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I'm 16, my name's kate. I am real down to earth a BIG COUNTRY/FARM girl. I dont mind shopping ONCE in a great while. but let's just say I would rather be out on my fourwheeler, or fishing. I like hanging out with friends. I have a BIG family. I'm shy/outgoing. it depends on who I'm with. I sing, I'm not a SKINNY girl, but I am just an average sized girl with a little more to love. not much though =D

  • GUYS HELP! car problems?


    I ahve a 2002 Montana van.

    and idk how to fix the dirvers side power window switch. could u PLEASE tell me how to? thanks

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  • anyone know anything about ghost equipments?

    hey everyone.

    I would like to know. when people ( like TAPS) goes into a haunted house, adn get EVP's. umm, do they use a normal tape recorder? or is there a certain kind u have to use? and if there is, it would be really nice of u if u could tell me what kind, and where I could possibly get it. THANK YOU!

    it would be appreciated.

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  • hey people!!!!?

    hey I just found out that guys are completely stupid!

    and I am not under any circumstances, wanting to date. I liked this guy but he ruined it, he was an *** when I tried to tell him I liked him. so I am staying SINGLE! if any one else agrees with me let me know!!!!!!

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  • guys 16-19 please!?

    answer this truthfully please!

    1. when seeing a girl in public, and u wanna talk to her, do you wanna walk up to her. or would you rather her come to you? your gf's HAVE to HAVE nice bodies? or do you prefer GOOD/CARING personalities?

    3.would you rather like your gf to wear old/faded blue jeans, and a cute t-shirt, or a little skirt, and fancy top? you like shy girls that U have to approach? or girls that are LOUD and will come to you at a party?

    5. LAST ONE,

    for a first date, would you rather go to the movies, and maybe dinner? or would you rather get something to eat, real quick then go park somewhere private, and talk and get to know each other? then maybe sneek a kiss?

    please, I wanna know. it would be nice. thank you

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  • HELP young guys???

    does a girls SIZE really matter from teh age's 16-19? I need to know honestly. and if it does why? and if it doesnt why? I'm 16 and my name is Katie, I'm not SKINNY but I'm not fat, I just have alittle bit of chub to me still. and I'm single, so i need help. it would really be appreciated, thank you =)

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  • hey GUYS question for you!!?

    hey, my name is Katie I'm 16. and this is really on my mind, so it would be nice to get lots of and different

    what do u like better?

    A girls looks? like body/hair/eyes/boobs/***

    or her personality?

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  • hey ya'll I have a guy problem.?

    Okay. My name is Katie, I am 16 years old. I am very nice, funny, and outgoing... and a very good Chirstian. I only have one problem....its with a guy. Okay, I'll start from the beginning. our famlies have known each other for a while, and he used to like my older sister, but she's married with kids. and she's 5 years older then him. So it wont work, but he still likes her a little, u can tell.... but he's also giving me some vibes. hes not a player, or anything. absolutely gorgeous, kind, funny. he's 4 years older then me. But age wouldnt be the hold up. He treats me as a sister most of the time. but at my birthday party the other night. he kept giving me SUCH obvious signs ( to my family at least)

    that they were asking me if there was something going on between me and him. His name is Josh. I never used to like him. until lastnight. it was CRAZY!!. we get along, but I'm not surewhat he's thinking... what do i do!?!?!? pleaseeeeeeeee help

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  • sweet 16!!! help?!?

    hey if you live in Michigan then please answer this. I dont know what to do,. I dont wanna just have a stay home party. I'm katie and I really need help. so thank you

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  • I HAVE A BIG problem?

    I know this guy. hes 24,and I really like him. and he likes me alot. We told each other so lastnight. umm, but I'm only 16. And we know we cant be together. But he said he will wait 2 years for me. So we can have fun, mainly with each other. And not just But umm. I'm Katie and I would really appreciate it if you let know what you think. Or what I should do. Should i wait for him? or no? Should I never talk to him, b/c he's 8 years older then me? And we are both really good Christian people. So we arent ya know..... dirrty

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  • hey!!! GUYS!! what do I do?

