kids are never shown any affection by them, either.

    Do you think it's just the type of people my in-laws are or do they just not like my kids/me?

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  • Is this something to be concerned about? My friend's son is hurting my son.?

    I have a friend with two sons, ages 5 and 3. I usually catch up with this friend once a week, usually at her house, and I bring my two youngest to play as well. They are 3 and 18 months.

    My friend s 5-year-old is apparently going through a stage where he doesn t like babies. OK, whatever. But it has come to a point now where he deliberately tries to hurt my 18-month-old son. For example, when we went over today, I took my kids to play out in the backyard cubby house. My friend s 5-year-old starts hollering at the top of his lungs (by the way, his speech is very unclear and he really needs speech therapy), runs inside and grabs his Lego gun that his mum told me he made "for shooting babies", and starts pointing it at my 18 month old, saying "bang, bang, bang". Mind you, my son doesn t take his toys or do anything like that, he moves around and explores and does his own 18 month old thing.

    After that, the 5 year old started ramming the gun into my son s shoe until I told him to stop. then, when my son was on the swing, the 5 year old came over with a hand-held metal rake and deliberately scraped my son s leg with it. I picked my son up and told my friend that if he does anything else, I will have to leave. my friend finally decided the discipline her son by locking him inside so he couldn t hurt my son any more, who was playing outside. Prior to that, there was no action taken, no telling him to stop, no time outs, no apologies, no explaining why we don t do that, nothing. I don t think the kid has ever been disciplined. He is starting kindergarten in January (Australia). Do you think this is an issue, the violence I mean? I know it doesn t seem like much now, but deliberately following and hurting someone who is smaller than you, someone who is innocent, for no reason ... would you see that as something to worry about. The 5 year old has seen a psychologist in the past for other things, should his mum mention this behaviour as well? I am just worried and I don t feel safe leaving our kids to play when we visit.

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  • Should I get my son re-evaluated?

    My son was diagnosed with ASD last year at 4.5 years old. I have always questioned his diagnosis because I never suspected he ever had an issue until his preschool teacher showed some concern over his social skills. He was a happy, engaging, loving baby, always wanting cuddles and to be held, babbling, chatting, always very curious and wanting to learn, learn, learn. He never played with toys in an odd way, never had sleep issues, made good eye contact. He used to move his hands when in the car or pram, that was all.

    I did all of the therapies with him last year just to cover "all the bases" because I just didn't know what he needed, yet we were given all of this funding, but after 6 months, all therapists let him go. He is in kindergarten now in a mainstream class with no teacher's aide. He has some lovely friends that he plays lots of fun and interactive games with, plays lots of imaginative games with his sister, his handwriting is beautiful and very neat, he's an avid reader, and he is very, very bright (his teacher gives him separate homework to challenge him).

    He is not fussy with foods, is an excellent sleeper, does not follow any strict routines or rituals, and never has meltdowns, ever. He is loving, kind, affectionate and self-sacrificing. The only thing he does that represents an autistic trait is he shakes his hands when excited or nervous

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  • Is my friend being rude or am I expecting too much?

    I have a friend who has epilepsy and had a seizure recently, and was told she is not allowed to drive for a year. So I try to visit her each week if I am free. She also has two kids - a toddler and a 4 month old.

    I don t know if I am expecting too much, but tell me what you think. When I visit, her house is almost always unclean. Not just untidy, but unclean eg. open cat food tins on kitchen bench, fruit peels/ cheese left out, crumbs on table, unswept floors. The house often has a funny smell to it as well. The TV is usually on for the kids, which is fine, but often we will just sit and she will watch the kids TV shows intently. or she will be talking then trail off and watch the TV (remember, these are kids shows).

    Often, she will get a snack for her son but not offer anything to my daughter, other times, she eats snacks in front of me but does not offer me anything.

    When I leave, she rarely gets off the couch to walk me to the door.

