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  • Can anybody tell me what happens during a traditional USA wedding? DETAILS PLEASE!?

    Okay, I apologize ahead of time that this might be long. ;w;

    SO. My boyfriend proposed to me just recently (last couple of weeks) and needless to say--I'm excited!

    HOWEVER, I am having a completely opposite mood regarding marriage. Not in regards of marrying him, but I had only realized that I haven't the first clue as to how a wedding is done! I'm 21 currently, and have only ever been to one wedding (frankly, it was awful but I won't go into much detail).

    My fiancée and I are keeping the engagement a secret until this weekend where he will talk to my dad and it will be 'official' (it was both our ideas). But because of this, I haven't been able to ask any of my family about how it's set up.


    -Unless something prevents us otherwise, the location will be at the church I attend.

    -The theme is Japanese/Oriental.

    -The date will be December at earliest/March at latest

    My fiancée has been tremendously supportive of everything and offers to help when he can. He insists it's my big day so I should do what I want, but I say it's his too so he gets input. But since we both have no idea what's supposed to go on, it's kinda hard to plan things out.

    SO PLEASE!! Anyone that can help me out in the slightest, your advice and/or experiences would be appreciated sooo much! The more info you can provide, the better <3

    Ill defiantly be asking other questions once I get some info here.

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  • How long will these limited edition candles be out?

    So I found this candle at the Wal-Mart. It's the 'Better Homes and Gardens' Summer Honeysuckle Blooms scent. On the label it says it's limited edition-2013 but I'm still not sure what this means. I don't want to make to assumptions, but does this mean that this will be the only time they will make them EVER; or is it just during this season only. I was told it could be either.

    I really love the smell and I want to save it for spring/summer next year...But I don't know if I should just buy a few now and wait till next year, or just buy as many as I can and burn them sparingly. >v>

    If someone could PLEEASEE tell me or find this information out I would be very grateful. I have yet to figure it out.

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