    Hi! my name is Katie, I am a country girl who loves.... the outdoors. but who can also get prettied up. I am gonna be 16 in like 8 days. and I am single. And lookin. but hey! I am not you're small girl. I am in a ten in pants medium shirt, and losin not that any of you care. I am outgoing and funny. I love getting dirrty (mud) I am a blonde, I ahev blue eyes..... but I have never had a and I am not sry. I am A christian. I get guys to look at me. But thats it.. I ned help from you guys, on how to get a guy to talk to me. not me to talk to him okay?... please.................... Help.

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  • okay I need help from anyone?

    so, I'm having my 16th. birthday party thismonth, and I have this guy fiend whos coming. And I dont think I like him. and I dont know if he likes me, I am pretty sure we're just fiends,but I really dont know. We arent close, we talkonlne, and the phone every now and then but thats it. anyway, I have a eeling somethings gonna happen at my prty between us so..... oh! and he knows Ihave not kissed or dated anyone... so help me!! what should I do?!?!?

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  • CAN anyone help me?

    I like 4 guys.

    1. his name is Jason, he's 3 years older then I am, but he ahs a girlfriend, BUT he still likes me!

    2. his name is David, He 2 years older then I am, but hes got a gf too! and I dont know ifhe likes me... but everyone says he does, him adn his gf just got back together, he caught her cheatin on him with 8 diff. guys... yeha I know and he STILL took her back. anyway, yeah...

    3. His name is Mike, he is 1 year older then me. he has NO gf, but he has the hots for my older MARRIED sister! and I think in a way he likes me... and so do other friends and family...

    4. His name is Jared, hes 2 years older then I am, he has a gf, but righ tnow they're hittin a rough patch... and he thinks hes fallin OUT of love with her, adn he TALKS to me all teh time! me and him are close. Wel always joke about datin, we flirt too!

    SOMEONE PLEASE help me out!

    who should I choose, or WHAT should I do? I could really use ALOT of answers. Thank You, I'm Katie by the way!

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  • I need help only from the guys,?

    okay this might be perverted, but umm... when u get ready to have sex, and your eating her out. do u want her to be clean smell clean, and good. or do u want her to taste, like nasty, and dirty, like she hasnt washed herself down there for about 3 days or what?.... i need to know.

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  • ALRIGHT! i need help form all the girls!?

    okay there is 2 guys I am crushing on. and they both in a way like me too. so I need help. which one sounds better?

    okay the first one is Jason. he's my sisters neighbor.and hes 3 years older then I am. he has a good paying job, is very country, loves almost everything I love, I trust him, he trust's me. we tease each other alot! and have fun with each other. he sings, just like I do, we both want the same things in life.

    now theres Mike,

    he has a job right in town at out local resturuant. hes 2 years older then I am. he very sweet, very funny, likes alot of the same things I do, but he smokes pot, and drinks. unlike jason. but.. he loves our family and everything. i dotn know that much about him, hes more of the tall dark and handsom. hes mysterious looking. lol

    Jason has a gf and she is leaving for 5 weeks this july for FL. and he will be bored N alone. Mike lives 5 minutes form me. Jason lives 30 minutes. but we're moving hopefully out by Jaosn and my sisterso help!

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  • SONG QUOTe!!!?

    "Momma gave her a big ol' glass and sent her right back here to me"

    who sang it?!?!?!?! and u better not be wrong

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  • which one TASTES better?

    fries dipped in a Wendy's Frosty or Popcorn and M&M'S

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  • which one is hotter girls?

    Gerard Butler or Ryan Merriman?

    Josh Turner or Dierks Bently

    Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp ( in the movie Pirates if the C.)

    answer each one individually

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  • I need help from anyone who wants to give it.?

    okay listen I am 15 years old. i am a girl. real country, and loves to sing! not too big and not too to me far from small.. but I need help. I have a big singing competition tomorrow and I am really nervious about it! and I hate my life right now. b/c I have had one bf. and he wasnt nothing to talk about and I am just having anhard time right now so leave me one!

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  • help...!!!!!!?

    okay I need help. I need a bf right now in my and i really like this one guy. but he has a gf.... and they dont really get along. and she's leaving right after school for the whole summer... what should I do... and by the way he still likes me. I am almost sure of it

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