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  • Bad FPS on Brand New Video Card?

    i just bought today the Radeon R7770 Ultra Overclock Graphics card and when i just only play minecraft i get between 30-50fps

    is there anything in the radeon control pannel i can edit to get more fps?

    best andser and 5 stars to whoever can help me

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  • Which Video Card Do I Need?

    im looking for a video card that can do the following things

    - Run Minecraft At Very High FPS

    - Run Screen Recording [ debut screen recording ]

    - PCI Slot

    - Between 50-70$

    i want the video card to give me the best performance i can in minecraft. can anyone reccomend a graphics card to rum minecraft to the maximum? 50-70$

    NOTE: im just trying to find a better graphics card for the money. i just bought a nvidia GeForce GT 430 and i had answers saying itll play at low settings. so im just trying to find a better one for the money

    5 stars plus best answer to whoever can thoroughly explain what card i should get to play miencraft at very high fps

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  • My Video Is 2 Gb But Its Only Using 512mb?

    so at staples today i bought a nvidia GeForce GT 430 graphics card with 2048mb on it. so my computer has 4gb ram and it says 3.5 is available

    So i got a good list of questions

    1. Will This Card Run Minecraft Good And How Many FPS should i expect

    2. why is my graphics card not using all 2 gb?

    3. should i reinstall driver?

    whoever can answer theese questions with a good explanation gets best answer and 5 stars

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  • Upgrading Hardware for minecraft What Do I Need?

    so i spend the last 2 months building a desktop pc... under a 200$ budget heres what i have

    Dual Core Pentium D 3.0ghz Procressor

    ATI Radeon Hd Graphics card 128mb

    4 gb ddr2 667mhz RAM

    680W Power Supply

    I Am Now Getting from 20-30 FPS from minecraft with the optifine mod installed

    What Hardware Do I Need To Upgrade? At my local Computer Shop theyre selling a 512mb video card for 25$ All I Know Its A Radeon Hd 44** something. is it worth the money to get a new video card?

    i have tried optifine enabling my dual core but its not enough i want to give minecraft more ram but i dont know how to [ after several times making a .bat file ]

    What Should I Do?? i Want to get alot more FPS like 60-90

    Thanks best answer 5 star to whoever can explain what i need to do!

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  • Limited or no connectivity windows xp sp3?

    im trying to connect my wireless desktop to my wifi. and it is not working. i need help and fast. i can connect but it gives me little or no connectivity. anything i can try to resolve this?

    best answer + 5 stars to whoever gives me a solution that will actually work! :)

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  • Would This PSU be compatible With this Mobo?

    hi i need to upgrade power supply so i was wondering if this will work before i buy it needs a pci 6pin



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  • Which Is Broken The CPU or MOBO?

    hi either my desktops mobo or cpu is bad. the computer turns on correctly but displays nothing on the screen. inside the case all the fans run and the hdd spins and the green light lights up but nothing is displayed on the screen nor does the cd drive opens/lights up so it could be just the cpu? not sure

    NOTE THAT i tried different power supplies and different monitors so im positive its the mobo or cpu

    i either have to spend 20$ for a new processor or 80$ for a new motherboard so i want to know whats up. its a pentium d dual 3.4 processor, not sure about the motherboard since its a prime systems desktop.

    Whats wrong with my desktop?? best answer + 5 stars to whoever is the best detailed



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  • How To replace Batteries In Hp x4000 Wireless Mouse?

    ive been struggling to get this open. i know you take the top cover off to get to the batteries but theres no way i can get the batteries out of the mouse. is there a secret button i have to get open?..

    all i know is theres 2 AA batteries i have to replace

    please help the manuals online dont say anything about replacing the batteries

    best answer =+ 5 stars to whoever can help me the best

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  • pc build help what do i do?

    hi i recently got a desktop from ebay. i love all the specs on it but i hate the looks of the tower and i want to move everything into another empty tower [ such as a dell tower ]

    first question is can i move everything without drilling?

    and i also want to max everything on it. so far i have this

    -pentium d dual core 3.4ghz 512mb ram 80gb hdd 115w power supply

    and i want it to have this

    - same processor

    - same hard drive

    - nice video card for minecraft [ 50$ and under ]

    - fast 2x 4gb ddr2 ram

    - more watt power supply [ how much do i need for the ram and video card? ]

    can i do all this and where can i get the best of the best ram and video card for my pentuim d desktop?

    please leave links 5 star best answer! go! be as detailed as possible

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  • Desktop Computer Wont turn on help?

