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  • Clumsy, Ditsy or Goofy?

    I'm just curious what I sound like to you. I am not a smooth person. I would love to be normal, or at least fake normal. On a daily basis, I do or have goofy things happen to me no matter how focused I am.


    -I dress professional for thigh high stocking falls down for the day. (I didn't notice for 45 minutes)

    -I grab 500 papers for my team, and transport them to class, on my way the wind blows them away, and I'm chasing them around campus.

    - When someone says something risky to me...I immediately blush...I can't hide it!

    -I try to come across professional and smooth, but it feels like the universe is constantly putting me back in my place. Also, I'm not dumb...I just need alone time to process facts or figure out how to frame what I need to say to make sense. So, what am I? Goofy, dumb, clumsy, ditsy? Please help me put a name to it, so I can research self help. Thanks.

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