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  • Any advice on my situations?

    Hi so I got in a car accident 4 days ago the driver hit my passenger side of my vehicle and I had a little arm and shoulder pain and the insurance company is offering me 2500 dollars for pain and suffering and they are paying my hospital bill and fixing my car I’m not sure what I should do? Any opinions?

  • Any advice on his actions?

    Hi So my baby father of my 4 month old baby has been lying for months like his other kids mother knew about my baby he has acted as if he has spoken of it with her but I found out today he hasn’t said it out his mouth but their kids had to tell her and I felt hurt as if he was hiding my kid from her even tho he post him on his social media and his family knew but he didn’t straight out tell her he said he felt he didn’t have to as long as his kids knew..I don’t know what to say about this any advice?

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  • What should I do?

    Hi Im 24 years old and I just had a baby 3 months ago and me and my baby father relationship can’t seem to work out I feel like I’m at my wits end he haven’t contributed to my son needs me and my family have bought everything for him all he does is call and check on him and talk to me but right now he has to live two hours away until we supposedly get an apartment because he doesn’t have a job or car right now I’m tired of everything he does he always cheating and talking to ex girlfriends with social media n text msgs and phone even after I have told him I don’t like it he continues to do it and he has been away from me most of my whole pregnancy so I’m not sure if he’s been having sex with anyone and he has never took me out or we never just had a good time even before pregnancy. I was sending him money to help him out while buying my baby stuff he has never gave me anything and now that my baby is here he still comes off as selfish he gets mad when I can’t give him anything anymore and he attacks me and calls me out my name and at this point I’m tired of it I honestly been tired I just get sad because I hate my son have to have a father like him would I be ruining their future bonding relationship if we don’t move together I just want him to have a relationship with him?..and btw when I do tell him I don’t think we should be together he would say I’m childish for getting mad about stuff like that and say my son wouldn’t hear from him like that because of me...any thoughts?

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