    She is not physically unwell. The seizure was a while ago and she has been fine since then. The way she behaves, I just find it draining sometimes.

    Am I wrong in feeling annoyed that she doesn t go to a bit more of an effort when I take time to visit her??

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  • Pregnancy question?

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  • Sperm count?

    Hi all. My hubby and I are both 31. We have two kids. I fell pregnant with the first within 2 months at age 26, and with the second within 4 months at age 28. We have been trying for a full year now to conceive number 3, but nothing has happened yet! I have had blood tests and an ultrasound, and everything has come back clear (ie. no hormonal issues or cysts on the ovaries, and no endometriosis). My hubby is going to get his sperm checked within the coming weeks. I was just wondering, can sperm count change over time? We fell pregnant very quickly with our two kids, so we are surprised it hasn't happened a third time! I know it may just be one of those things where neither of us has an issue (I hope that is the case!), but just wanted to know that, given we didn't have problems conceiving our first two, what the chances are that he could have a low sperm count?

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  • Trouble conceiving?

    How do I deal with the disappointment of not conceiving? My husband and I are trying for our third child. Our first took two months to conceive, our second took 3 or 4 months. We have been trying for about 10 months for our third and nothing is happening.

    I am extra disappointed this month because I really thought this was it as I was having symptoms that I didn't have in the previous unsuccessful months. Alas, my period arrived last night and I was more than surprised.

    I am overjoyed that we have two healthy children. I love them with every beat of my heart and remind myself how blessed I am to have them. But I really would LOVE more children, so the difficulty I face in not being pregnant each month can be really hard to bear sometimes. I find it hard as well when people flat out ask if we are trying again, as most people know that I always wanted a big family. I just say,"Yeah, we have been trying for a while", but I feel like saying,"Yeah, it's taking ages and I'm devastated each month when I get my period".

    I saw a specialist recently who told me to wait a few more months before they actually do any specific tests, he reckons that it'll be OK given we already have two kids and my periods are regular and I am only 31.

    I just really want to know how to deal with this disappointment. At first it was OK, but now as each month passes, I get more and more dismayed. Please be kind in your responses as my heart is already aching. Thanks guys.

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  • Trying to conceive?

    Hi all,

    Hubby and I are trying to conceive our third baby. Do you think our best option is to concentrate our efforts around ovulation time (I know when I ovulate), or should we try every second day throughout the cycle? Which is better, and why?

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  • Menstrual cycle is shorter?

    I am 31 years old. I get regular periods every month, but for the past 4 or so months, I have noticed my cycle is about 2 days shorter than what it used to be. I know I am ovulating because I have the normal ovulation mucus, test positive to ovulation kits, and can often feel ovulation pain.

    I just wanted to know if a shorter cycle is normal at my age. I have two children already, which took 2 months and 4 months to conceive. We are trying for a third but it is taking longer. Any ideas?

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  • How long did it take you to conceive your third child?

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive our third baby. We conceived our first within 2 months (I was 26), and our second within 3 months (I was 28). I just turned 31, and we have been trying for about 6 months and nothing has happened yet. I know age plays a role. How long did it take you to conceive your third child?

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  • Are there any signs of conception?

    Hi everyone. Hubby and I are trying to conceive our third baby. I'm asking here because I can't remember with my other two ... are there any very early signs that conception has taken place? I ovulated about 3 days ago. I know it is too early for a pregnancy test and I know when to take it, but just wanting to know if there are any symptoms of early pregnancy (that would show up before you were even able to test for pregnancies). Mums and mums-to-be, any ideas?

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  • Spotting before period is due?

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive baby number 3. My last period was on 21 September, and the next is due 19 October (my cycle is always exactly 28 days). However, today is 16 October, and I noticed I have had some very light pinkish spotting for the past 5 hours or so. It is not like a normal period, or even the start of one, and most of the time, I only see it when I wipe. The possibility of it being implantation bleeding crossed my mind, but isn't it too late in my cycle for that (since my period is due in 3 days)? It is very rare for me to spot between periods, but I did have some unexplained bleeding during my other two pregnancies (which turned out to be fine and I went on to have two healthy children), but they were at 8 weeks and 6 weeks. Any ideas?

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  • How long is my cycle?

    Hi all. I just wanted some help in calculating the length of my menstrual cycle. I know that day 1 is the first day, but is the last day of your cycle:

    a) The day BEFORE you get your next period


    b) The first day of your NEXT period?

    My periods are always exactly 4 weeks apart, meaning that they always start on the same day of the week (a Saturday). My last period was on 21 September, and my next is due on 19 October, exactly 4 weeks. So how long do I say my cycle is? 28 days or 29 days?

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  • What makes a woman NOT conceive?

    I'm not really asking this for myself, as I have two kids already and didn't have any problems conceiving. But I'm just curious to know ... if you have a healthy couple in their 20s, both with no fertility issues, and they time sex with ovulation, why is there still only a 25% chance of getting pregnant each month?

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  • Counting ability of a 3 year old?

    Does anyone know what the average 3-year-old child should be able to do with numbers? My son was able to count to 15 before he turned 2, could count to 109 before the age of 3, and now, at 3 years old, he can count to over 300 and can recognise 6 digit numbers. He understands that numbers have value as well, for instance, he can count how many sultanas are left in his bowl. He can also do simple subtraction, like if he eats one sultana, he knows how many are left. Would you say he is gifted in this area? And if so, what I should be doing to encourage this?

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  • Sticky eye in newborn?

    My daughter is 8 days old and she's had a 'sticky eye' for a few days now. I'm taking her to the doc in the morning for a routine newborn check up, but was wondering what the Mums/Dads out there have used to treat a sticky eye in a baby. I have tried putting some drops of breastmilk, as well as saline solution, but it's still pretty gunky.

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  • Retractile testicles?

    Hi all, my son is almost 23 months old. I took him to a pediatrican a little while ago. He wanted to check him over so he asked me to remove his pants and nappy. My son became very distressed and scared, probably because he didn't know what was going on. Anyway,the doctor wanted to check his testes, and while he was doing so, I was trying to calm my son down and the doc asked if I'd ever noticed his testes in his scrotum. I said,"Do you mean they are descended? Yes." I was surprised by his question because from birth and at all his check ups, they have noted his testes as 'descended'. But I must admit, while the doc was checking them, his scrotum did look really small and empty. Looking back, sometimes it does look smaller than others, but I thought that was just a natural reaction to the cold. I've been paying more attention when I change his nappy or take him out of the bath, and sometimes I can tell the testes are in the scrotum, but other times they look to be on either side of it.

    I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone else have this issue with their son?

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  • Which spelling do you prefer?

    Hi everyone, my hubby and I are expecting our second child in about 3.5 months. We don't know the sex, but if it's a girl, we want to call her Mikayla/Mikaela Jade. The only thing we can't agree on is the spelling! I don't want her name to be mispronounced all the time when she goes to school.

    Which do you prefer: Mikayla or Mikaela?

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  • Which date do I go by?

    I am pregnant with baby number 2. According to my last period, I will be 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and my due date is 28 May 2012. However, the dating scan showed the baby to be due on 2 June, as it was measuring 5 days smaller. Which date do I then say is my due date? The hospital will let me go 10 days past the due date before they induce. Does that mean they would induce (if necessary) on 7 June, or 12 June???

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  • First baby movements?

    Hi everyone, I am nearly 12 weeks' pregnant with baby number 2. When I was expecting my first one, I felt him moving for the first time at 17 weeks while I was lying down on the couch. I know that you usually feel second babies moving earlier. For those of you that have more than one child, when did you feel the second one move? Sometimes I feel flutters in my uterus similar to the ones I felt with my son, but I thought it too early to feel them at the moment? What do you think?

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