    Hi my desktop seemed to stop displaying on the monitor. so i turned it off, when i started it back up the mobo light is on as well as the blue powerbutton but no fans are moving and the hdd isnt spinning. nor is there anything displayed on the monitor. my computer is a prime systems desktop. dual core 3.4 1g ram

    how can i fix this without taking it to the repair shop?

    answer that works gets 5 stars

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  • Can someone get me Challenge lobby in mw2 i got microsoft points?

    hi if you can help me out i want everything so i got to be in a challenge lobby if you host one and can get me in for free ill pay microsoft points after i see it worked thanks

    gamertag: XCoke A ColaXX

    comment please

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  • which is better quad core 1.5ghz (with turbo boost up to 2.5) or an i3 2.5ghz single core?

    im picking between two processors with theese processors. wich is better for gaming, camtasia, and web surfing??

    best full answer gets 5 stars and the best answer selected

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • Would this laptop run camtasia withou lag?

    before i make this purchase i want to know if this laptop would run camtasia really fast or without no lag.

    first solid answer explaining why this laptop would run it good/bad gets 5 stars and best answer! hurry up with your solid answer

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  • what brand of laptop is more reliable hp or samsung?

    i want to get the best laptop possible and im stuck between theese two similar laptops. i want the best one to play games with no lag and can multi task very fast


    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • Is this laptop awesome for minecraft gaming?

    hi im buying a laptop for my birthday and it is this one: i got many questions

    1. does a quad core processor mean the ghz speed is times 4?

    2. will this laptop run minecraft smoothly and why

    3. will this laptop play fallout new vegas at good video settings? why so?

    4. would i be able to screen record without any lag at all? i would use camista btw

    5. is 6gb minimum or a good size for ram for this laptop?

    6. is it worth the 500$

    7. is 15.6 inches a good screen size?

    first one to answer all theese questions really well and explain each answer thoroughly gets five stars and best answer thanks!

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • What should i get a 3 or 5hp engine for my bike?

    i am in need for a new machiene. so i thought instead of paying 500$ for a dirtbike, id make one on my own homemade. i want it with speeds up to 30mph and can haul atleast 350 lbs. im the neighborhood scrapper so i go around scrapping metal on trash night and put it in my cart attached to my razor E300

    scooter. my scooter cant haul me and the heavy metal no more so i want a good power gas power machiene that can haul me (150lbs) my cart (20lbs) and my bike (15lbs) i was thinking of attaching a sprocket on the motor to the chain to the bike tire. i also live in a kind of hilly area. so all in all will 3hp be good or should i go to 5hp?

    here is an example of what i want to make

    Youtube thumbnail

    first good answer gets 5 stars! please help :/

    3 AnswersMotorcycles9 years ago
  • How to get rid of a minecraft hacker hacking my account?? HELP?

    hello. i have a huge problem with a hacker on my minecraft account

    first of all, i changed my password 3 times to make sure this hacker is gone. butsadly he is still logging in as me and he griefs the server

    second, while i was playing online, it said that i logged in somewhere else then when i could get back on, server is totaly griefed with lava.

    i want this hacker gone forever please answer best answer 5 stars if you can help

    btw my password is 26 characters long and hes still getting in

    1 AnswerSecurity9 years ago
  • how do i ban tnt on my bukkit server without a plugin? minecraft help?

    i got a huge problem with griefers and i want them to not place tnt or lava destroyinjg anything, i dont have much ram so i cant use any plugins. is there a way i can manualy do this wihtout plugins?? help! 5 stars to best and quickest answer

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  • Can you run a lawnmower engine horrizontal?

    hi. i want to build a gas powered scooter. i need a good, cheap engine. i noticed lawnmower engines are the prefect ones. is there any way i can make it run horizontal so i can put a gear on the end of it and run it chain driven. i see someone already made one and i want to make one too like this :

    Youtube thumbnail

    please help thanks :) ill rate the best answer if its good

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago